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Social work education:
a. Preamble
b. Concept of social work education
c. Emergence of social work education
d. Efforts of various legislations and organization
e. International social welfare
f. Journey of social work education in Bangladesh
g. School of social work education
h. Limitations of social work educations in Bangladesh

Social work is a helping profession which fundamantally and radically aims to assist the individuals, groups and community to cope with their complex socio-economic psychological problems thruough enabling them. So that they can solve their problem by helping themself. According to one of the great pioneer Walter A Friedlander, social work methods are divided into two part (a) Basic method of social work and (b) Auxiliary. (a) Basic method are divided into 3 parts such as (1) social case work (2) social group work (3) community social work. (b) Auxiliary methods are divided into 3 parts. such as- (1) social action (2) social administration (3) social research.
              Social work in practice is called field work. It relates particularly in care, particularly in group and particularly a student can not get proctical knowledge about the field where he is going to work in near future. Therefore field work is a rare combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and it makes a bridge among the people to solve the psycho-social and other complex problems. In this field new scholar (apprentice social worker) become skilled interviewing, using theories, methods, techniques in practical arena assuring recoding, responding reporting etc. After all social worker diverts problem from complexcily to simplicity (solution).
Concept of social work education:
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Social work is a concept of the social science of doing well for each other personally as well as collectively. It refers to a collective approach of reducing suffering and disadvantages and increasingly happiness and advantages of the community members with the active participation and involvment of individuals as well as government and Non-government organisation

  • Figure: Focal point of social work intervention.
Current definition is given by Social Scientists Skidmore & Thakery. They said, “Social Work may be defined as an art, a science a profession that helps people to solve personal, group and community problems and to attain satisfying personal, group and community relationship through social work practice including case work and community organization, administration and research.” Scial work provides service for the problematic person just like the following:
  • Figure: Problematic person
Every profession has its knowledge and practice on the basis of which the professionals of that profession engage them in human service, and on the basis of their knowledge and educational activities. In the same way social workers have to practice social work on the basis of social work educational activities.
High lighting the theoretical side W.A. Friedlander said, “Social work is a professional service based upon scientific knowledge and skill in human relations, which assists individual alone or in groups to obtain social and personal satisfactions and independence.
Historical background of social work education:
Though the traditional background of social work was originated in England but it was recognized as a profession in America. Coordinated social work was originated and the question of quality and experience of the related persons was being discussed loudly when the separated and the traditional social welfare activities become unable to solve the problem to fulfill the needs of the people. In 1893 Anna L. Dawes is the first man who gives importance on the training of social work profession in social work practice in International Congress of Charities, Correction and Philanthropy in Chicago. (Friedlander, 1982:484)
Then Marry Eileen Richmond, one of the main founders of social work as a profession proposed for a separate school for professional social work practice in National Charitable and Correctional Conference in Toronto, 1987. (Encyclopedia of Social Work, 1965:665) After his declaration New York School of philanthropy was founded in 1898 and has at first a six week training session was arranged on social work. Later the duration of this training was extended at first one year and then 2 years. This New York school kept a great contribution for professional social work education and training. New York School of Social Work was founded to extend social work education in 1904. Mainly from that time professional social work practice education and training courses were started in different universities in America. (Rahman.1996)
In terms of time social work has become a subject of higher educational institution, which aims to give up the total human welfare by developing the standard of traditional social services through the light of experienced &knowledge collected from the society. (Samad, 1996; 81)
Chart of upgradation of social work discipline
Humantarial view Philosophical view Religous view
Statute of labourer in 1349 Edward (iii) Elezabeth poor low 1601 Poor law reform- 1834 COS- 1869 American Association of school of social workers NASW


Figure: Upgradation of social work.
International and modernized social work:
The concept of internationalism was seldom applied in the field of social welfare until a number of socio-political developments took place throughout the world in the very recent past year. The recent realities of a unipolar world, the introduction of a worldwide free market economy and the concept of a global village have driven social thinkers and scientists to conceptualize the concept of welfare in an integrated manner with the current mental/psychological state of the world people being in a smaller village-like world with many common concerns to share. Thus, today the societies/communities spread throughout the globe do not live and exist far apart from each other. Through revolutionary technological advancement like the use of fax, e-mail, website, mobile phone etc besides radio, television, telephone they have overcome their geographical distance and minimized it almost to a zero distance. Dozens and hundreds of civilizations and corresponding societies/communities are now aware of each other and can share their joys and sorrows easily and, in fact, can not keep their eyes close to the weal and woes of others. That is why the idea of social welfare has today crossed the boundary of a community of nation and assumed within its scope the responsibility to respond to the concerns of other nation/communities/societies.
Journey of social work education in Bangladesh:
  Social Work education has started it's  journey in Bangladesh during the period of Pakistan through a short time training course by the help of the United Nations in 1953 and social work education and training was extended afterwards. College of Social Welfare and Research was established in 1958 and being included under Dhaka University. This college starts its educational programs in the session of 1958-59 with 55 students. Afterwards in 1973 it’s renamed as the institute of Social Welfare and Research (ISWR) under Dhaka University. In 1974 social work was included in the curriculum of graduation (pass) and Higher Secondary level as an optional course. Shahjalal University of Science and Technology started this subject as a B.S.S (Hons.) course in the session of 1993-94.At present this University is providing Honors and Masters degree. On the other hand National University was established in 1992 and from the starting of its establishment it is teaching this subject by the colleges under it. According to the data of 2001 Masters Courses is being taught by 17 colleges and Honors course by the 32 colleges under National University. (Islam 2002:319). Rajshahi University is also providing graduation and post graduation degree on this discipline. Pioneer of social work and social workers belief that within a short time social work gets professional recognition. To ensure the proper social services for people government should take necessary steps to professionalize the renowned discipline social work.
Limitations of Social Work Education in Bangladesh
Since social work has historically been regarded as non-professional in character in Bangladesh, it has experienced certain limitations. The limitations currently of note are: i) the Department of Social Service (DSS) under the Ministry of Social Welfare recruited social work graduates its for various social welfare program up to 1973. However, since 1974, the government of Bangladesh has changed its recruitment policies to make these fields of services open for masters degree holders from any dischipline; ii) There is no professional association/organization such as those developed in other parts of the world. This includes an accreditation body for social work education – such as the council on Social Work Education; a professional organization such as the National Association of Social Workers or a licensing board such as a Board of Behavioral and Social Science Examiners. iii) Although some changes and adjustments in the curriculum have been made, the current curriculum  is still not up to an international standard and not in accordance with the changing needs of Bangladesh society; vi) Standard textbooks in mother language-Bangla and indigenous reding materials are not available in accordance with the demands and needs of the students. As a consequence, reading, practicing and teaching of social work is not professionally recognized, There is no aptitude and attutude tests taken like developed coutries in selecting students for admission in social work disciplines and courses; and v) Finally, the financial and other resources constraints is an important limiting factors in regard to development of social work education in Bangladesh.
     It is significant to note that despite above mentioned limitations, social work is quite popular among students bevause they find more employment not only with government development agencies e.g. Bangladesh Rural Development Boar (BRDB), Department of Social Service (DSS), Department of Women Development but also with NGO’s upon completion of social work degrees.
Field work:

  1. Conceptual analysis of field work
  2. Social worker
  3. Historical background of field work
  4. Goals and objectives of field work
  5. Utility of field work in social work
  6. The inter-relationship between social work education
      And field work
Conceptual analysis of field work:
Field work is an integral part of the social work education. Historically the profesion of social work has considered field work a primay means of providing student opportunity to acquire knowledge value and skills. Simply we can say field work refers the process or approach in which social knowledge, value, principles and other social work related discipline are exercised in the arena of social service welfare and sustainable development.
 According to Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Azam “Field work is a peer supervise of learning process a qualitative study qualitative, quantitative data or information) knowledge synthesize and integrate knowledge what is learn in the class room or in laboratory (human services). Field work emphasizes on the area of following chart to make the social worker skilled. .  
Free activity area
Blank area
Area of Unkonwn
Figure: Mental Map
Field work means to work in the field work agency. It is considered an integral part of social work education. In this process, we get opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge and techniques in the field work agency to meet the social problems. Social work emphasize on field work to practice or apply it's knowledge
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Figurer: Process of social work practice.
Source: Allen Pincus and Anne Minaham, social work practice, EE peacook publishers Nwe York 1973 p- 86.   
For proper conceptual analysis of field work we should see the definition of Institute of Social Welfare and Research, University of Dhaka.
According to the syllabus of BSS (Hons) – Field work consists of supervised practice in problem – solving activities with the recipients of social work services which enable students to learn to apply and test social work skills necessary for professional practice. Education experience in field work is designed to integrate practice with theoretical knowledge. Students assignments are planned to give content sequence and progression in learning. The minimum required time for field work is 420 hours to be spread over 60 working days. In addition, 10 days will be allotted for final report writing. Each student is required to write a final report on his/her work which will be examined by the supervisors responsible for field instruction during field work. There will be a viva-voce examination for this course at the end of the session.
Above all, field work is an educationally sponsored attachment of social work students to an institute, agency or a section of community in which they are helped to extend their knowledge and understanding and experience the impact of human need and interest.
Historical background:
ON the view of field work social work is a dynamic and updated discipline than the other discipline of arts and social science faculty. But field work is not a ready made product of present time. It shows a aged history like social work education Initial stages of field work was not systematic and organized. One of the great pioneer of the social work Mary Richmond first introduced social work practice and she wrote a dramatic and historical book named “Social Diagnosis”. Whishworth, P.I. Park and has inaugurated field practice at the Chicago University of America to evaluate and monitor urban poverty by their students. Dr. Emerson has taken initiatives to send the medical student to social agency at the John Hopkins University in 1902.
Fieldwork practice is indispensable part of social work education. National Social Service Academy of Social Service Department of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh has organized short training course for its Social Service officers and field worker in 1963. Generally three-type training has organized by the department like internal training, primary training and reefers course.
From the mid 18th century to the end of the 19th century social work has evolved from societies to assist and reform a year of full time academic study. Now all over the world there are many courses on social work education. After the independence from then British, India, Pakistan was facing many socio economic problems and government sought United Nations help. After government request UN sent an expert team. According to their recommendation a short course of three months were introduced in 1953 to produce skilled social worker.
In the meaning V-AID program in 1953 and urban community development program were expanding quickly by the government and voluntary organizations. As a result concerned authority felt the need of starting higher education on social work. And in 1959 Dhaka University started MA course on social work and also established social work college and research center which was inaugurated by Lt. Colonel Azam khan on 19th March 1963 for its own building. In 1958-59 Social welfare College & Researce, in 1965-65. Rajshahi University & in 1992-93 Shahajalal University & under National University started Hon's & Masters Degree with compulsary Field work.
Goals and objective of field work:
Field practicum is a dynamic course that challenges apprentice social worker to practice knowledge, skills principles of social work and values within an organization and community contest. It is vital dimension of student’s undergraduate and graduate social work education. Field practicum affords experiential assessment and evaluation of student’s development and progress of becoming a helping profession.
In the field of social work, field work is such a way through which the apprentice social workers get the opportunity to apply their theoretical knowledge acquired in the class. For this, an apprentice social worker has to apply his knowledge and skills of social work in real sphere under a supervisor.Practical training provides the students opportunity to realize how social problems are influencing the individuals, group, family, organization, and community. It also aims to allow the student to test himself/herself to develop sense of professional discipline to gain self-confidence and to feel him or herself a social worker with beginning competence. (University of Dhaka, 1996) On the other hand, According to American Social Work Council, The objectives of practical training are:

  • Making contribution for getting student acquainted comprehensively with all types of social work profession
  •  Creating a due environment to make students self-consciousness.
  • Along with studies the attitude and the skill of the students should have a balanced display in the classroom.
  •  Making opportunities available to the students to apply social work    methods and be experienced.
  • Taking necessary steps so that students can acquire primary experience of social work profession.
Practical training in capacity the trainee of practical training to make use of the opportunities available, will enable them to bring about changes in different circumstances, make them acquired them with the elements that influence the administrative process, decision making and realization of those processes and decision; practical training of social work will make them of capable of collecting interviews, reports and other communication related activities.
Utility of field work in Social Work:
Social Work study is subject with high educative value and practical training is indispensable along with textual and classroom knowledge. And the way to acquire this real knowledge is getting learned about practical training. In performing field work a student/social worker gets the chances of mixing with different sections of people and can observe community directly, their behavior, social value, attitude and their socio-culture and economic conditions and their inherent causes. So, to broaden the knowledge of insight field work is unique. And lastly it is undoubtedly clear that field work in present day is a wonderful combination of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and skill which are emergently necessary for students. The impotents of field work in social work will be clearer through the following discussion:
  1. Field work makes the apprentice social able to understand how to work with the client.
  2. It is important to gather knowledge about different client’s viz, individuals, groups and communities.
  3. It develops social work skills on problem solving process.
  4. Through field work the apprentice social workers learn how to use social work knowledge, methods and techniques for solving the individuals, groups and community problems
  5. It is training before being professional, because social work is a professional help to the clients.
It is more clear that in social work profession, field work or practical training is utmost important. Above all social work is a wonderful combination of theoretical and practical knowledge and skill. That’s why field work is emergently crucial for the professional social work or apprentice social workers.
Inter-relationship between social work education and field work   
Mutual relationship between social work education and practice: Modern social work education has two dimensions: theoretical and practical.
A social worker gains knowledge about society, social problems, property, social structure, social values, human behavior, social work process when practical training enable them to use this knowledge acquired knowledge in this field for real life purposes. Thus practical training is required for social worker to solve social problems of human beings/society for modern social work. Taking notice of this requirement higher education has been provided with practical training course in its syllabus about social work, through which students can apply theoretical knowledge for solution of problems. Social and Economic Council of United Nations has recognized social work as a profession in 1951 and formulated the following decisions. Social Work is a profession based on trained male and female and who are obtained theoretical and practical knowledge in social work degree from established and recognized educational institutions is mandatory to fulfill by them.
Social Work is a practical education, which is learned through theoretical study of society and social work. This is because ‘public good’ can be affected only by applying theoretical knowledge in real life in a scientific way. And practical training helps apprentices to be full-hedged social workers by making arrangements of applying theoretical knowledge in practical life. And these together make social work education and practical training inter-dependent upon each other.Therefore we may say social work education and field work are interrelated concept just like two branches of a tree.
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Figure: Interrelationship
Chapter- 3
  1. Presence of the agency
  2. Evolution of the agency
  3. Treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts
  4. Goals and objectives of the agency
  5. The activities and programmes of the agency
  6. Treatment and rehabilitation of drug addicts
  7. Function of the agency
  8. The on going activities at a glance
  9. Citizen charter of the agency
  10. Strategies
  11. Mangement process
  12. Infra-structure of the agency
  13. Rogi kollan shomity
Presence of the agency:
Situationally Central Drug Addiction Treatment Center is an important area because the indicate s risk zone of drug addiction.Central Drug Addiction Treatment Center is located at Tejgaon Industrial Area in Dhaka. It’s southern side is Thana Health Complex, in south Dew Tin Company, in the West Residential Hall of Bangladesh Textile (M.A.G. Osmani Hall) and the opposite side Central office of Milk Vita.


 It is situated on 2 acres of land with 3 storied building and 5 storied rehabilitation centre. Rehabilitation centre is yet to open. Ground floor is used to outdoor services and follow-up. Office of social Services is right corner of ground floor. In its backside is pathological room. In the first floor there are room for director, office, doctor, RP, matron, nurse and patient’s ward. In its 2nd floor the front side is paying ward, non-paying ward. And the back side is for the senior nurse, stuff nurse and the room for the occupational therapist.
Historical Background of Central Drug Addiction Treatment Center:
Central Drug Addiction Treatment Center is situated at Tejgoan in the green and ideal place. The authority started its launch taking 10 beds of Tejgaon Health Project on August in 1988. Afterwards Government increased its number of seat. Now it has 40 seats.25 Non-paying beds were under Tejgaon Health Complex and 15 paying beds were under Gulshan Avenue. Afterwards 15 paying beds of Gulshan transferred at Tejgaon Health Complex. 
Eminent Psychologist Professor Dr. Nazimuddulah Chowdhury joined this hospital as founding director (honorary). It had come out as a renowned hospital of drug addiction treatment center in very short time. Professor Dr. Nazimuddulah Chowdhury, Doctor Syada Anwara Huq, Professor Doctor Enayetul Islam, Doctor Syed Kamal Uddin Ahmed, Doctor M.A. Sobhan and Shamim Motin Chowdhury lead this hospital as director.
Established- August 1988 (under Health Department)
It was taken under secretariat of president in 07.02.1990
It was taken under Health Ministry in 01.09.1990
Again it was taken under the secretariat of the president in 25.02.1991
It was taken under Home Ministry in 20.10.1991

Aims and objectives of Central Drug Addiction Treatment Center:
To create consciousness about the negative impact of drug protecting
  • To advice and influence patients through group discussion.
  • Creating technical training opportunities for addicts.
  • Accept consciousness concerning program for patients,
  • Giving recreational treatment.
  • Taking Case history of the patients.
  • Communication with International and non-government organization for collecting resources.
  • to arrange regular follow up session for the patent.
  • Rehabilitation
  • Token Economy
Treatment approaches of the agency:
Basically the treatment of drug addiction is divided into two progressive approaches. Such as –
Drug addiction treatment approach
Rehabilitation (in briefly rehab)
Detoxification (in briefly detox)
Figure: Types of drug addiction treatment approach
Central Drug addiction treatment center provides only detoxification treatment. In the process of detoxification hospital authority is now providing medical treatment, psycho-social treatment, edutherapy and spiritual therapy. To complete this process a patient has to stay 14 days in the hospital with far long follow up treatment.
Funtions of detoxification:
For deeper understanding we should have a conception about the detox. Detox refers a process where pshycho-social therapy, spritual therapy, edu-therepy and recreational therapy are given to correct the drug addicted people.
The funtion detoxification of central drug addiction treatment center are-
  1. Medical treatment:  
Basically central drug addiction treatment center provides medical treatment.
In the detoxifition approach, following medicine are given for the treatment.
S.L Medicine diseases
01 Micropore Cannabis dependency
02 Feplus Heroine dependency
03 duralux Morphine dependency
04 EGM Wine, phythedine
05 Siddle Yaaba dependency
06 Pnerx Cannabis heroine dependency
figure: Chart of medicine.
  1. Group Meeting/Group Class
In every working day from 9 am to 11:30am used to arrange group class to learn the patients about oath word reciting peace word reciting papers study, subject based discussion and teaching of rules and regulations.
  1. Family Counseling
  2. Home visit
  3. Follow up
  4. Oath reciting
  5. Peace Word reciting
  6. Newspapers study
The Output of the follow up home visit counseling over all the approach of detoxifition on the basis of month by month are following.  
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Figure: Success rate of Detox:
Treatment & rehabilitation of drug addicts:
The drug addicts patients are treated at the following treatment centers: Central Treatment Center, Tejgaon, Dhaka,    Treatment Center Chittagong, Treatment Center Rajshahi, Treatment Center Khulna and Central Jail Treatment               Center-Jessore, Rajshahi & Comilla. The statistics are as follows:

Number of Patients
Indoor Outdoor Total Patients New Old
Male Female Male Female
2002 3794 9 18814 20 22637 1927 20710
2003 3635 3 18396 14 22048 1647 20401
2004 3599 28 9486 19 13132 4989 7498
2005 2231 1 6792 25 9049 3557 5481
2006 1974 4077  10  6063  3143  2920 
2007 2134 12 2732 4878 2395 2483
2008 1266 6 2589 8 3869 1964 1905
2009 (Up to January) 90 0 156 0 245 163 82
Monthly patient coming in the agency:
In Bangladesh the government organisation are highly corrupted and mis-managing but general people will watch clearly that the service of CDATC a reached than other agency.

So the number of coming patient is good. Now I am mentioning the monthly number of coming patient:
Text Box: Number of patient
Text Box: 2009
Figure: Monthly coming patient of the Agecy
Infrastructure of Central Drug Addiction Treatment center:
Professor Doctor Nazmul Ahsan is the present Director/Chief Consultant of this hospital. There are outdoor and indoor services in this hospital.
At first the patients have to communicate with the doctor of outdoor dept. The patients are sent to BIRDEM and laboratory of this hospital for some tests. If the result is positive, the patient is admitted into this hospital. After discharging the patients come to the hospital two times per week for follow-up and other treatment.
After admission patients are considered as indoor patient. There are 14 days treatment Indoor treatment are divided into two parts- Paying and non-paying. The patients of paying ward have to give more money than the patients of non-paying ward. For this reason the patients of paying ward get rich food.
Central drug Addiction Treatment center:
Non-paying ward
Paying ward
Administrative Structure of Central Drug Addiction Treatment Centre:



Rogi Kayllan Samiti:

 In every government hospital of Bangladesh there is a registered organization named Rogi Kaylan Samiti for the welfare of the poor and destitute patients. The Samiti is registered by social service department. It is being formed a treasury through collection of zakath and donor assistance for vulnerable destitute patients welfare by this samiti. Every year annual general meeting is held and budget is formulated here. There is a bank account to maintain account of the samity
Funtions of Rogi Kayllan Samiti:
The drug addicts were detached from healthy life, social familial environment for long time use of drug. In this perspective drug addicts Rogi Kayllan Samiti

has taken following initiatives

Picture: function of Rogi Kallan Somiti.

  1. Arrange pathological test for insolvent people and several financial supports to get admission.
  2. In case of need blood supply, arranging medicine and transferring the vulnerable patients to another hospital for help.
  3. Arrange group therapy, like song, sports, drawing and served all instrument related to functioning.
  4. Arrange television and dish connection for recreation of indoor patients.
  5. To arranging sports and splendid cultural program for indoor patients on special days and give reward.
  6. To arrange games for recreation of indoor patients i.e. providing carom board, chess, card and ludu.
  7.  To publish regular paper, magazine and various educational book.
  8. To provide counseling facilities to cope with family within the social club.
  9. Bearing home visit and related convenience.
                                                                                   ——-Selina Rahman
                                                                                Social Service Officer
Benefited patents and donation:
Many patient are being benefited from the social service department.Also this department takes donation from different sources. The statistic of benefited patients and
Donations are given bellow-
Year govt. Donation Private Donation Total Benefited Patient
2004 50,000 129830 2797
2005 84,000 85215 2797
2006 50,000 61258 1654
2007 50,000 64481 2090
2008 70,000 37715 3257

                             Year Private donation           Number of Patient        

                 Piblicl Donation              
Figure: Statistic of Social service department
Inter-agency visit:
  2.  DMCH
  3. Govt. Child Home (Shorkari Shishu Poribar)
Inter-agency visit:
Igot the great opportunity to visit three renowned agency. The introduction, function and visited experiences of these organizations are given bellow:
(c)Govt. Child home,Tejgaon
(a) Dhaka Medical College & Hospital
The social services department of DMCH:
The Department of Social Services of DMCH,is located in the 1’st floor of three storied building in the north of the main building, was named as dental college bhabon at past. The Department of Social Services in DMCH has started its activities as an experimental basis under the directorate of social services, in 1959, with aim to serve the destitute, helpless and disadvantaged group. All kinds of activities of this department are directed and controlled through the Directorate of social Services, under the Ministry of Social Welfare.
Functions of the Social Service Department
  • Blood Collection.
  • Medicine Support.
  • Glasses and Lance Support.
  • Nutritious Food Supply.
  • Clothing.
  • Transportation Cost Support.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Family Planning
  • Psychological Counseling and others.
BIRDEM Conceptually refers Bangladesh Institute of Research and Research in Diabetic Endocrine and Metabolic disorder .By getting permission from the social service office of Central Drug Addiction Treatment Centre, I made a inter agency visit at BIRDEM. BIRDEM started its journey from 1953.This famous agency is situated near our university and the BSSMU beside the Kazi Nazrul Islam avenue. Now this time BIRDEM play a vital role for the Diabetic patient and other dying patient like casualty. In fact I visited there and took some information about the activities of BIRDEM authority and social service department of BIRDEM. It is Cristal clear that BIRDEM is only one hospital in Bangladesh which provides the world class services for the patients. Now I am mentioning the activities of social services department of BIRDEM-


Picture: Ward visiting of BIRDEM.
The functions of BIRDEM:

  • To help the poor patient to get proper care and treatment.
  • To arrange follow up session.
  • By the student it maintains the home visit.
  • To serve proper counseling.
  • To assist patient to admit into the hospital
  • To aware about the silent killer diabetics.
  • Overall they are so much devoted to help the patient so that patient can able to cope with the various diseases like diabetics.
Government child home:
Government: child home is another last resort of rootless children. As a part of social service department. GCH is working for the vulnerable children from the beginning of Bangladesh. In 1984 It was  named by Government child home. This organization divides the children by 6 family. And each family is being supervised by a mother. From the agency 175 children get residential services. Now GCH provides various services such as a) provides training for tailoring, embroidery handicraft etc.b)- runs education program and provides primary secondary and some time higher secondary education   facilities.c) creates rehabilitation facilities for the under privileged children. e)Sometime GCH arranges group marriages for the adult boy and girls.
Although financial constant badly effects their proper journey of social service.
Part- 1 : Introduction
Part- 2 : Bacground
Part- 3 : Methodology
Part- 4 : Result
Part-01: Introduction:
Drug addiction, a decaying menace, is not only injurious to an individual but also imperils the health of the entire social fabric with fast cascading impact.Drug abuse and addiction have become an alarming phenomenon in Bangladesh dangerous.Of course, large number of drug addicts in Bangladesh is a serious national concern.
The research named “The Socio-economic condition of drug addicted people coming to the Central Drug Addiction Treatment Centre” is a social research rather than a medical research, which will be easy to understand to everybody. In this research, researcher’s intention is to explore the real picture of socio-economic condition of drug addicted people in Bangladesh. At the same time to arise the parent’s consciousness about the drug addiction and its proper treatment.
Rationale of the research :
“Nothing goes for nothing.” This title is more applicable in social research in the sense of rationality. The rational of the research  are given bellow:
  1. This research will be helpful to identify the real picture the drug addicts in Bangladesh.
  2. To improve hospital service for the vulnerable drug addicted people.
  3. The policy maker and planner of our country can able to get some important information to reduce the drug addiction.
  4. The further researcher would take the data of this research for their research after all it will be helpful as a relevant literature.
Purpose of the research :
The purpose of the research are as bellow-
      (a)To find out the real problem of drug addiction treatment system
      (b)Seek out the socio-economic causes of the drug addiction.
      (c)Identify the socio-economic condition of drug addicted person.
      (d)The income danger and profession with identify by the research.
      (e)To aware the patient about the drug and it dangerous side.
Research questions :
Every research should have some logical and purposeful questionnaire to collect data and represent the findings. In this research, research question are-
  1. To find out the common picture of drug addicted persons in Bangladesh.
      > which drugs are available in drug addicts?
      > what will be the future condition of drug addicting?
(b) Seek out the socio-economic causes behind the drug addiction.
      > which social causes are responsible for the drug addiction?
      > what attention should be taken?
(c) To aware the drug addicted patient through providing data
      > How much care the parents take for the addicted person.
      > which aged people are addicted more with defferent drugs?
(d) To find out an overall picture of drug addiction which will be understandable by every one.
     > To prepare an easily understandable report in socio-ecnomic condition of drug addict.
Part-02 ;Background:
Literature review:
It is good to say that, literature about the socio-economic condition of drug addicted person in Bangladesh or overall world are available. Yearly total expenditure of drug in Bangladesh is taka 8000.00 million and for average for drug abuser is taka 4500.00. According to un official estimate there are 2.5 million drug addicts in the country. As a student of DU my cousin belives that more than 5000 student of Dhaka University are drug addicted. But actual picture may be more.

Figure: A view drug addiction in Dhaka University.
Definition of terms:
Drug addiction:
Drug addiction is such a physical and mental reaction that created from inter-relationship of animals and drugs.
Drug Addicted person:
Drug addicted person refers a perform who has the mental and physical addiction on drugs.
Socio-economic Condition:
Socio-economic condition indicates a situation which represents the social and economic indicator like income, education, awareness etc.
Social Service Department:
Social Service Department is a co-organisation of Ministry of social Welfare which provides the services for the citizens.
Central Drug Addiction Treatment Central:
Central Drug AddictionTreatment Central is co-agency of DNC of Bangladesh govt. It provides help for the drug addicted person.
Part-03, Methodology:
The researcher will use sample survey method to collect the primary data from the client, parents and two different questinnaire for the social service officer, doctors, mettron, therapist.

  1. Research agency:
     The research area is Central Dryg Addiction Treatment Central
  1. Universe and unite of the analysis:
In this research the all coming patient of the agency will be the universe. And each patient will take as a unite of the analysis.
 For the research, purposively in sampling researcher took 100 patient of CDATC for collecting information about socio-economic condition of drug addicts.
Part-04, Result:
In this research the researcher has found the real picture of the addicted person. A common findings of this research is that the patients of CDATC come from the root level and the addicts have addicted by the influence of  their pair groups and the familal disorganization.
Education of the drug addicts:
Overall education condition of  Bangladesh represent a poor picture. As same as the drug addicted persons are also poor in the educational status. The picture of education of drug addicts are given bellow-

                        Figure: Eductional status of drug addict
Gender ratio:
Historically and traditionally Bangladeshi women are little interested about drug than other countries in the world. We have found the same scenario at CDATC. It is mentionable that there is no addmission facilities for women in CDATC. But the authority of the agency ensure medical services for the women. It is mentioning…


Figure: Gender ratio of drug addict
Socio-economic status:
It needs to say that now our per capita income is about 599(according to UNDP report: 2008) and our country’s status is neither poor nor developing country. We find also the same scenario in the drug addicted people. Research finding about socio-economic status of drug addicts are showed bellow:

Status Income (monthly) Percentage (%) Familal tise
upper class around 300000 and above 2% not good
middle class around 9000 30% little bit good
lower class around1500 68% not identifiable

Figure: Different Class of drug addict with income.
Aged oriented ratio of drug addicts:
It is clear to all that every corner of the world, young generaion are mostly addicted. Still now young generation is in threat. Although people of aged badly involved with the drug. Now I give the aged oriented ratio of drug addiction-

S.L Age Number of drug addicts
1 10-20 20%
2 20-40 65%
3 40-Avobe all 15%

Figure: Aged oriented ration of drug addict.
Parcentace of used substance or drug:
In the research there are some result which are more clear for the researcher. The clear view are 1. hospital situated in Dhaka 2. most of the patient of the hospital are lower class 3. most of the patient are addicted by the Heroine. Some finding about this are mentioning

serial number substance percentage (%)
1. heroine 35%
2. injection 25%
3. canabis 26%
4. others 24%

Figure: Parcetace of used substance or drug.


It has been found that many people, especially the youths are teenager to get rid of drugs. But unfortunately they can hardly find any way out. The departments of narcotics control, police, Arms forces etc. either do not work or/and even some how are related to drug smuggling/business. According to the discussion with the concerned people such as drug abusers, guardians, teachers, policemen and related persons in the drug business, it is clear that behavioral modification of the abusers is not enough to check the spread of drug taking and drug trafficking in Bangladesh. The concerned people gave the following suggestions in order to free Bangladesh of drugs:
  1. Concerned administration should be reshuffled. Culprits, those who are hidden in the police, Arms forces and narcotics control department, must be punished. At the same time, rewards may be declared for good performance. It is obvious that, drugs business in Bangladesh would fall rapidly if border-crossing areas can be checked properly.
  2. Leaders of social institutions like schools, colleges, University, clubs etc. should come forward to build resistance against drugs.
  3. The addicts, while talking with the investigators sought treatment to wipe out the negative effects of drugs.
  4. Govt. should be strict to impose the rules and regulations against drug addiction and drug abuse.
  5. The drug addiction treatment orriented agency must be scincere about drug addicts and about the norms and ethics of the organization
  6. Overall people should come forward from all works of life to build a drug free digital bangladesh.


Drug addiction has grabbed not only the youth but it has grabbed the social leaders also. In the present situation, we need to strengthen family and social values and religious ethics in order to maintain a stable and drug-free society. We believe that there is a lot to do to stop this social malaise now before another dangerous symptom appears which AIDS is. After doing all these we can get our drug-free Bangladesh.
Medical social work:
  1. Concept of medical social work
  2. Origin of drug addiction
  3. Drug addiction : Bangladesh perspective
  4. Drug addiction : World perspective
  5. Types of drugs
  6. Some drugs and its bad effects
  7. Causes of drug addiction
  8. Removing measures of drug addiction
Conceptual analysis of Medical Social Work:
The prevalence of illness and premature death due to lack of awareness, access to good medical care or failure to take advantages of care mental or psycho-social disorder have long made medical care a topic of prime concern to the field of medical social work. We have come to realize that success of medical care or treatment is based as much on the adequacy of the delivery system as it is on the knowledge and skill of the medical personnel and social worker. Medical care is an important field of practice for social workers who play significant roles in facilitating the delivery in social services at the individual groups and community.
By analyzing the previous discussion abut medical social work we can identify such criteria of medical social work
  1. Medical social work is a professional and specialized branch of social wok.
  2. Here the social work method, skill, philosophy is being used for the treatment of a patient.
  3. Medical social work emphasize not only for treatment but also it attempts to provides training and rehabilitation facilities.
  4. In medical social work social case work and group therapy are used properly.
  5. Hospital/medical social work help a patient or problematic person so that they can solve their problem next except the medical diseases. Ex: Drug addiction
  6. Medical social work is a integrated attempts of spiritual therapy, psycho-social, religious and educational therapy.
  7. Here poor patient get help and guideline to adjust with the hospital environment.
  8. After all medical social work provides counseling follow up, treatment, home visit, psycho-social therapy with applying the social work method principle and code of ethics of social work discipline.
     Medical social work is a social work practiced in a responsible relationship to medicine and public health within the structure of program of health and medicine.
Emergence of medical social work:
Social catastrophes- poverty, sickness, suffering and social disorganization psycho-social disorder have existed through out human history.Until the nineteenth century, ancient social institutions such as the family the church and the community were able to deal with all but the most overwhelming social problems. But as societies became industrialized these institutions becomes increasingly inadequate to handle, the many new social disorder created by population movements and technological changes. A more formal system of social service was needed. For this reason social welfare was emerged to provide proper social service. Medical social work is a branch of professional social work. More over the evolution of medical social work started its journey with its mother social work.  The historical development of medical social work 4(four) special events was played strong role to the come forth in the present status in developing pattern of medical social work.
 First: the competent authority of England has been reorganized 'after care' to prevent psychiatric patients from illness.
 2nd: association of 'Lady Almoners' by the ex students of London English hospital by the inspiration.
 3rd: the working experience of visiting nurse. Lillianwald and Merry Brewester of New York Henry Street, Settlement house in 1893 has been visited the houses of poor patients from that time the hospital authority has started to send the nurse to the patients house.
 4th: The 4th step of medical social work is to send the medical students to social agency. Dr. Charles P. Emerson has taken initiatives to prevent social and emotion problem as a part of medical education.
Based on the above experience, medical social work was started its arena in 1905. In this time, social workers have been recruited in Massachuates , New York , Boston , John Hop Kins hospital. At first Dr. Richard C.Cabbot of Massachuates General Hospital in Boston has recognized formally importance of social workers in medical social work. Now medical social work is providing crutial and essential service like medical service. Although hospital social work runs its activity with the cooperation of hospital authority.
Journey of medical social work in Bangladesh:
Bangladesh is a most densed populated and problematic developing or least developing country in the world. The magnitude of social problems in our present society make it necessary to organize under public and private initiative social services for peoples in need. Our country suffer most in medical and psycho-social disorder. To realize the sense medical social work started his journey in the decade of 1960s. It is started with the help of United Nations and International Red cross in 1954 at Dhaka Medical College. 2(two) social workers was recruited by the National Council of Social Welfare Paridapur* in 1961 4(four) social workers was recruited in Citation, Rajshahi, Midford Medical College Hospital and Showrawardi Hospital. For its importance in 1995 another 15 (fifteen) Hospital Social Work Department has started. This project is expanded and recruited 385 Social Worker another 11 (eleven) hospital in 1997. Another 33 (thirty three) unit in 33 district, 1 (one) in Central Drug addiction Treatment Center, 1 at Dhaka city and rest 2 (two) at Khulna city has been set up. At present under the Social Service Department, there are 84 (Eighty four) hospital social work running on and total 98 officers and 176 employees engaged there. Day by day the accessibility of medical soical work is being increaed potentialy.
Goals of medical social work:
The main goal of MSW in Bangladesh is to provide proper services for the patient, basically for the vulnarable patient with co-operation with the NGO or the donation of philanthropist or warm hearted people.
Deputy Director (Treatment & Probation) of social services department Momotaz Begum,  said that to emphasize psychological affairs for ensuring the full treatment of the patients.
  1. To build up Report and collect social-economic and related information to assist the doctors to full cur the patients.
  2. To identity the poor and vulnerable patients from outdoor and includes them within the medical social service.
  3. To send the identified patients to the related department and doctor.
  4. To admit the patients in the hospital by the basis of prescription of the doctors and assist in treatment process.
  5. To build up relationship between the patient and doctor.
  6. To assist poor patients by giving them medical, blood, artificial parts of the body, spectacles, and crèche etc.
  7. To assist mental disorder type of patients using psycho therapy.
  8. To keep the long periodical indoor patients from anxiety with proper communication with his/her family.
  9. To motivate the patients for operation.
  10. To counsel the illiterate patients for family planning, maternal and child health care and the way to prevent the transmitted diseases.
  11. To send the patients to the home with financial help.
  12. To admit abandoned child of the hospital in the baby home an child family (Shishu Paribar)
  13. To rehabilitate the poor patients within social service department under the poverty alleviation program.
  14. To follow-up the treatment and rehabilitation process of the patients.
Role of medical social workers in Bangladesh:
Medical social work application works by the medical social worker. Formally they are dedicated for the treatment of patient. In Bangladesh there are little scope to work as a medical social worker. But some field they are playing a vital role in comprehensive medical treatment.Foundamentally the role medical social work are divided into three part such as-
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a. Role of pre-treatment stage
b. Role of during treatment stage
c. Role of post treatment stage.
Figure: role of social wirker of 3 stages.
Overall role of medical social worker can identify in the showing way:

  • Admitting the patients in hospital: Many people don’t know the procedure of admitting in hospital, somebody even doesn’t know where he should admit. Social Worker helps them to admit in the necessary hospital.
  • Help to adjust hospital environment: When a patient comes to a hospital. He faces some problems to adjust with the hospital and medical social worker helps him/her to adjust with the new environment.
  • Helps to diagnosis the patient’s problems: Unlike physical problem a patient may social other problem (Mental, economic and family) which delays or inhabits his/her treatment. Medical social workers uncover these problems and their relation with physical problems.
  • Help to ensure patients participation in treatment process: Sometimes it’s happen that a patient cannot participate totally in the treatment procedure. It happens because of ignorance, superstition and other factors. Medical social worker removes these problems and ensures patients participation.
  • Materialistic help: To ensure patients treatment medical social worker provides medicine.
  • Case study In the function of medical social worker, case study is being treated as a vital job. Because by taking case history a social worker can provide proper care and treatment for his client.
  • Home visit: Home visit represents a upgrade method of medical social work. So very much consiously medical social worker maintain the home visit application and process.
Constants of medical social work in Bangladesh:
If we follow the world perspective we will see that social work is a profession of developed countries but in least developing countries like Bangladesh social work does not get the professional recognition. The per capita income of Bangladesh is just about 599 us dollar (UNDP report 2008). For health sector the present government of Bangladesh gave only 5.9 % in national budget which is so much little amount. Now the overall constant of medical social work in Bangladesh are given bellow:

Figure: The insufficient donation of medical social work.

  1. Lack of financial constant and extream poverty
  2. In sufficient knowledge of social service officer
  3. Lack of doctors co operation
  4. Without getting the professional recognition of social work discipline
  5. Lack of sufficient agency for exersizing the field work practice
  6. Lack of relavant literature
7) Lack of efficient medical social worker.
8) Dual administrative tangle of medical social service.
9) Unawareness about the role of medical social worker.
10) To pressurize the medical social workers to do some less important task like communications, sending the patients, giving the information to the patient’s family.
     11) Lack of after care treatment.
12) Lack of proper rehabilitation programme
     13) Inadequate of budget.
     14) Lack of proper communication and co-ordination
15) Finally red tapism is the extream and giant problem of medical social work
To ensure transperant satisfactory and proper medical service, medical social work is must needed part of hospital service. So our government should aware about medical social work sector immediately. To update the medical social work, some suggetion can be taken such as
  1. To provide sufficient financial support for medical social work
  2. Government should give concern towards medical services
  3. To remove the misunderstanding between hospital authority and soical service department
  4. To ensure traning for the social service officer and apprentice social workers
  5. To establish social work discipline as profession to remove the red tapism in hospital social servive sector
  6. To provide more funding for health sector.
  7. To creat awareness about social work and social service department
Finally ministry of social welfare, civil society, pioneer social worker and all works of life should come for updating the health services and medical social work.
Drug addiction:
Considering drug abuse and addiction a big problem, so many government and non-government organisations including media are working hard on this serious issue for a long time. Drug addiction is not a newer concept. It represents a old history like human civilization. Normally we can say drug addiction refers a mental and physical dependency on drugs. For better understanding about drug addiction we should have a ideal idea about drug and addiction.
.In addition I have to explain my use of the word "drugs". While in english the word "drug" is used to denote substances that are being used as medicines, we use this word in dutch virtually only in the sense of illegal luxuries, varying from heroin to Cannabis, although the insight is increasing that alcohol and nicotine as well as coffee are drugs as well, if only legal. as they are used as luxuries instead of medicines. This results in remarkable semantics: morphine prescribed by a doctor is 'medicijn', (dutch for medicine), while the same substance obtained from a dealer is a drug. You will observe that in the following we use the word drug as both medicine and the element of addiction.
To answer the question "what is addiction?" we have first to look at the apparition of the notion of addiction in the past. This will show that addiction is a fairly recent connotation, although the use of especially alcohol and opium have a long history as the element of addiction in the world. Hence addiction refers a dependency on any things but now this time addiction idicates the drug dependency.
According to Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary: “Addiction refers to the condition of being addicted to something cocain addiction”
According to WHO “Drug addiction is a kind of mental and physical condition which evolved by living animal and drug materials through interaction. It makes man dependent on drugs. As a result a man’s familial or social relation is hampered.”
According to Charles Bucher, “Addiction is a fatal indisposition which is more effective than AIDS, Cancer or heart attack which decreases the self-controlling power.”
According to Clasun, Drug addiction is related to three things
  1. Excessive dependence on drug
  2. Extension the quality of drug gradually
  3. physical dependent on drug.
Drug addiction as a matter of fact is such a condition which involves three eliments; overpowering compulsion to take drug development of need for increased dosages of drug overtime and physical dependency on the drug. (Azam, 1995:79)
Finally drug addiction refers a psychological, physical dependency on a chemical which associated with several structural and psychological changes in the defferent part of the brain, spacially in the area of known. As the reward center.
Origin of drug addiction:
The uses of drug are an old history.  The uses of drug were started at Genesis of the civilization with agriculture.  The cultivation of cannabis was started at north Madaripur in Nogaon district (weekend magazine 13 October 1988) in 1805 maternal who is scientist-invented morphine.  Buyer company of Germany invented heroin in 1898 A.D.L.S.D. and pathedrine were invented respectively 1908 and 1940 A. D. Actually these drug materials are invented for the welfare of men at the sphere of treatment. Subsequently man started abuse of this drug. As a result it creates many kinds of problem in the society.
Evolution of Drug addiction
Drug addiction is complex and old social disease of human civilization.  There is a deep relation with evolution of science and art of curing diseases. What things we call drug. It was called phamacon means poison and medicine. Opium was used as valuable and active medicine at the sphere of medical in 2nd A.D. From the ancient crag the salient thought opium was used as hilarity in Sumerian civilization about six thousand years ago. The English banyan introduced drug first in China. It also introduced in our country under supervision of British banyan In order to succeed at politics and economics. The European country with Britain inspires the public to cultivate drug. Opium was started to use at the sphere of medical and enjoyment in European country.
Wine and ganja has been using in this country for many years ago at special function.  Heroine was brought 1983 A.D. There are about 12 lakh addicted people in Bangladesh about six lakhs addicts live in Dhaka city.
Drug addiction: Bangladesh perspective:
From the last few decades most countries in the world had been in the grip of the epidemic of addiction.  It is widely believed that trade in illicit drugs is the largest business in the world and so, the supply of drugs is not going to dry up for the epidemic to get over. What is required for the demand to be reduced or for the addict to become and stay de-addicted? Unfortunately, very few know and understand the meaning and implications of addiction and so it remains one o3.1 Drug addi f the most poorly treated diseases in the world.
Drug addiction is a silent slayer. Drug materials are those materials, which grow addiction after taking it. It is a bad habit of taking drug. As a result of taking drug materials the health of drug addicts are marred. The life strength is decreased. Drug materials are available in our country. For this reason the number of drug addicts is increasing.  They gradually become dependent on these materials are called drug addiction. 

Bangladesh is transit of drug Mafia, Efforts to hide the smuggling of 68 Kg heroin. Rootless movement of Joint Force, drug smuggling materials has been hidden by pre-information. Another deadly addiction has been replaced as phensidyle. Another deadly addiction is yaaba tablet coming within the border of Teknaf, Bangladesh will face as a result of Thailand.
Figure: Drug addiction in view of News pepar eyes.
Source: Dainik Prothom Alo, 21 May, Dainik Ittfaque, 26 May and Dainik Samokal26 January 2009.
For drug poppy cultivation is running and by refining morphine, codine, heroin. Yearly total expenditure of drug in Bangladesh is Tk 8,000.00 million and for average for drug abusers are Tk 4,500.00.
Drug addiction scenario of University of Dhaka:
Drug abuse and addiction have become an alarming phenomenon in Bangladesh dangerous. Of course, large number of drug addicts in Bangladesh is a serious national concern.
According to unofficial estimates, there are 2.5 million drug addicts in the country. An ever growing menace of drug addiction is affecting not only the younger generation, but also the society as a whole.
   It is no exaggeration that a huge number of students of Dhaka University are becoming hooked-up into drug day by day as none is taking any action in the border areas against illicit drug trafficking.

   Different kinds of drugs are selling at various parts of the Dhaka city including Kamrangirchar, Begunbari slum, Bhanga Gate, Shahinbagh, Nakhalpara, Titipara slum, Sutrapur, Dholpur, Demra, Tejkunipara, Chankharpol, Tilpapara in Khilgaon, Modongoli in Sipahibagh, Mirpur section 1, Agargaon, Adabar and Geneva.

   There are many reasons to get involved with drugs, but easy availability is the main cause for becoming drug addicts.

   All types of drugs are available in different places near Dhaka University campus. Drug dealers have developed a strong network on the campus. Some small stalls of different halls are selling drugs almost in broad day light. At night, some tea and cigarette sellers use to carry drugs to residents hall.
   The guards and the security personals are helpless because they are threatened to keep quiet. Some of them are directly involved with the selling process. This situation is deteriorating due to administrative inaction.

   Dhaka University campus is surrounded by densely populated area and small markets including Chankhapol, Shahbagh, Bakshibazar, Nilkhet and Newmarket South Gate, Kantaban, Hatirpul, Palashi and Sarwardi Park.

   Gau-Sul Azam market of Nilkhet corner, small tea stalls of Shabag corner, cigarette shops and even small restaurants of Chankhar pol and Swarardi park are some of the ideal places of drug trafficking.


Figure: A drug addict in Dhaka University Campus.
Ganja (Marijuana), Puria (Heroin), Da-ill (Phyncidile) and Pathedine injection are found everywhere on the campus or those areas. They usually start with Marijuana and Phyncidile and then take all kinds of drugs, including heroin. A drug addict spends from Tk. 1,200 to Tk. 12,000 on drugs a month.
My sample survey report shows that…
Extortion, snatching money from pedestrians or asking from parents by saying that they need more money to maintain their rising educational expenses are some ways students basically use to arrange money to buy drugs.
 Unemployment, family feud, parents' unruly behaviours, degradation of moral values and lack of healthy entertainment are the main reasons behind the drug addiction of the students. The government should take measures to stop drug trafficking.

S.L Student parcentage% Taking drugs
1 50% cigarette
2 8% Cannabis
3 4% Wine
4 3% Other
5 35% Drug free

Figure: Taking drug of DU studens.
Socio-Economic Status of Drug abusers:
The present study was designed to assess the socio economic status of the drug abusers on the basis of information collected from individuals seeking treatment voluntarily for their addiction problem. 458 treatment seekers were interviewed mainly at Central Drug Addiction Cure Hospital.
Mostly abused drugs among the cases where heroine, phensidyle, tidiqesic, marijuana, pathedine, alcohol, and the other drug abusers showed that 62.66% were between 21 and 30 years of age and nearly 50% started their abuse behavior between 16 and 20 years.  About 50% of the sample reported of a drug use habit for 1-3 years before seeking treatment.  The rest 50% continued for up-to 10 years no significant difference was found when birth order was considered. 
Edeucational Status of Drug Abusers
Higher educated 20%
10 years scholastic life 45%
5 years scholastic life 20%
Others 15%
Total 100%


Figure: Educational status of drug addicts.
Types of drug:
Now days the teenager and youths are use Sleeping pills as a drug. Sleeping pills are randomly being used since they can be easily bought from any nearby medicine shop/pharmacy and in most cases without doctor’s prescription. These are: Enoctine, Seduxene, Phenergan, Stemetil, Laxatine.
Drugs are separated into two categories –

Soft drugs:                                                                                                                                                 

  1. Alcohol;                                                 
  1. Cigarettes;
  2. Marijuana;
  3. Glue, Hash etc.

Hard drugs:

  1. Ecstasy;
  2. Speed;
  3. Amphetamine;
  4. Cocaine;
There are many types of drugs available use in Bangladesh:
  1. Opium:
  2. Heroin;
  3. Phensidyl;
  4. Tidijesic;
  5. Pethidine;
  6. Cannabis:
  7. Ganja;
  8. Chorosh;
  9. Bhang;
  1. Sexual pill:
  2. Yaba;
  3. Vayagra;
  4. Sleeping pill:
  5. Tranquilizer;
  6. Seduxene;
  7. Diazapam;
  8. Dexpotent;
4.6 Some drugs and harmful effects of abuse:
 Its one kind of plant which is used as a drug. Its Latin name is Cannabis Sativa. It contains T.H.T or Tetra-hydro-cannabinal which brings up change in the mental conditio.[1] n and consciences of the abuser and also creates physical and mental dependency.

Picture: Cannabis
Negative aspects of Cannabis uses:
A Cannabis abuser is seen weak, depressed or something garrulous. Sometimes he is frightened and feels amnesia. His sense about time and place and feeling power are also decreased. Moreover, indiscipline walking, quick heart bit, blood pressure, red eye and reluctance to food etc symptoms are also seen. A Cannabis user’s normal livelihood is drastically disrupted.
Wine is a common alcoholic beverage. It badly affects on human organes like stomach, kidney,brain, heart etc. It is proved in laboratory that most of the liver sirosis caused by the wine.


Picture: Wine
Heroin is a serious drug which is produced from Opium. In market it’s supplying in brown or white color powder. It’s totally an illegal substance. If any one is capsized with more than 25 gm or more amount of it, his highest punishment is death penalty.
In Bangladesh brown color heroin is illegally trafficked. It’s using as Chasing the Dragon method with smoking in our society.
Picture: Heroin
Codin: It’s a by-product of Opium. It is normally used as a pain killing and cough prevention drug. In market it is supplied as tablet, capsule, solution. Here to mention that codin is used as main element of phencydil.

Phencydil: It’s a cough prevention medicine which contains codin phosphate originated from Opium. Though it is illegal in Bangladesh; but it comes in Bangladesh through Golden Crescent route. Its looks like syrup and smell very acute. It creates feelings like heroin. When heroin is unavailable and costly, heroin abusers take phencydil as an alternative drug.
                                     Picture: Phencydil.
It’s a medicinal drug generally used as pain killer injection. Pathedin creates very acute addiction which is tough to avoid if one become addicted towards it. Normally abusers take this injection by using one syringe. Thus they are under threat of Hepatitis B/C, HIV/AIDS etc.

                                                         Picture: Pathdine.
Opium is produced from the fruits of Pope Tree. It is supplied as a piece in pink or pitch color. Generally is used as smoking method. It smells like turmeric, tastes very hast,

Morphine is produced from opium and used as pain killer but can create acute addiction for the drug addictaed people.
Picture: Morphine.
Edative Hypnotics:
Normally is known as sleeping medicine. People take it to remove insomnia. Long term use of it can create addiction. ntertainment are the main reasons behind the drug addiction of the students. The government should take measures to stop drug trafficking. Tranquilizer:
To remove strain, tension or mental disturbance tranquilizer is used. Its abuse can reduce the functional ability of brain. In market it is supplied as tablet or capsule. Some recognized tranquilizer is Diagipum, Clobazum, Clonanipum etc.       


Picture: Tranqulizer.
The Causes of addiction:
It is not possible to indicate one cause for addiction.  According to I.P.G.M. “on post liberation social unheard, change of value system, personal and community frustration change of all seem to quitting as personal and social strain which are alleged to band to the development of habit of drag abuse depending on ones a person and social capability.
Besides it there are some usual causes.  Those are given below:
Familial cause: many people become addicted living out of familial control or separation from family.

  1. The age group between 11 and 15 and young people become addicted for want of familial and affection and they started to do crime.
  2. If the familial conflict and divorce etc may goes on continuously, the children will become addict.
Anxiety and excitement: many people become addicted because of anxiety and excitement. Many people are not evaluated though they hard for forgetting grief they take drug.
Available of drug materials: drug materials are available in our country because of geographical condition. As a result people are being addicted.
Depreciation of values: If men's self esteem and depreciation of values happen, they will lead their life relentlessly and become addicted.
Effect of friend: many people become addicted going to test prohibited things with to the help of friends. Most of addicted people cited that they had become addicted with help of friends.
Slum is the home of drug and drug addiction.Personally i observed the same in the slum like Tejgaon slum.
Picture: Slum.

Reasons for being addicted to drugs:

  1. Easy access to drugs;
  2. Unemployment problem/economic insolvency;
  3. Surrounding atmosphere;
  4. Estranged in love;
  5. Mental stress due to family problem;

Sources of money for buying drugs:

  1. From own income;
  2. From pocket money;
  3. Loan from friends, family members;
  4. Collect money by criminal activities like hijacking, extortion, etc.
Effects of drug addiction:
Drug addiction, a decaying menace, is not only injurious to an individual but also imperils thehealth of the entire social fabric with fast cascading impact.

   Drug abuse and addiction have become an alarming phenomenon in Bangladesh dangerous.
   Of course, large number of drug addicts in Bangladesh is a serious national concern.
   According to unofficial estimates, there are 2.5 million drug addicts in the country. An ever growing menace of drug addiction is affecting not only the younger generation, but also the society as a whole.

 Unemployment, family feud, parents' unruly behaviours, degradation of moral values and lack of healthy entertainment are the main reasons behind the drug addiction of the students. The government should take measures to stop drug trafficking.
Prof Dr Md Golam Azam mentioned the bad effect of drug addiction in his article “Health, Social and Economic Consequences of Drug abuse: A general overview”

  1. Physical violence
  2. Using force and threat
  3. Using fear
  4. Abusing his/her feelings
  5. Using money to abuse his/her
  6. Being bossy
  7. Making his/her be alone
  8. Using the kids
  9. Denying
  10. Blaming
  11. Sexual violence.
A drug abuser can undergo different stages of tasting apart from normal lifestyle in personally and socially or nationally;
  1. Drug abuse can decay normal human senses through deep feelings;
  2. It creates different types of excitement both in the body and mind;
  3. Finally, it makes a person passionate to drugs;
  4. In the long run the user has to increase the dose day by day;
The impact of drugs has some stages, which effects in personal and social life:
  1. Initial stage;
  2. Pre-mature stage;
  3. Mature stage and;
  4. Dangerous stage;
  5. Economical & Social stage;

Initial stage:

This is the first stag of drug impacts. At first, a person starts to take drug without concerning his body. At the early stage he takes it just normally, and gets the ordinary happiness, which makes him feel better. Sometimes, he wants to touch heavenly excitement and dreams himself as a floating constituent in the sky. This is the first stage of drug impact. Amateurs are in this group. They take drug once or twice a week with their friends or seniors in their locality, who are already addicted. He collects it and processes it to take.

Pre-mature stage:

In this stage, drugs become a habit, and the abuser wants more. Feeling better s/he tries to increase the dosage drugs. It is taken at least 4-5 times a week. This is the primary stage for abusers in becoming addicted. At the initial stage they can easily manage or collect the money for purchasing. They collect money from their family, and sometimes from other sources. They take drugs with their friends. After a few days they need to take more and become dependent on it both mentally and physically. The sudden need for excess money,
  1. Involves them in criminal acts;
  2. Hijacking;
  3. Picketing etc. and they feel thrilled to do it.
Mature stage
After the pre-mature stage abusers become seriously addicted. They have to take it every day, after a certain period. In maximum of cases it is taken from evening to night time. For that, they are busy all day long in collecting the expenditure of drug. They need much more money for it and sometimes they turn against the law. Many discontinue their education after failing to concentrate on any kind of discipline.
They fully divert to out of control:
  1. They forget social protocol;
  2. Making violance in society;
  3. Always remain bad tempered;
  4. Feel they are always in the right;
  5. They do not want to hear any advice;
  6. Count themselves as very aware and competent;
  7. Sometimes they feel frustrated ;
  8. And even lose the will to live;

Decaying stage:

After mature stage most of the abusers stay on the verge of decaying. It means gradually their lives crumble. Gradually after a few hours they have to take it, otherwise their body system stops. In that situation the abuser loses human characteristics and behaves like a monster.
  1. They can realize, how imbalanced they are;
  2. They lose taste for food;
  3. At this stage they become fully dependent on drug;
  4. They have no sense to evaluate good or bad;
  5. They lose interest in normal male/female yeamings;
  6. And finally one day they fully surrender to drugs;
which leads them to their graves;

 Economical & Social impacts:

The average cost of drugs per person were from $1.9 to $3.1 per day or from $707 to $1135 per year. The economic impact of drug abuse included cost of drug itself, health care expenditure, lost productivity, and other impacts on society such as crimes and accidents. The patterns and cost of drug abuse were investigated among 996 drug abusers some were admitted to a drug dependence treatment centre in Dhaka, Bangladesh:
Drug addicted in percentage

Peoples type Addicted in percentage:

S.L Types of drug addicts Percentage
1 Male 93.9 %
2 Female ( in Dhaka city) 20.6 %
3 Unmarried 64.8 %
4 Either students or unemployed (youth generation) 56.1 %
5 Smokers 95.4 %
6 Influenced by friends 85.7 %
7 Addicted to codeine-containing cough syrup 65.8 %
8 Addicted to more than one drug 64.3 %
9 Took drugs in groups 65.8 %
10 A history of unprotected sex 63.8 %

Source: Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 2004 (Vol. 22) (No. 1) 98-99
Pictuer: Physical harm of drug.
  1. He lost control and balance of power over himself/herself.
  2. Abolition of thinking and also of memory/dementia.
  3. Jaundice, Liver.
  4. Tuberculosis, bronchitis pneumonia, asthma. Lung, cancer.
  5. Heart disease
  6. Anemia, losses of immunity power.
  7. AIDS
  8. skin disease
  9. Cancer, kidney
  10. Impotency and sterile
  11. Loosing working power.
Removing Measures of addiction
Remedial step means to cure the addicted people physically, mentally and socially. Considering duration, physical and mental condition, familial and economical condition and other subjects of addicted people remedial step is divided into three parts:
      01. Abrupt withdrawal
      02.  Rapid withdrawal
      03.  Gradual withdrawal
Above mentioned treatment methods are applied considering nature of drug materials wealth and nature of addicted man.
Under mentioned roles are necessary for this process:
  1. Familial role: every family of addicted person has to believe that addiction is curable problem.  It is possible to come back sound life through appropriate treatment and milieu; the guardian should not neglect and hate the addicted person.  The guardian should give them appropriate milieu.
  2. Role of cure center: the addicted person should be given proper educational knowledge with treatment.  The cure center should give them proper training.
Preventive Step:
Under mention the steps can be accepted as preventive method.
  1. To control furtive, sale and uses of drug materials. The N.G.O’.s, BDR, Police and law enforcement department should be more effective.  They should take more effective and realistic steps.
  2. We should be careful so that children cannot mix with bad boys.
  3. The usual law should be sterner and should be more applied against furtive sale and usage of drug materials.
  4. The curriculum of primary to university should be enrolled, remedy and resistance of addiction so that the students can acquire knowledge from it.
  5. We should manage meeting, seminar to create awareness to the people against addiction's the radio and television should be necessary steps for it.
The government should ban production of drug materials and govt. can use the model
of TIB to build up a druge free nation. The TIB model is given bellow:
National Honesty Program
Law inforcing agency Executive department
Legislative department Social service department Mass media Civil Society International aid Peopels perticipation
Mass awareness & demands
Honesty, purity social justice, responsiblity and transparency
Figure: TIB model

Case studies:

  1. Patients case history form
  2. Home visit questionnaire
  3. Case no.1
  4. Case no.2
  5. Case no.3
  6.      Case no.4
  7. Case no.5
  8. Case no. 6
Case No-01


Picture: Mr. Kamal Miah (Right)
Personal information
Name                                                         : Md. Kamal Mia
Father’s name                                            : Abdur Razzak
Mother’s name                                           : Sufia Begum
Age                                                            : 37
Occupation                                                : Labour ( Now unemployed )
Religion                                                     : Muslim
Marital status                                             : Married
Present address                                          : Village-Bera Nagar; Post office      
                                                                   & Thana- Narsindhi; District-  
Permanent address                         : Village-Bera Nagar; Post office      
                                                                    & Thana- Narsindhi; District-  
Hospital information
Date of admission                                     : 01.02.08
Date of case taking                                    : 01.02.08
Date of release                                          : 15.02.09
Word No.                                                   : Non Paying-4
Bed No.                                                     : 13
Reg. No.                                                    : 0901016
Duration    of addiction                             : 10 years
Family structure         :

Name Age Occupation Education Monthly
(in Taka)
Marital status Relation with client
Kamal Mia 37 Day labor
(now unemployed)
Class-3 Nil Married
Abdur Razzak 63 Late Illiterate Nil Married Father
Sufia Begam 57 Maid servant Illiterate 800 Married Mother
Musa Mia 40 Construction labor Illiterate 4000 Married Elder brother
Liton Mia 32 Construction labour Class-7 5000 Married Younger brother
Sathi Begum 34 Wife
Class-3 Nil Married
Mustak 14 Tea boy Class-5 1000 Unmarried Son
Shapla 11 H. servant Class-3 500 Unmarried Daughter
Hannan 9 child Nil Nil Unmarried Son
Case History
Kamal Mia is an inhabitant of Beranagar village of Narsindhi district. In his occupational life he was a day labor. He was a construction labor and his daily income was around 200 Taka per day. He had a happy conjugal life with 1 son 2 daughters. He lived in the same house with his elder brothers though he was separated economically and had a separate cook; but he had a sound relation with his brothers and he also look after his mothers by his short earning capacity after maintaining his family. His children were school going. Economically he was not enough well off but he was not unhappy. He came in contact with drug 10 years before falling in curiosity and bad companion. Economic hardship and occasional family conflict also encouraged him to take drug earlier of his drug abused life. He was also little bit interested to test drug. He started with Cannabis Sativa which is locally known as Ganja, one kind of drug is produced from leaf of Cannabis tree. This is available in Bangladesh. He was accustomed to it for 2 to 3 years. Then he started to take Pathdine injection. It’s a serious drug which harms a human being physically and mentally. It contains serious unhygienic chemical. He took it 3 years. After that Kamal Mia started to take Heroin, popularly known as White Powder. Now he is addicted to several drugs from last 10 years. But these drugs have broken down his family, his conjugal life and happy familial life. He needs at 200 taka every day to manage drug specially. When he could earn, he managed this amount of money from his earning. But after a certain period he could not earn due to weak health and his defame towards work. He could not provide satisfactory labor and would not get the opportunity of work for his low performance. Thus he adopts the illegal way like stealing, gambling, hijacking etc to manage money for drug. Sometimes he creates pressure on his family especially on his mother to provide him money for purchasing drug.       
Rationale of case taking:
When Kamal Mia came to the hospital for treatment; the doctor after primary observation told me to take Kamal’s short history of addiction life. I took his history. But after hearing everything from Kamal’s mouth it revealed to me that he could be an effective case for me as he history is really critical and he has a family to maintain. Still he is young enough and he had occupational life. His wife, children and mother depend on him. So, they are vulnerable for the addiction Kamal. Thus if we can recover Kamal from drug addiction and rehabilitate him at least 4 person can be lived with safety and satisfactorily. Kamal’s recovery is very much important for that purpose. I decided to take Kamal as my case so that I can help him actively staying with his close contact.    
Kamal had completed primary education from his local school. In his school life he was not enough punctual and sincere. It happened for not getting proper guidance from his parents and school and also for economic hardship. His parents were completely illiterate and could not understand the significance of education. After completion of primary education; he felt disinterest towards education. Noticing this, his parents engaged him in work.  
Physical condition:
Kamal’s physical condition is much worse at present as he is taking drug since the last 10 years. Now he is suffering from various physical and mental diseases like physical weakness, fever, malnutrition, gastric ulcer, urine infection, frustration, mental conflict and disturbance etc. Due to physical illness he could not earn money. He does not take part in every day’s common activities. He is drowsy and sleeps most of the time of day. He is broken health.
Mental condition:
He feels much difficulty to maintain normal interaction with his family and society members. When I took his interview, he informed me that he is mentally shocked, frustrated and digressed. He wants to return in normal life but he could not do it and this gives him much pain. Few months before his wife have left him with his children and this incident broken down him mentally. He could not maintain his family and also could not send his children school. As he is known as a drug addicted in his locality; he does not get any work. Here to mention that his physical condition not supportable of work. So mentally he is in much panic stage.
Cultural & social life:
Kamal was born in a very poor family. His father was a poor farmer and very rigid to religious sentiment. So there was not much scope for him to get recreational moment. After drug addiction, he is socially isolated and ostracized. Society members do not trust him and neglect him as an addicted.
After a long discussion and observation I have identified some reasons of            
    drug addiction of kamal. These reasons are-
  1. personal curiosity and interest
  2. family conflict
  3. economic hardship
  4. social environment
  5. availability of drug
  6. lack of fresh recreation and social activities
  7. lack of self control
I have provided supportive and modifying treatment for the recovery of Kamal.
a) Informing him about the various facilities of this hospital b) helped him to get admission and visiting doctor c) I helped to take blood and urine test d) free admission access e) I ensured his regular attendance in morning meeting
a) I forbade him to not mix with the peer group with whom he took drug   b) I suggested him to take regular physical exercise after release from the hospital   c) I advised him to take a vocational training so that he can manage a job d) I suggested him to rebuild his family and send his children to school again a) I also told him to ensure reular attendance at weekly follow up meeting. 
Family counseling:
I counseled his family members when they came with him during treatment. I told them not to give Kamal any opportunity to mix wit his bad peer group. I suggested them to take proper care of Kamal. I also advised them not to irritate Kamal. I told them to control money supply. I suggested them to bring him in regular follow up.
Home visit:
After release Kamal is living in a slum with his relative. After 15 days of his release I went there and talked with him and his relative. They informed me that Kamal is obeying doctor’s advice. I request them to take proper care of him.
Follow up:
I regularly followed up Kamal after release. Every Sunday he came to agency for follow up. But after few weeks he became irregular. I told him to be regular.
I think our restless effort has encouraged Kamal a lot to response spontaneously during treatment. He was punctual in daily morning meeting and other activities. After release I found symptoms in him of improvement. Now his health condition is satisfactory enough. He is looking for a job.
Case No-2

Picture: Case in Picture.
Personal information
Name                                                         :Amirul Islam  Shobuz.
Father’s name                                            :Mojammel Haque.
Mother’s name                                           : Anowara Begum
Age                                                            : 22
Occupation                                                : Student(University of Dhaka)
Religion                                                     : Muslim
Marital status                                             : Unmarried
Present address                                          : Colony road Charmanbari Juraine        
Permanent address                                     : Colony road Charmanbari Juraine        
Hospital information
Date of admission                                      : 02.06.09    
Date of case taking                                    : 03.06.08
Date of release                                           : 14.06.09
Word No.                                                   : Non-paying-4
Bed No.                                                     : 11
Registration No.                                         : 0912021
Drug                                                          :Cannabis, S.D Tablet, Heroin       dependency
Duration of Addiction                               : 2 Years
Family structure:

Name Age Occupation Education Monthly
Marital status Relation with client
Amirul Islam Shobuz 23 Student BBA (on going) 6000 unmarried Himself
Khalilu Mojammel Haque. 65 Retired BA 20000 married Father
Sutana Begum 57 House wife SSC Nil married Mother
Sajedur Rahman 38 Service BBA 40000 married Elder brother
Sarifur Rahman 33 Service HSC 25000 married Elder brother
Mousumi Rahman 32 Housewife Class-3 Nil Married Brother’s wife
Zannathtul 27 Service H.S.C 10000 married Brother’s wife
Case history:
Amirul Islam is the youngest son of Mojammel Haque.. He is loved by the family member as a youngest son. He is quiet gentle and smart as well as modest. From the very beginning of his school life he is punctual in his study. He was popular to his teachers and friends for his academic performance. He obtained CGPA-A+ in S.S.C examination. After that he got admission at Notredeme College as a Higher Secondary student. He was gifted a cell Phone as a reward for this better result in S.S.C examination which helped him to make a peer group in college. Two or three friends of his peer group were drug addicted but he did not know it at earlier stage. One day in an occasion they offered him to test a drug; he took it curiously but he did not get any pleasure from it. But his friends informed him that if he takes it several times then the actual pleasure arise. So he again took drug and after few days he became dependent on it.    
Shobuz admitted himself at University of Dhaka. He involved with some organisation and tution.By doing these he earned money. So he has plenty of money to buy drug. His family did not know that he took drug. They suspected his after doing bad result at university. After a long observation they became confirmed that he is accompanied with bad friend and taking drug regularly.
Family condition:
Shobuz is a student of the University of Dhaka. His father is a retired Govt. officer. He had a hand some amount of pension after retirement. His two elder brothers are doing high salaried job. Their family is standard, educated and economically well off.
Rationale of case taking:
Babu’s manner and attitude was not good enough . He was little bit talkative. I talked with the staff and nurse of the hospital; they informed me that his is quiet gentle and modest and curious to continue his study. He is also very cooperative in treatment. He is shocked for his deed and he wants to be cured. He is obeying all the rules and regulation of the hospital and he keeps the ward neat and clean.
His family and social background is well. He is a brilliant student having a bright future. I saw that I have plenty of opportunity to apply my social work knowledge and skill to recover him from addiction of drug. It reveled to me that I should take him a case because he has a lot to provide his family and society. I talked with my Supervisor Selina Rahaman and occupational therapist of the hospital.As i am a student of DU so hospital authority supervised me to work with the case.
Causes of drug addiction:
In campus, Shobuz close friends were drug addicted. When he mixed with them they encouraged him to test drug. He also had little bit curiosity about drug. When his friends offered him; he could not refuse. First he felt discomfort from drug but day by day he started to get comfort and he became dependant on it.
  1. bad accompany
  2. availability of drug
  3. more supply of money by parents
  4. curiosity towards drug
  5. less self controlling power
  6. ignorance about the harmful impact of drug
  7. considering drug taking as a status maintain with friends as they also take it
  8. less care by parents
Problems identification:
  1. social and mental illness
  2. less attention towards study
  3. frustrated about future life
  4. lack of confidence
  5. careless to important tasks
  6. physical weakness
My role to solve the problem:
As a novice social worker I tried to help shobuz from social work point of view.
Support treatment:
I discussed with the doctors and nurse about the physical condition of Shobuz and motivated them to proper action and extra care. To restore his mental fitness I talked with the psychiatric and occupation therapist to provide necessary counseling.
Personal counseling:
  1. informing him about the negative impact of drugs
  2. counseling to get back lost familial, social and religious value
  3. suggesting him to abandon bad company
  4. suggesting to take fresh mental refreshment with family members
  5. motivating to become more attentive at study
  6. to stay home at least 3 moths after treatment
  7. counseling  to become self reliant and self confident
  8. suggest him to continue life according to religious and social value
  9. told him to ensure regular follow up
Family counseling:
  1. To give accompany with him all the time
  2. To avoid suspicion
  3. To provide attention on his study
  4. To arrange fresh recreational activity
  5. To build strong family bond
  6. To provide only necessary money
  7. Not to allow him out side home alone
After a long observation it revealed to me that Shobuz will be able to return his sound family and social life; because he took medicine regularly, came in follow up regularly and his family members are also doing everything for his recovery. Moreover he has great eagerness to be cured. I wish his beautiful life. I suggest him to take readmission for complete recovery and he accepted it. After release he is maintaining communication with me.I wis his   bright future.
                                             Case No. 03


Picture: Case in the middle.
Personal information
Name                                                         : Liton Mondol
Father’s name                                            : Bankim Mondal
Mother’s name                                           : Laxi Rani Mondal
Age                                                            : 20
Occupation                                                : Student
Religion                                                     : Hindu
Marital status                                             : Unmarried
Present address                                          : Basundhara Housing City, Dhaka.
Permanent address                         : Dinazpur Sadar, Dinazpur.
Hospital information
Date of admission                                      : 04.02.09
Date of case taking                                    : 05.02.09
Date of release                                           : 018.02.09
Word No.                                                   : Paying-7
Bed No.                                                     : 11
Registration No.                                         : 0901023
Drug                                                          : S.D Tablet, Cannabis Sativa (Gaza)
Duration of addiction                                : 5 years
Family structure:

Name Age Occupation Education Monthly
(In Taka)
Marital status Relation with client
Liton Mondal 20 Student SSC   unmarried Himself
Bankim Mondal 60 Security Officer BA 30000 married Father
Laxi Mondal 55 House wife SSC   married Mother
Sathi mondal 25 Service BBA 10000 unarried Elder sister
Priti Mondal 17 Service HSC   Unmarried Younger sister
Asa Mondal 15 Housewife Class-10   Unmarried younger sister
Case history:
Liton was punctual in his study up to class-10. He was a good student and passed SSC examination getting CGPA-4 (Grade-A). But from the very beginning of his school life he could not adjust with the class mates; he went school with his family members or alone and kept himself far from the mainstream of the class students. He could not play with them; also could not share study with the classmates. As he would not talk with others, so the other boys of the class were not interested to him. All the time he remained dull and gloomy and would not maintain normal social interaction. So he had a faulty physical and social development. He behaved rough withhis family members, made conflict in family. After SSC exam he passed maximum moment outside home. Even sometimes he would not return home without informing. Day by day he became desperate. When his family members knew that he takes drug to get mental satisfaction they try to keep him far from drug by advice, love and affection. But their attempt went in vain. He could not tolerate his family members. When I took interview of Liton in follow up room, did not react with me normally. He disagreed to talk with me. His family members informed me detail about him.  
Rational of taking case:
I took interview of liton when he came to hospital for admission. But during interview period he was very non-cooperative and could not maintain normal interaction. Even he behaved rough with his parents in front of us. After his admission I talked with Mr. Akhtaruzzaman Selim (Resident Psychiatric) of the hospital about the problem of Liton. He informed me that Liton is not only a drug addicted but also a psychiatric patient. His childhood and adolescence periodical growth was abnormal; because he did not mix with other boys of his class. His parents also did not act on appropriate role to moodily Liton. He thinks that what he talks and does is right others are wrong. His problem is chronic. He needs deep and long intensive care to come back in normal psycho-social life. He advised me to take Liton as my case; because I have as a novice social worker I have important role to play in the treatment of Liton.
Economic condition:
Liton’s father is a retired army officer. After his retirement he joined at Basundhara Garden City as a security officer with a salary of 30000 TK. Per month. He also has a handsome pension amount after retirement from army. He can maintain his family by his earning. There is no economic problem in his family. Now Mr. Bankim’s family is living in Dinajpur. But he and his son Liton live in Dhaka. Mr. Bankim keeps Liton far from his family members because his tortured and behave rough with them.
Causes of drug addiction:
Causes of Liton’s drug addiction are different than others; because his psycho-social abnormality has stimulated his to be addicted. He has a deviant psycho-social development. He thinks that he is doing everything right and he has no problem. When anybody tries to advise him he become annoyed and thinks it’s a dishonor to him. He gets mental shock and takes drug. He does not know the harmful effect of drug. He only knows that drug is his best friend and gives him pleasure.
  1. to think drug as a source of mental pleasure
  2. availabitlty of drug
  3. available supply of money
  4. uncongenial family environment
  5. less parental control
  6. abnormally psycho-social development
  7. less control over himself
  8. negative reinforcement from family and social environment 
Problems identification:
  1.  weak social interaction and mental stress
  2. less attention towards study
  3. frustrated about future life
  4. lack of confidence
  5. careless to important tasks
  6. physical weakness
My role to solve the problem:
As a novice social worker I tried to help Liton from social work point of view.
Support treatment:
I discussed with the doctors and nurse about the physical condition of Liton and motivated them to proper action and extra care. To restore his mental fitness I talked with the psychiatric and occupation therapist to provide necessary counseling. I tried to build up rapport with Liton. First few days he was very non-cooperative but when he noticed that I am giving him huge importance, he tried to trust me.
Personal counseling:
  1. informing him about the negative impact of drugs
  2. counseling to get back lost familial, social and religious value
  3. suggesting to take fresh mental refreshment with family members
  4. motivating to become more attentive at study
  5. to stay home at least 3 moths after treatment
  6. counseling  to become self reliant and self confident
  7. suggest him to continue life according to religious and social value
  8. told him to ensure regular follow up
Family counseling: I suggested his family members the following matters
a) To give accompany with him all the time
b) To avoid suspicion
  1. To provide attention on his study
  2. To arrange fresh recreational activity
  3. To behave well with him
  4. To express consent with his words
Home visit:
I went to liton’s house after his release. I talked with him and this time he behaved with me comparatively well than previous time. I also talked with his father Mr. Bankim Mondal. He informed me that he noticed symbol of improvement in Liton. He would not allow Liton outside home alone.  
Actually Liton’s problem is very difficult to solve in view of psycho-social perspective; because he is addicted as well as psychiatric patient. It needs long term intervention and concerted action to cure Liton. The matter is not easy. I tried my best to provide my best effort for Liton. I managed him to take readmission though he was reluctant to it but I motivated him. It revealed to me that his is looking good than previous time. If proper family and institutional are to be continued we can hope to see Liton as a sound and healthy man. I wish his bright future.  
Case No- 04

Picture: Case in the picture.
Personal information
Name                                                         : Naeem Islam Khosru
Father’s name                                            : Jahirul Islam
Mother’s name                                           : Parul Begum
Age                                                            : 23
Occupation                                                : Student                                           
Religion                                                     : Islam
Marital status                                             : Unmarried
Present address                                          : 516/A Pearabagh, Ramn Dhaka        
Permanent address                         : 516/A Pearabagh, Ramna Dhaka                               
Hospital information
Date of admission                                      : 6.05.09
Date of case taking                                    : 10.05.09
Date of release                                           : 20.05.09
Word No.                                                   :  Non Paying-3
Bed No.                                                     : 15
Registration No.                                         : 0908006
Drug                                                          : Heroin dependency
Duration of addiction                                : 3years
Family structure         :

Name Age Occupation Education Monthly
(In taka)
Marital status Relation with client
Naeem Islam Khosru 23 Student BA   unmarried Himself
Jahirul Islam 55 Service BA 40000 married Father
 Parul Begum 49 House wife SSC   married Mother
Jannatul 21 Student BBA   unmarried Elder sister
Tanni 17 Student HSC   unmarried E;der soster
Salma 8 Student Class-3   Child Younger sister
Family condition:
 Naeem Islam Khosru s a student of Dhaka Bangla College. His father is a senior executive of a renowned private organization. He gets a high salary from his job. His mother is house wife. He is the eldest son of the family. Considering all aspects his family condition is quiet well.
Rationale of case taking:
Simply i can say Naeem has a good mentality.Naeem manner and attitude was enough attractive. I talked with the staff and nurse of the hospital; they informed me that his is quiet gentle and modest and curious to continue his study. He is also very cooperative in treatment. He is shocked for his deed and he wants to be cured. He is obeying all the rules and regulation of the hospital and he keeps the ward neat and clean.
His family and social background is well. He is a brilliant student having a bright future. I saw that I have plenty of opportunity to apply my social work knowledge and skill to recover him from addiction of drug. It reveled to me that I should take him a case because he has a lot to provide his family and society. I talked with my Supervisor Selina Rahaman and occupational therapist of the hospital to give him proper solution.
Causes of drug addiction:
In campus, Naeem close friends were drug addicted. When he mixed with them they encouraged him to test drug. He also had little bit curiosity about drug. When his friends offered him; he could not refuse. First he felt discomfort from drug but day by day he started to get comfort and he became dependant on it.
a) Bad accompany
b) Family conflict
  1. availability of drug
  2. more supply of money by parents
  3. curiosity towards drug
  4. less self controlling power
  5. ignorance about the harmful impact of drug
  6. considering drug taking as a status maintain with friends as they also take it
  7. less care by parents
Problems identification:
  1. mental pressure
  2. less attention towards study
  3. frustrated about future life
  4. lack of confidence
  5. careless to important tasks
  6. physical weakness
  7. insomnia
  8. hallucination and delusion
  9. decrease of social norms and values
My role to solve the problem:
As a novice social worker I tried to help Naeem from social work point of view.
Support treatment:
At the time of admission Naeem’s fathere requested me to take some extra care when he informed that I am working with the patient. As he is young and has a long future I think take him as my case so that I could play much role for his recovery. I discussed with the doctors and nurse about the physical condition of Naeem and motivated them to proper action and extra care. To restore his mental fitness I talked with the psychiatric and occupation therapist to provide necessary counseling.
Personal counseling:
  1. informing him about the negative impact of drugs
  2. counseling to get back lost familial, social and religious value
  3. suggesting him to abandon bad company
  4. suggesting to take fresh mental refreshment with family members
  5. motivating to become more attentive at study
  6. to stay home at least 3 moths after treatment
  7. counseling  to become self reliant and self confident
  8. suggest him to continue life according to religious and social value
  9. told him to ensure regular follow up
Family counseling:
  1. To give accompany with him all the time
  2. To avoid suspicion
  3. To provide attention on his study
  4. To arrange fresh recreational activity
  5. To build strong family bond
  6. To provide only necessary money
  7. Not to allow him out side home alone
After a long observation it revealed to me that Naeem will be able to return his sound family and social life; because he took medicine regularly, came in follow up regularly and his family members are also doing everything for his recovery. Moreover he has great eagerness to be cured. I expect his   general and drug free life.

Case No-05
Picture: Case Abdul Kader Babu
    Personal information
Name                                                         :Abdul Kader Babu
Father’s name                                            : Mohidul Islam
Mother’s name                                           : Taslima khatun
Age                                                            : 29
Occupation                                                : Pinter
Eduction                                                    : class-8
Religion                                                     : Islam
Marital status                                             : Unmarried
Present address                                          : 32/2Sukrabad, Mohammadpur, Dhaka                                
Permanent address                         : 32/2Sukrabad, Mohammadpur, Dhaka
Hospital information
Date of admission                                      : 20.04.09
Date of case taking                                    : 27.04.09
Date of release                                           : 04.05.09
Word No.                                                   : P.W.04
Bed No.                                                     : 12
Reg. no.                                                     : 0904006
Drug                                                          : Cannabis Sativa (Gaza)
Duration of addiction                                : 5 years

Family structure:

Name Age Occupation Education Monthly
Marital status Relation with client
Abdul Kader 24 painter Class-8 5000 Unmarried Himself
Mohidul Islam 50 business man H.S.C. 15000 Married Father
 Taslima khatun 45 Housewife Class-5   Married Mother
Abdullah 35 Service M.A. 7000 Married Brother
Mahabub 35 Service B.A. 7000 Married Brother
joly 15 Student class-9   Unmarried Sister
Ziaul Karim 25 Student H.S.C. 5000 Unmarried Brother
Family condition:
Abdul Kader Babu is a painter. His monthly income is around 8000 TK. His father is a business man and earns 10000 TK. salaries per month. His three brothers also earn.After all they are socially and economically established. His family has fame and social dignity. But his addiction has stolen the happiness of the family.
Rationale of case taking:
Abdul Kader Babu is very much talented. His painting hand indicates a outstanding painter criteria. I talked with the staff and nurse of the hospital; they informed me that his is quiet gentle and modest and curious to continue his study. He is also very cooperative in treatment. He is shocked for his deed and he wants to be cured. He is obeying all the rules and regulation of the hospital and he keeps the ward neat and clean.
His family and social background is well. He is a brilliant student having a bright future. I saw that I have plenty of opportunity to apply my social work knowledge and skill to recover him from addiction of drug. It reveled to me that I should take him a case because he has a lot to provide his family and society. I talked with my Supervisor Selina Rahaman and occupational therapist of the hospital. They co-operative with me to work with  the case.
Causes of drug addiction:
From the boyhood his behavior was just like an extrovert oneday he showed curiosity about drug. When his friends offered him; he could not refuse. First he felt discomfort from drug but day by day he started to get comfort and he became dependant on it.
  1. lack of proper guideline
  2. bad company
  3. curiosity towards drug
  4. less self controlling power
  5. ignorance about the harmful impact of drug
  6. considering drug taking as a status maintain with friends as they also take it
  7. less care by parents
  8. availability of drug
                        i)   more supply of money by parents
Problems identification:
  1. less attention towards study
  2. lack of confidence
  3. careless to important tasks
  4. physical weakness
  5. frustrated about future life
f) weak social interaction and mental stress
My role to solve problem:
As a novice social worker I dedicated to help Babu from social work point of view.
Support treatment:
For proper solution of drug addiction supportive treatment is effective. I discussed with the doctors and nurse about the physical condition of Babu and motivated them to proper action and extra care. To restore his mental fitness I talked with the psychiatric and occupation therapist to provide necessary counseling.
Personal counseling:
  1. informing him about the negative impact of drugs
  2. counseling to get back lost familial, social and religious value
  3. suggesting him to abandon bad company
  4. suggesting to take fresh mental refreshment with family members
  5. to stay home at least 3 moths after treatment
  6. counseling  to become self reliant and self confident
  7. suggest him to continue life according to religious and social value
  8. told him to ensure regular follow up
Family counseling:
  • To give accompany with him all the time
  • To avoid suspicion
  • To provide attention on his study
  • To arrange fresh recreational activity
  • To build strong family bond
  • To provide only necessary money
  • Not to allow him out side home alone
In keeping sufficient time with observation and proper care it revealed to me that Babu will be able to return his sound family and social life; because he took medicine regularly, came in follow up regularly and his family members are also doing everything for his recovery. Moreover he has great eagerness to be cured. I wish his beautiful life. My conception is that i could able to provide service for him to lead a drug free life.
Case No-06


Picture: Case In the left side.
Personal information
Name                                                         : Binay Kumer Pall
Father’s name                                            : Prafullah Ranjon Pall
Mother’s name                                           : Shilpy Rani
Age                                                            : 35
Occupation                                                : Unemployed
Education                                                  : Class- 05
Religion                                                     : Hindu
Marital status                                             : Married
Present address                                          : 5, Natun Bazar Road, Badda;  Dhaka.
Permanent address                         : 5, Natun Bazar Road, Badda; Dhaka.
Hospital information
Date of admission                                      : 03.02.09
Date of case taking                                    : 11.02.09
Date of release                                           : 17.02.09
Word No.                                                   : N.P.W.-3
Bed No.                                                     : 8
Reg. no.                                                     : 0912030
Drug                                                          : Heroin dependency
Duration of addiction                                : 3-4 years
Family structure                                 :

Age Occupation Education Monthly Income Marital Status Relation with Client
 Binay Kumer Pall 35 Unemployed Class-5 Nil Married Himself
Prafullah Biswas 60 Business Class-8 15000 Married Father
Latica Biswas 54 Housewife Class-7 Nil Married Mother
Kabita Rani 30 Housewife Class-10 Nil Married Wife
Dipendra Biswas 5 Child Nil Nil Unmarried Son
Champa Biswas 14 Student Class-10 Nil Unmarried Daughter
Family condition:
Binay Kumer Pall was hard working man before drug addiction but now is passing his life without having a job. He worked in a factory as a security guard. But when the authority informed that he is a drug addicted; he lost his job. He is the only son of his parents. He got much money, love and affection from the family. From the very beginning of school life he was very careless towards his study. But his parents were not so much attentive about the education of their child.Binay had a peer group in his locality and most of the members of his peer group were drug addicted. Day by day he became addicted. His parents thought that after marriage their son would come back in normal life. But their prediction proved wrong. His condition remained unchanged. He could to leave drug. Now his family members are in deep strain and tension as Binay is a addicted and unemployed. There is prevailing a callous and confliction environment in his family. His father is businessman. From this business he earns around 1500 TK. Monthly through which he maintains family very simply. Binay collects money from his family by creating pressure and misbehave. His parents become compel to provide him money when he creates massive callous by not getting drug.  
Rationale of case taking:
I Observed a frustrating look when he came in hospital with his family members for his admission. They informed me everything when they knew that we work with the patients. They requested me to take some extra care for him, because future of all the members of his family depending on his recovery. He is also very cooperative in treatment. He is shocked for his deed and he wants to be cured. He is obeying all the rules and regulation of the hospital and he keeps the ward neat and clean.
I saw that I have plenty of opportunity to apply my social work knowledge and skill to recover him from addiction of drug. It reveled to me that I should take him a case because he has a lot to provide his family and society. I talked with my Supervisor Selina Rahaman and occupational therapist of the hospital. They talked with me very deliberately in my case taking process
Causes of drug addiction:
At the initial stage Binay showed a interest drug and just for one time took drug.That was the turning point to be introduced as drug addict.Also he thought that drug taking is a fashion and it provides great pleasure and these are not so much detrimental for health. When his friends offered him; he could not refuse. First he felt discomfort from drug but day by day he started to get comfort and he became dependant on it.
a) availability of drug
  1. more supply of money by parents at school life
c)  curiosity towards drug
  1. bad accompany
  2. less self controlling power
  3. ignorance about the harmful impact of drug
  4. considering drug taking as a status maintain with friends as they also take it
  5. less care by parents
Problems identification:
Without ensuring treatment and proper care the last scnerio of aaddict
is to death As he is accustomed to drug since 4 to 5 years, he is facing some abnormalities and difficulties. These are-                       
h) physical weakness
  1. lack of confidence
  2. careless to important tasks
  3. family conflict
  4. unable to earn
  5. insomnia
  6. mental stress and tension
  7. decrease of memory power
  8. frustrated about future life
q)  social and mental illness
My role to solve the problem:
As a novice social worker I tried to help Mahedi from social work point of view.
Support treatment:
I discussed with the doctors and nurse about the physical condition of Mahedi and motivated them to proper action and extra care. To restore his mental fitness I talked with the psychiatric and occupation therapist to provide necessary counseling.
Personal counseling:
     q) To involve in income generating activity after treatment
  1. informing him about the negative impact of drugs
  2. counseling to get back lost familial, social and religious value
  3. suggesting him to abandon bad company
  4. suggesting to take fresh mental refreshment with family members
  5. to stay home at least 3 moths after treatment
  6. counseling  to become self reliant and self confident
  7. suggest him to continue life according to religious and social value
  8. told him to ensure regular follow up
Family counseling:
     a) To provide mental support by his wife
     b) To stop family conflict  
     c) To give accompany with him all the time
  1. To avoid suspicion
  2. To provide attention on his study
  3. To arrange fresh recreational activity
  4. To build strong family bond
  5. To provide only necessary money
  6. Not to allow him out side home alone
After providing counseling follow up intervention and for long time observation it revealed to me that Binay will be able to return his sound family and social life; because he took medicine regularly, came in follow up regularly and his family members are also doing everything for his recovery. After two follow up I talked with the doctors for his readmission to ensure his complete recovery. It proved very effective.First noticed that my efforts    have been worked well.Moreover he has great eagerness to be cured. I wish his beautiful life.

My Participation and duties:

  1. Scope of duties as a apprentice social worker
        b. Work schedule probationary social worker
        c.   My performed duties
                                      1. Duties from the institute supervisor
                                      2. Duties from the agency supervisor
             d. Methods techniques and principles used in performing duties
My participation and duties
Scope of duties of a apprentice social worker:
I am very much lucky to get a chance to apply my knowledge at Central drug addiction treatment centar under my dear well known person about drug Prof. Dr. Md. Golam Azam. Basically Central drug addiction treatment centar provides service and treatment to correct the drug addicted people. It is also remarkeble that drug addiction treatment is one of the crucial field of social work discipline so that there are huge scope to provide services and essesntial help for the patient and the hospital authority as a social worker. There are some potential field to do our duties such as
1. Case study
2. Group therapy
3. Occupation therapy
4. Counselling
5. Follow up
6. Home visit
7. Session with the patient and parents
For the betterment of the patient we have a opportunity to home visit and inter-agency visti. There is another opportunity is to lead a research. Most often a social worker can arrange work shop, seminar, symposium etc. to creat awareness in the patients. Afterall we can say, in field work practice a social worker can play a good role to ensure proper service and the opportunities which are given from the agency by funding of government.
My performed duties :
As a probationary social worker I performed some duties at the agency and our institute. There are two types of assigned duties. These are
  1. Duties from the institute supervisor
  2. Duties from the agency supervisor
1. Duties from the institute supervisor:
a) Process recording
b) To take part in the weekly sitting
c) Taking interview from some DU students
d) Conducting a research
e) Case study
f) Reading several books related to field work
g) Inter-agency visit
h) To prepare a report on, “Socio-economic condition of drug addicts”
2) Duties from the agency supervisor:
a) Case study
b) Process recording
c) Helping patients for hospital admission
d) Helping patient in the ticket counter of the agency
e) Helping patient in the follow up room
f) Donation collection
g) Ward visiting
h) Medicine perchaging for the patient
i) Helping new patient in collecting tickets
j) Conducting official activities
k) Communicating with the doctors nurse and metron
The duties I have performed during my field work are as follows:
Weekly sitting:
I used to take part in sitting with my institute supervisor. There I have to discribe all of my activities infront of my institute supervisor.


Picture: Weekly sitting with the teacher.
Conducting research:
I have prepared a research on “ The socio-economic condition of coming patient of the agency”. In this research I tried to find out the real picture of the socio-economic condition of the drug addicts.
Taking interview of some DU students:
I have taken several interview from the student of Dhaka University. Through taking this interview I learned how to take a interview.
Helping patients:
I help a vast of patient in Central drug addiction treatment centar. I help them through the ways –
        – helping in the ticket counter
        – helping in the follow up room
        – helping to get admitted in the hospital
Case study:
I have studied 12 cases during my field work in the agency. All of them are the patient of the hospital. I have tried to use my social work knowledge, skill, experiences to solve the clients  problem.
                                                             Picture: Case study.
Inter-agency visit:
I have visited 4 agencies similar to the activities of Central drug adiction treatment centre. These agencies are BIRDEM, DMCH, Shorkari Shishu shadon, Probin Hitoishi Shongho.
Donation collection:
I collected donation from different sources for the social service department of the agency. This money is spent for the benefit of patient of the hospital. It is mentionable that I have donated 1000tk for the Rogi Kollan Shomiti.
Word visiting:
In the hospital I visited many ward to find out the patients psycho-social problem, in need of financial help. Where I have had some scopes to applying my social work knowledge,
Medicine purchasing:
In several time I have purchased medicine for the patient of the hospital who were the benefitiary of the social service department.
Communicating with the doctors:
In my field work I have communicated with the doctors. Specially with the doctors who were very cordial to the patient and the field work practice. Although the main purpose of the communication is to ensure proper treatment and sevices for the vulnerable patient.
Conducting official activities:
During my field work I have done different official activities in the office of social service department of the agency. I have prepared the list of monthly and anually income and expenditure of the office and prepare the list of the benefitiaries etc.
Methods, skills and techniques used in performing my duties:
During my field work I have used different methods and techniques in performing my all duties. The methods, skills and techniques are pointed out bellow:
Case study:
I have used case study methods when I have assisted my clients. Their problems are different. In case study method I have included the following techniques
 a) Acceptence
To work with the clients is very important for me as well as the clients. I tried to accept the clients assuring them my capacity so that they could accept me as a social worker.
 b) Rapport building;
I was careful to buildup succesful rapport with the clients. Through the effective interaction, body language I tried to make them understand that I could help them.
c) Interviewing ;
To collect different information about the clients and their problems I have used interview technique. I interviewed the clients, the parents, the relatives, doctors and nurses. I found several information through this technique, to understand the overall condition  of the drug addict.
d) Diagnosis;
Based on the information I have found through interview, I got a clear concept about the clients problem. And it was helpful to find out the actual problemof the client had. In diagnosis I have used dynamic and etiological diagnosis techniques.
e) Psycho-social treatmetn;
I have used psycho-social treatment techniques to enable the clients to cope with their problems. Some times I have used own prudence to solve their problems.
f) Follow up;

After solving the problem I ask cordialy in following up the clients. As a social worker I could not let them to turn into the previous situation again.
Picture: Follow up.
Communication skill;
For the effective and sustainable solution of the clients problem I have communicated with the clients, doctors, nurses. And to help the clients with financial assistance and medicine etc. I tried to communicate with the social service officer.
Sympathy and empathy;
As my clients were the drug addicted person, I used to show them my highest sympathy and empathy to them. And I tried my best to make them understand that I also feel their problem as they feel.
Process recording;
In my field work practice I have used a quite different and modern format of process recording provided by my institute supervisor. I tried to abide by his all of the reactions. Besides the avoc methods skill and techniques I have used, other techniques and methods. When I have done official duties in the agency prepared research report etc. To prepare the research I have used sampling technique and two different questionnaires.
Evaluation of field work practicum:

  1. Experiences
  2. Problems I have faced
  3. SWOT of the agency
                                            d.     Recommendation
Evaluation of my field work practicum:
Now this time social work has been regarded as a renowned discipline becouse of its field work perspective and other precious social services. Every probationary social worker get chance to apply his acquired knowledge by taking help from field work practice. If they apply their knowledge in practice field they will able to gain demandfull experieces from the field work. Modern many national and international organizations give preferece on practice field orriented knowledge.
During my field work in the Central drug addiction treatment center I have gathered a vast experience. Though I have stayed there only sixty days, I tried to watch the functions of the Central drug addiction treatment center  with the eyes of a social worker. I was closely related with the activities of the agency. During my field work I have conducted a small survey on “patient’s knowledge about the activity of the Central drug addiction treatment center . I asked 100 people randomly if they know that there is a department to help the drug addicted peoples. Only 20 people answered affirmatively and rest of them does not know about the existence of this department. A pie chart will clarify it.
Figure: Peoples knowledge about the agency.
At the very beginning I was little bit confused about my role. Working with the clients was interesting also, because I could dive into the deep of their problems interactions with the clients gave me vast experience. Going through the whole problem solving process and interaction I have found different attitudes, beliefs, thoughts, emotions, hazard and etc of the clients. These made me to more insightful and careful in dealing further case.
I believe I am more skilled now than before I was, because in the time of assisting a client I had to use my own prudence. Only methods and techniques were not enough to solve the clients’ problems. And whole process made me skilled; at the same time I got opportunities to correct my faults. Drug addiction treatment is an important term in Social Work Practice. The acheiving experiences from the total field work process are given bellow:
  1. During field practice period I got the opportunity to mix with the different types of drug abusers and their family members which was a real chance for me to know the actual context of why people are taking drugs in spite of knowing the negative aspects of drugs.
  2. I have been able to understand the difference between fact and reality. I observed behavior, attitude, need, expectation and feelings of the drug abusers which helped me to fulfill my theoretical knowledge.
  3. After completing my field practice period I have got a complete idea of drug addiction treatment.
  4. I have been recognized with different kinds of drugs which are available I Bangladesh. I have also learned the negative impact of drugs and channels and ways of drug supplying.
  5. I applied my theoretical knowledge going to conduct case study, rapport build up, follow up, home visit, counseling and other official works.
  6. I have also learned how an administration should run. Here I have enriched my social administration knowledge.
  7. I have learned to arranged meeting, seminar and awareness and cultural programs.
  8. I have learned to build up professional relationship `Rapport’ with the client.
  9. I have learned to apply professional knowledge, skills, norms and value system of social work going to work with the client.
  10.  I have known the multi-various causes of drug addiction. It helped me to make an analytical mentality to find out the reasons of drug addiction.
SOWT of the agency:
SOWT indicates the upgraded approach to evaluate or analysis the activities, lackage, weakness and strength etc of the organization.SOWT of the social service department and central drug addiction treatment centar are as follows:
The social service department of central drug addiction treatment centar has a  lot of strength side. It works under the ministry of social welfare through an association called patient welfare association. It has a strong governing body. From here patient get help from the social service department. Students from different universities and colleges work here as apprentice social worker.
The Social service department has some limitations. It helps only the admitted patients but outdoor patients can not get proper help though they are poor too. The fund of Rogi kollan shomitee is not rich. So it can hardly continue its function. Due to lack of man power it can not work properly, besides it has scarcity of the office room.
The social service department of Central drug addiction treatment centre has a plan to creat a digital social service centar for the patient with the help of the apprentice social worker coming from different universities and colleges. It will be a great opportunities for the agency to spread its activities and programes.
Some times the official of the hospital found un cooperative with the social service department. Some administrative complexity makes the apprentice social worker disappointed. Some times nurse, doctors and metrons behave rudely with the social worker just for nothing. And that is why social worker do not want to visit the ward and communicate with the patients regularly.
 Difficulties: I have faced
There is no things like doctrine methods overall agency or organization without limitations problems and criticism. As same as the agency is not free from criticism problems and difficulties. During my field work I faced several difficulties. Such as:
  1. First few days the agency authority was not cordial and cooperative enough to work with them effectively; but when our agency supervisor introduced us with them formally, they accepted us and helped us to work with them effectively.
  2. The agency has extreme lack of treatment instruments which is a great hinder for smooth service delivery.
  3. I noticed that there exists a massive disparity in supplying of opportunities between the paying and non-paying patients. All the patients are staying in the same floor. When they see that they are deprived in getting food, medicine and other benefits; they do not want to cooperate in treatment.
  4. 14 days treatment is quiet inadequate for complete recovery from the addiction of drugs. It needs at least one month. As a result of half treatment the released patients slip again and again and ultimately the treatment proved a failure attempt but thee are exception also. For the less addicted 14 days is enough.
  5. In some cases some staffs behavior is very ruff and rude towards patients. Psychologically the patients could not accept it.
  6. There is no specific budget for the novice social worker. So for the lack of finance social worker can not work with the patients. They only conduct psycho-social counseling.
  7. Hospital’s ambulance service is not in operation from long time. It has no driver and logistics.
  8. The doctors, nurse and other staffs do not have any skill development training program. Even they are well known about the social workers role in treatment process. Some staffs also think social worker’s role is needless for the recovery of drug abusers.
  9. There is no separate room for the novice social workers.
  10.  Lack of coordination and cooperation between the hospital authority and social service department is also mentionable.
  11. The most mentionable matter about the agency is it has no rehabilitation center. In frug addiction treatment after care and rehabilitation are the prime indicators for the complete recovery from addiction.
  12. Lab, pathology and other equipment are not modern.
  13. It has no emergency unit and own blood bank.
  14. Indoor and out door recreational program is very limited.     
After the details and indepth discurssion about the Central drug adiction treatment centar, we come to a dicission that, this agency is facing mighty problem like lack of accountability, transparency and financial constant.
Success depends on proper application of rules and regulations and other relavant strategies with combination of transparency, accountability and punctuality. As Central drug addiction treatment centre, is now suffering some mighty problems so some proposal are given to solve this problem and to provide people friendly service effectively in future to buildup a mostly drug addiction free Bangladesh.This are-
  • The duration of staying in the hospital for the patients should be increased.
  • The number of the seats should be increased for the patients
  • To increase the standard of food for the patients of non-paying ward.
  • The standard of food of paying ward should also be increased as they pay a handsome amount of money.
  • To inaugurate the constructed rehabilitation center for the released patients immediately for effective treatment.
  • To ménage an interview room and counseling room for the apprentice social worker.
  • To increase co-ordination and integration between the functions of hospital and social service department.
  • To take some new programs by social service department; such as- motivation and rewarding, group counseling, family counseling, medical allowance etc.
  • Awareness program on drug abuses should also be increased.
  • To increase to budget of social service department. Outsourcing and in sourcing attempt should follow to increase the budget of this department.
  • To ensure active involvement of the apprentice social worker with the entire treatment process so that they could contribute more for the effective treatment patients.
  • To take some income generating programs for the released patients so that they could earn some money which will safe them from economic hardship.
  • To increase indoor games and recreational facilities for the patients under treatment.
  • Released patients are very much irregular in weekly follow up though it is an integral part of complete recovery. So the agency should set up a communication system with the released patients so that they come to take follow up service.
  • Group therapy program should be increased to ensure the attendance of the patients in therapeutic activities. 
  • Bureaucratic formalities should also reduce to get quick treatment and admission.
  • Apprentice social worker should give full consent to work with the patients in their ward which is now is strictly restricted.
  • The agency should increase its budget for home visit and after care treatment.
  •  To conduct some research and investigative works to find out more effective way for the treatment of the drug abusers.
  • Free dispensable medicine program should increase.
  • To purchase new modern equipment for the pathology of the agency.
  • To take staff development program for the better efficiency of the staff.
Summing up
Summing up:
There is no longer any doubt that social work satisfies the criteria for a profession. Social workers have to study the scientific principles of human behavior and the structure and organization of social institutions. They have to develop, on their own, knowledge and skill in woriking with people under specific social, economic, and emotional conditions. Today the proportion of trained social workers is increasing. there is a growing awareness on the part of social agency boards and public welfare commissions, as well as among the public, that professionally trained social workers are needed for the responsible, competent performance of social services.
Successful application of theoretical knowledge highly depends on field work practice. It is mentionable that as the some time theoretical knowledge define the knowledge as seed and the field work practice is the free plantation and take care of it. It is also ralistic in social work education. Theoritical knowledge of social work becomes fruitful when this wisdom is implemented in practical situationto cope the problems through the field work students of social work able to understand how to apply their knowledge appropriately. Durring my field work I have worked with the social service officer doctor,nurses and with some cases. I have gathered a lot of valuable and precious experiences and knowledge from them. In some cases I have achieved success and in some cases I have failed to achieved it due to some problems related my limitation and the fault of the agency. I appologise for my unintentional mistakes and limitation. although my little works(report) may helpful for and essential to others for any jobs then my labour and efforts will be prolific. Again I can not preserve my emotion to say that field work in developed, developing and LDC plays a vital role in expanding and enviching the theoritical knowledge of field worker standing on the bookish knowledge. I tried with my best effort to do my duties and take my responsibilities properly. Finally I pray and bless that the social service department, CDATC may be live long and all activities would be more effective and progress and development oriented for the drug addicted persons to run a general and joyful life on the basis of these inprovement social work must get the professional recognition in the up coming future. Its my charished dream.
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Avn‡g`, KvgvjDwÏb, (2005)| ÔÔgv`K`ªe¨ wbqš¿Y Awa`߇ii msw¶ß cwiwPwZ I Kvh©vejx Ó| gv`K`ª‡e¨I Ace¨envi I A‰ea cvPvi we‡ivax Avš—Rv©wZK w`em-2005 Gi †µvocÎ | gv`K`ªe¨ wbqš¿Y Awa`ßi, ¯^ivóª gš¿Yvjq, XvKv, MYcÖRvš¿x evsjv‡`k miKvi |
Avnmvb, †gvt bvRgyj, (2005)| †K›`ªxq gv`Kvmw³ †K‡›`ªi wewfbœ Kvh©µ‡gi msw¶ß weeiYx | XvKv, †ivMxKj¨vY mwgwZ, †K›`ªxq gv`Kvmw³ wbivgq †K›`ª |
Bmjvg, †gvt byi“j, (2005)| mgvRK‡g©I cÖvmw½K cÖZ¨q cÖwµqv I ZË| XvKv wbD GR cvewj‡KkÝ|
‡Kqvi evsjv‡`k, (2005)| GBP AvB wf /GBWm I Avgiv | XvKv, †Kqvi evsjv‡`k, wØZxq msL¨v, Ryb, 2005|
‡K›`ªxqgv`Kvmw³ wbivgq †K›`ª I gv`Kvmw³ †ivMxKj¨vY mwgwZ, (2000)| Workshop on Improvement of Treatment Services for Drug Abusers in Bangladesh.   XvKv, †K›`ªxq gv`Kvmw³ wbivgq †K›`ª|