An Overview On Multimode Group

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CEO = Chief Executive officer

DCEO = Deputy Chief Executive officer

ED =Executive director

GM = General Manager

DGM = Deputy General Manager

HRD = Human Resource Department

HRIS = Human Resource Information software

Scenario regarding the main topic of the report in Bangladesh:

Human resources formulate the most important component of the modern organization. The accomplishment of organizational missions and objectives depends, to a large extent, on having right persons in right positions as well as the commitment and contributions of those involved. This is why human resource management has acquired a growing significance in current organization theory and practice. As a matter of fact, a sound and effective human resource management is seen as the most significant variable that determines the performance of an enterprise.

The area of Human resource practice is not so develop in the context of Bangladesh .Lack of trained and qualified manpower in various organizations. So we need to emphasize moderate Human resource practice to the potential field for achieving organizational success.

Bangladesh provides a typical case where the objective of developing a sound and rational system of human resource management remains illusory. A recent World Bank study has focused, inter alias, on human resource management and diagnosed some of its major ailments that require urgent treatment, if the country’s administrative system has to be vibrant and effective in order to be able to meet the challenges of the 21st century. The study calls for improving human resource management especially in areas of recruitment, training, promotion, performance appraisal, and employee compensation. The proposals are hardly revolutionary in that they are fundamentals to a sound human resource management system and earlier studies also underscored the need for such changes. Minimum though, the nation’s failure to achieve these represents a formidable challenge. This paper examines and analyzes the current approach.

An overview of the organization:


The Multimode Group was founded by two time Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries President, Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo on September 21, 1981. He is the current CEO of the diversified business conglomerate. Because of the hard work of countless creative and dedicated staff members, the tireless efforts of a world-class support team, and for the undying customer loyalty, the company has become one of the most prominent and experienced industrial conglomerates in present Bangladesh.

The Group initially started off in the shipping industry, but has since diversified its portfolio to include a host of other business ventures. Multimode’s business strategy has always been the continual progress of existing operations and a steady search for new ventures.

Today, Multimode Group has presence in: Agriculture, Automobiles, Chemicals, Energy, Entertainment, FMCG, Hospitality, Information Technology, Investments, Real Estate and is continuing its diversification and consolidation in different industries.

Multimode Group Corporate Profile:


Lalteer Seed Ltd.

Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and Mr. Simon Groot of the Netherlands started Lalteer Seed Ltd in 1995 to pro-duce a small array of seed varieties. Bangladesh, being geographically located at agriculturally fostered basin, still suffers from a large deficit of vegetable prerequisites. Economic and technological constraints continue to play the major determinants in fostering this ongoing problem. Lalteer Seed Ltd was founded with the vision to mitigate this specific point. Keeping the need for research in mind and how it can help Bangladeshis understand more about seed yielding and seed variety, Lalteer Seed Ltd was started. With extensive research and collaboration with local communities across 64 districts of Bangladesh, Lalteer Seed has become the largest biotechnology and seed Production Company in the country. Recently, Lalteer has been expanding its operations to open up new markets internationally in South Asia and beyond. As an extension of its seed distribution efforts, in September, 2008 Lalteer started a joint venture with United Phosphorus Limited, India, and entered into pesticide distribution.

North South Seed Limited is Multimode group’s second seed venture. It started as a vegetable seed producing company with production facilities of about 1000 tons of vegetable seeds in four northern districts under close supervision of experienced agriculturists. It has now entered into production and breeding of rice, potato, and maize.

Lalteer Livestock Ltd. – was founded with a vision to become the pioneer in the livestock industry by promoting sustainable means of livestock production for the maximum productivity. With a skilled management team with over thirty years of experience, Lalteer Livestock Ltd. was founded in 2009. The company will focus on sustainability as improved productivity through a dedicated research facility.

Chens Crop-Science Bangladesh Limited, Tinpata Quality Seeds Limited is also part of Multimode Group engaged in scientific research and distribution of high quality seeds and pesticides to promote in-creased productivity and sustainability.


Multimode Transport Consultants Limited (MTCL).

Multimode Transport Consultants Limited (MTCL) was one of the first companies of Multimode Group. The primary business focus of the company was in Shipping. Within a few years it became the leader in the shipping industry in Bangladesh and one of the most prominent shipping companies in Asia.

In 1986, MTCL diversified its operations by becoming the exclusive distributor of Proton cars in Bangladesh. Currently, MTCL markets five brands of proton exclusively in Bangladesh. Proton has recently won several competitive tenders and provided its cars to major Government institutions- including Ministries and the Judiciary.

Proton Service Center Limited (PSCL).

Proton Service Center Limited (PSCL) provides after sales and maintenance support for automobiles. It provides a range of services for cars of all brands using the latest technological machinery for maintenance, repair and automobile customization services.


Joongbo Multimode Chemicals Ltd.

Joongbo Multimode Chemicals Ltd is a market leader in the production of best quality PE Foam products in Bangladesh. The materials are prepared under reliable quality control using international standards. Joongbo is one of the few companies to manufacturing PE Foam in Bangladesh. Its trademarked brand is JUMBOLENE and started its commercial productions in 2007.

Kay & Que.

With nearly 20 years of experience, Kay & Que is a pioneer in manufacturing of carbon rods for dry cell batteries. Recently the company has diversified its business to CNG refueling stations, processing and packaging of chemicals such as sulfur, mencozeb, and metasystrox, alongside the distribution of tar and pitch for the local markets. As a publicly listed company, Kay & Que shares are traded in the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges.


NFM Energy Limited. NFM Energy Limited is one of the industry leaders in gas drilling exploration sharing interests and investments in Chevron Bangladesh Ltd. It is engaged in Gas Exploration of blocks 12, 13 and 14. Entertainment BETTS R&H

BETTS R&H expanded into the areas of co-operation and social event management through BETSS R&H. BETSSR &H was established in 2004 as an Event Management and Entertainment company. BETSS organizes all types of events, including fund-raising dinners, product-launch receptions, and private parties.

Recently, it has launched a fine-dining Asian-Fusion restaurant called the ‘8’.

Financial Services:

National Bank Limited (NBL).

Established as one of the first private sector bank, fully owned by Bangladeshi entrepreneurs, National Bank Limited (NBL) has now become the largest private sector bank in Bangladesh. Mr. Abdul Awal Min-too, CEO Multimode Group is the founding Chairman of NBL. At present, NBL has been carrying on business through its 106 branches spread all over the country. NBL wants to continue its high standard of clientele services and contribution to the national economy and by establishing themselves firmly as the front ranking bank of the country .The bank is publicly listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong Stock Exchanges.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG):

MF Consumers Limited (MFCL) .

MF Consumers Limited (MFCL) has a distribution network of over 200,000 outlets throughout Bangladesh and is the sole distributor of Johnson & Johnson products of USA, And Cavinkare consumer products of India in Bangladesh. The company was founded in 1998 with a focus on distribution of Johnson & Johnson products and Cavinkare products were added to its range in 2006.


Jamuna Resort Limited.

Jumuna Resort Limited is an associate of Multimode Group. JRL is situated along the banks of the legendary Jamuna River on the eastern approach of Jamuna Bridge. Traditionally-built and beautifully decorated lodges provide air-conditioned accommodation for the visitors, with a further dining room cottage offering a full range of traditional and continental food items. A swimming pool set in its own walled garden, adds to the pleasures of the Jamuna Resort.

The Resort also has sports equipment, which visitors can rent for to use on the vast playgrounds of the Resort. In addition, visitors can spend time in the local museum, located inside the Resort, which displays local fauna, floral and animal life. Boat tours on the Jamuna River are also offered. In April, 2010 it has opened its amusement park and the expansion continues with the development of Jamuna Water Park, construction of Holiday Homes and a Four Star Hotel.


Pragati Insurance Limited.

Established in 1986, Pragati Insurance Limited has been in the financial sector operating services such as underwriting, trusteeship to the debenture issues, trading of shares and other securities at both primary and secondary markets. The shares of the Company are listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges. It is one of the leading General Insurance companies in Bangladesh. Multimode Group, CEO, Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo, currently is the chairmen of Pragati Insurance Limited.

Pragati Life Insurance Limited

A public limited company registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Company and licensed by the Controller of Insurance, Government of Bangladesh to transact life insurance business in Bangladesh was founded in 2000. The Multimode Group has four Sponsor Directors in Pragati Life Insurance Ltd. In addition, Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo is the Advisor of Pragati Life Insurance Ltd. The shares of the Company are listed in the Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges.

Information Technology:


MultiSourcing Ltd. was founded in 2007 with a vision to become a leader in providing turn key information technology solutions to its clients. It is engaged in business process outsourcing, software development, and marketing of its range of proprietary software including complex ERP solutions for different verticals including banking, insurance, non-financial institutions and manufacturing.

Communication-2 (C-2).Communication-2 is the second oldest value added telecom service provider in Bangladesh. Its commercial operations started in the first quarter of 2004. Currently C-2 is providing various SMS and IVR based applications to different segments of telecom subscribers ranging from corporate to individual subscribers. The company hopes to introduce new and innovative solutions to its subscribers as the industry gets ready to

Introduce 3G.

Multimode Ltd.

Multimode Ltd is credited for bringing western union to Bangladesh, which has become one of the leaders in remittance into Bangladesh. Through its association with different banks Multimode Ltd has provided western union services to end clients in Bangladesh. Additionally, in 2004 Multimode Ltd. started distribution of software by becoming distributors of Microsoft products. Since then, it has expanded its distribution portfolio to

Include Red Hat/Linux and G-Data Antivirus software.

Real Estate:

A & A Investment Ltd.

A & A Investment Ltd. was established in 1986 as a holding company. A & A holds prime residential and commercial properties throughout Bangladesh. Its most notable venture was establishment of the first glass commercial complex in Bangladesh, Anchor Tower in 1995. It currently serves as the head quarters for HSBC as well as other prominent international institutions such as Marubeni Corporation. Additionally, A & A Investment Ltd has shares in different publicly listed companies

NFM Ltd. is another real estate company of Multimode group. NFM owns prime residential cum commer-cial areas in the most prestigious and lucrative areas of Dhaka including Gulshan, Banani, Baridhara, Ut-tara, and Savar. Additionally, it has holdings in Block-7 of Chevron Bangladesh Ltd.


Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd (DCSML).

Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. (DCSML), located in Feni, has more than 30 years of experience in the textile business, is one of the pioneer spinning mills in the private sector of Bangladesh. DCSML produces yarn which can be directly used in garmenting. Although DMCSML produces solely for the domestic markets currently, its raw materials come from Sudan, Tanzania, USA, Cameroon, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, India, and Pakistan. As part of its Social responsibilities, DCSML has pioneered in providing employment opportunity to women workers. Its also participates in Social activities in community. As a publicly listed company, DCSML shares are traded on the Dhaka and Chittagong stock exchanges.

Corporate management:

Abdul Awal Mintoo

Abdul Awal Mintoo was born in 1949 in Aleyarpur, a small and remote village in the Feni district of Bangladesh. He belongs to a family of landowners who initiated his primary education in the village school. Abdul Awal Mintoo began his career aspiring to be a ship captain. However, in the 1980s, after completing his bachelors and masters degrees he turned to business. Since the very start, he has achieved outstanding success as a leading entrepreneur of Bangladesh


Mr. Mintoo completed his BSc in 1973 with a degree in Marine Transportation Science from the State University of New York. He followed that with a Master’s degree in Transportation Management and Advance Chartering Problems and Arbitration. He returned to Bangladesh in 1981, and since then has involved himself with various businesses and industrial establishments.


Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo is involved in various businesses including manufacturing, information technology, energy, agriculture and biotechnology, finance, insurance, FMCG, hotel/resorts and various other enterprises

Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo is the CEO of Multimode Group and also sits on the board of various enterprises, social associations and institutions. Below is a table of some of the positions he holds.

Name of Organization Nature of Business Position
Multimode Limited Distribution of Microsoft, Red Hat/Linux Products. Involved in remittance via Western Union. Chairman
A & A Investment Limited Investment in real estate, land development, shares. Managing Director
NFM Limited Investment in mineral resources, power generation, land procurement and development. Managing Director
Multimode Transport Consultants Limited Automobiles Distributorship / Shipping /Chartering Managing Director
M F Consumers Limited Marketing and sole distribution of (i) Johnson & Johnson Products in Bangladesh

(ii) CavinKare Bangladesh Pvt. Ltd.

Heidelberg Cement Bangladesh Ltd. Cement clinker grinding and quality cement manufacturing Director
Dulamia Cotton Spinning Mills Ltd. Manufacturing of quality yarn Advisor
Kay & Que (Bangladesh) Ltd. Manufacturing of carbon rods for drycell battery, CNG Station, chemicals Advisor
East West Seed (Bangladesh) Limited OP and Hybrid Vegetable seeds production, processing and research Chairman
North South Seed Ltd. OP and Hybrid seed production, processing and marketing Director
Pragati Insurance Ltd. General Insurance (one of the largest private general insurance company in the Bangladesh) Chairman
Pragati Life Insurance Ltd. Life Insurance Director
National Bank Ltd. One of the largest private banks in Bangladesh. Past Chairman
Jamuna Resort Limited An unique and modern resort and recreation facility Chairman

In addition to his business ventures and positions, Mr. Mintoo, has been active in the following organizations:

· The Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)- Vice President (2005-2006).

· SAARC Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

· European Economic Chamber of Trade, Commerce and Industry (EEIG).

· The Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI)- President (2003-2005) (1998-2000).

· Bangladesh Association of Banks (BAB) –Chairman (1997-1999).

· Bangladesh Ocean Going Ship Owners Association- Chairman (1988-2000).

· Bangladesh India Chamber of Commerce & Industry (BICCI) Chairman.

· Bangladesh Seed Merchants Association Adviser

· Bangladesh Marine Fisheries Association EC Member (1992-1995).

Major business achievement:

Mintoo has been credited for playing a significant role in the development of Bangladesh. Starting with encouraging remittances through formal channels, which contributes significantly to the development of the country by bringing Western Union to Bangladesh, to promoting agricultural sustainability and increased productivity through Lal Teer Seeds Ltd. and its pioneering efforts and development of seeds that now are the chosen product of majority of farmers throughout the country. Additionally, he helped introduce one of the first privately held banks, National Bank Ltd. in Bangladesh which encouraged private sector investments and helped meet the daily needs of people. His career and activities, each step of the way, is exemplified as one that has and continues to help towards the greater growth and development of the nation.

For his leadership, he was elected twice as the President of Federation of Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industry and has been recognized through numerous awards.

Nasreen Fatema Awal

Mrs. Nasreen Fatema Awal, wife of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo, is a Director of Multimode Group. Among various other achievements, she is the Founding President of the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh (WEAB) for which she was recognized as a CIP.


Mrs. Awal graduated from Herbert Lehman High School, Bronx, New York in 1976. She completed an Associate course under Manhattan University, New York. Later in 2003, she attended a program in ‘Strategic Perspectives in Non-Profit Management’ at Harvard Business School.


Ms. Nasreen Awal has been associated with business and entrepreneurship for over 12 years. The positions she has held have been listed in the table below.

Name of Organization Nature of Business Position
Multimode Limited Information Technology, Remittance. Director
M F Consumers Ltd. Distribution of Johnson & Johnson, Cavinkare products. Managing Director
Joongbo Multimode Chemicals Ltd. Manufacturers of P.E. Foam Managing Director
East West Seed (BD) Ltd. OP and Hybrid Seed production, processing and research Director
Kay & Que (BD) Ltd. Manufacturers of Carbon Rods for Dry cells, Tar, CNG Station, Chemical distribution Director
A & A Investment Ltd. Investment in Real Estate and shares Director
NFM Limited Real Estate, investment in the energy sector Director
Pragati Insurance Ltd. General Insurance Sponsor

She has also been active in the following organizations:

  • Women Entrepreneurs Association of Bangladesh (WEAB)- President (Founder President).
  • Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce & Industry.
  • SAARC Chamber Women Entrepreneurs Council.
  • Mintoo Nasreen Trust.
  • Dhaka American Women’s Club.
  • National Association for Resource Improvement (NARI).
  • Dagonbhuiyan Girls High School.
  • Shahjahan Bhuiyan Memorial School – Chairman.
  • United Nations Women’s Club.

Tabith Mohammed Awal\

Tabith Mohammed Awal currently serves as the Deputy Chief Executive Officer (DCEO) of Multimode Group. The eldest son of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo, he holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and Masters of Science from George Washington University, USA. It is under his active leadership that Multimode Group has achieved a 100% increase in profitability over the past three years alone. He sits on the board of all Multimode Group and associate concerns.

Tafsir Mohammed Awal

Tafsir Mohammed Awal currently serves as the Director of Multimode Group, and is actively involved in operational aspects of the Groups concerns. He has a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications and a Master of Science in Entrepreneurial Management from the European School of Business, London, UK. He sits on the board of majority of Multimode Group concerns, and under his leadership the Automobile and IT division have experienced a 200% growth in the last three years alone. For his achievement, he has won the Young Entrepreneurs Award of Bangladesh in 2006.

Tajwer Mohammed Awal

Tajwer Mohammed Awal is the youngest son of Mr. Abdul Awal Mintoo and is a Director of Multimode Group. Currently, he is completing his Bachelor’s degree at Suffolk University, USA. Having completed his Masters degree, he will join the corporate management team of Multimode Group in an active manner and plans to be involved in various business development and expansion aspects of the Group’s operations.

Organization Structure:

Organogram of Human Resource Department (HRD):

Number of companies:



Vision statement:

The world is changing all around them. They must look ahead, understand the trends and forces that they will shape business in the future and move swiftly to prepare for what’s to come. Their vision serves as the framework for our Roadmap and guides every aspect of their business by describing what they need to accomplish in order to continue achieving sustainable, quality growth. The gist of the vision is multimode group believes in togetherness with its customer, in its march on the road to growth and progress with services. To achieve the desired goal, there will be pursuit of excellent all stages with a climate of continuous improvement, because in multimode group they believe, the line of excellent is never ending. multimode group strategic plans and networking will strengthen competitive edge over others in rapidly changing competitive environments. Its personalized quality services to the customer with the trend of constant improvement will be corners tone to achieve their operational success Top of Form

Mission statement:

The mission is started the following bullets:

Their Roadmap starts with our mission, which is enduring. It declares our purpose as a company and serves as the standard against which they consider their actions and decisions.

· To become a trusted responsibility of customer money & their financial advisor.

· To make them stock superior & rewording to the customers / share holders.

· To display team sprit & professionalism

· To have a sound capital base.

· To gather high quality personnel to achieve organizational success

· To provide excellent quality customer service.

· To create value and make a difference.

· To inspire. Moments of optimism and happiness

· To achieve profit maximization.

Service Scheme or Service rules of Multimode Group:

Session – II Rules & Regulations of Company

(2 hours) 11:30 – 12:30

Office Time-Table

Service Rules

Leave Application

Employee Benefits

Local/International Tour Proposal

Traveling Expenses Bill/Tour Report

Orientation on writing Memo/Note/Office Order/Office Circular etc.

Various Reporting

Disciplinary Action

Office Time-Table

The following office timings shall be observed in all offices of Multimode Group and its associates with effect from 18th October 2009.

a) From Saturday to Thursday – From 10:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs. with 1(one)

hour break for lunch and Zahr prayer from 14:00 hrs. to 15:00 hrs.

b) Friday – Closed

c) *2nd and 4th Saturday in every month – Closed

(Office Circular No. Multimode/HRD/Sl-611/09 dated 17th October 2009)

Service Rules

The Service Rules of Multimode Group contains 37 contents.

1. Preliminary

2. Introduction

3. Preamble

4. General Rules of Conduct

5. Definitions

6. Creation of Post

7. Recruitment

8. Condition of Appointment

9. Probation period & Confirmation in the Service

10. Promotion and enhancement of salary & yearly increments

11. Resignation

12. Termination

13. Retirement/Superannuation

14. Classification of post and pay scale

15. Record of service

16. Seniority

17. Discipline and general conduct

18. Punishment and Appeals

19. Application and Appeals

20. Pay and Allowance

21. Pay Scale

22. Increment

23. Special Increment

24. Gratuity

25. Bonus

26. Benefits under the Group terms insurance, telephone and transport facilities

27. Contributory Provident Fund

28. Travelling Allowance

29. Efficiency Bar

30. Charge Allowance

31. Advance to Officer

32. Leave

33. Entitlement to Leave facilities

34. Availing of Leave and unauthorized absence

35. Leave Salary

36. Orientation and Job Training

37. Appendix – 1) Recruitment Procedures

2) Retirement Procedures

3) Gratuity

4) Travelling Allowance

5) Employee Welfare & Benevolent Fund

Principle Activities of HR Department of Multimode group:

  • General rues of conduct.
  • Recruitment Procedure.
  • Pay & Allowances
  • Job Fir Procedure
  • Retirement policy
  • Diplomacy Action
  • Training and Development
  • Leave rules and Regulation
  • Late Attendants.
  • Provident Fund rules
  • Transport Policy.
  • Employee Welfare and Benevolent Fund.

A) General Rules of Conduct

It is mandatory of every employee of Multimode Group Executives/Officer/Staff, to obey and abide by the following general rules of conduct and observe and also comply with any other order or direction which may be given by the management from time to time :-

i) Every employee shall continue to remain in service as full-time staff of the Group and shall not remain absent or leave office without prior permission of the competent authority.

ii) Every employee shall serve the Group honestly, sincerely diligently and with utmost dedication and he/she must sub-ordinate all personal interest to the interest of the Group. He/She shall serve the Group to the best of his/her skill and ability and in all respect confirm to the rules and regulations of the Group.

iii) Every employee shall maintain strictest secrecy of the affairs of the Group and shall not communicate directly or indirectly to press, public or any other agencies any information or document which will come to his/her knowledge and possession in the ordinary course of his/her official duty or assignment unless otherwise directed. Every employee shall have to sign a Declaration of Secrecy as per Annexure – D.

iv) No employee of the Group shall –

(a) Enter into any speculative transactions of dealings in shares, securities or otherwise whatsoever.

(b) Engage him/her in gambling, racing, betting or wagering contracts.

(c) Engage him/her in any kind of business whatsoever.

(d) Participate in any political and subversive activities.

(e) Accept any gifts or presents from any customers or prospective customers of the Group or their relatives.

(f) Remain absent from duty without obtaining sanction of leave.

(g) Engage him/her in any kind of office of profit and business.

(h) Participate in any political activities directly or indirectly which may prejudice the interest of the Group.

(i) Leave office even after usual office hour without completing daily balancing of account of specified work for the day.

(j) Do any activity which may undermine the prestige or image of the Group or making/joining any organization which is not permitted by law.

(k) Every employee of the Group shall behave with decorum and decency with other employees and customers of the Group during office hours and at other times.

(l) Every employee shall faithfully and duly carry out all proper orders and instructions of the Group and obey and observe all regulations applicable to employees and prescribed by competent authority.

(m) Every employee shall abide by leave rules, traveling rules and other orders and rules prescribed by the competent authority.

(n) Violation or acting adversely to any of the above shall be punishable upto dismissal and as permissible under existing law of the country. Every employee shall sign the form of Declaration of Secrecy.

(o) An employee, other than an employee under a contract of service with the Group, shall be bound to give 6 weeks notice in writing to the General Manager, HRD or surrender 6 weeks pay in lieu thereof for tendering his/her resignation from the service of the Group.

(p) Multimode Group shall be entitled to terminate service of an employee, other than an employee under a contract, on giving him/her 6 weeks notice in writing expiring with the last day of the following calendar month without assigning any reason for termination of his/her services provided always if an employee shall be guilty of any personal misconduct or of any willful breach or continued neglect of the terms of his/her service or the rules or the duties which may from time to time be assigned to him or if he is found guilty of any act of dishonesty, insubordination, indiscipline, subversion of which neglect, breach, misconduct or act of indiscipline. The Group may in writing forthwith and without any previous notice or payment in lieu of notice period, terminate the employment of the employees and in such case, the employee shall be paid the amount of his/her salary which may be due to him/her drawn to the date of termination of his/her service by writing as aforesaid and such amount shall be received by him in full satisfaction and discharge of all claims and demands whatsoever against the Group in respect of his/her service with the Group. Nothing contained in this rule shall prejudice the right of the Group by reason of any act or omission on the part of an employee resulting in loss or damage to the Group.

I, ___________________________________________________, an employee of the MULTIMODE GROUP have accepted to abide by the above service rules of the Group and such other rules and regulations as the Group may frame time to time or lay down by way of additions to or alternations of the above rules.

Signature of the employee: _______________________________

B) Pay & Allowances

The success of Multimode Group will depend on efficient and effective service rendered by its Officers/Staff. Hence the Pay and the Salary structure have to be fairly and equitably fixed and to be revised from time to time with the economic situation in the country and with the business developed and growth of the Group.

Salary of Senior Executive level

The appointment of Managing Director, Additional Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and Director may be made on contract for regular basis and their Salary and other emoluments will be determined in the contracted/agreement or in the appointment letter.

1) Normal Annual Increment

a) Normal Annual Increment in the existing Scale of Pay of the respective employee may be granted by Director, HRD as per ACR ended on 31st December of each year submitted by the Head of Dept./Offices on the basis of the individual performance.

b) The employee get his normal annual increment if otherwise found suitable with effect from the 1st day of January every year.

2) Special Increment

All Special Increment beyond one increment may be approved by a Committee consisting of DCEO, Multimode Group as Chairman and Director-HRD, Adviser, Multimode Group and GM, HRD as member on the basis of recommendation made on the ACR. The benefit of such Special Increment will be effective from 1st day of January every year and duly approved by CEO, Multimode Group.

3) Bonus

Bonus is an extra payment in addition to fair and reasonable normal salary. It is an incentive payment not a routine salary. Only regular officer/staff and person appointed on contractual basis that have completed one year service will be entitled to get Bonus.

a) Two festival Bonus every year, one will be paid in Eid-ul-Fitr and another in Eid-ul-Azha.

b) Bonus always on the basic salary. However, if any incumbent is fixed salary or consolidated pay will be paid 40% of fixed or consolidated pay.

c) If any employee does not complete one year service he may be paid Bonus on the following way :-

i) More than 6 months – 30%

ii) Less than 6 months – 20%

iii) Up to 3 months – 10%

Minimum – Tk.500/-

4) Benefits under the Group term Insurance Scheme,

Telephone and Transport facilities

The Group will make rules/guidelines from time to time on the entitlement and ceiling etc. of the officers/staff in respect of Group Insurance, Transport including Petrol consumption and Telephone facilities.

5) Efficiency Bar

Where an efficiency bar is prescribed in a scale, the next increment above the bar shall not be allowed without the specific recommendation of the controlling officer or Head of the Dept./Offices and sanction of the authority empowered to withheld increment. Such sanction shall be based not on mere absence of unsatisfactory report but on positive statement of the Reporting Officer, that the services of the Officer concerned has been satisfactory justifying the crossing of bar.

6) Charge Allowance

When an officer/staff holds charge of another post higher or equivalent to that of his/her own, in addition to his/her own duties, under order of the competent authority, he/she will be entitled to draw charge allowance at the rate of a sum as fixed by Management.


Multimode Group introduced Revised Pay Scale of Pay in 2007 and which are follows :-

01. Pay-Scale For Group Head Office Including Ltsl, Jmcl & Mfcl

Sl. # Designation Proposed Pay-Scale Other Allow.


1 EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR 21000-1300X6=28800-EB-1500X6= 37800-EB-1700X6=48000 120%
2 GENERAL MANAGER 15000-1100X6=21600-EB-1200X6= 28800-EB-1300X6=36600 120%
3 DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER 13500-900X6=18900-EB-1000X6= 24900-EB-1100X6=31500 120%
4 ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER 11500-700X6=15700-EB-800X6= 20500-EB-900X6=25900 125%
5 SR. MANAGER 9500-650X6=13400-EB-750X6=17900-EB-850X6-EB=23000 125%
6 MANAGER 7500-600X6=11100-EB-700X6=15300-EB-800X6=20100 130%
8 A. EXECUTIVE OFFICER 4800-400X6=7200-EB-450X6=9900-EB-550X6=13200 130%
9 JUNIOR OFFICER – Grade –I 3300-300X6=5100-EB-350X6=7200-EB-400X6=9600 140%
10 JUNIOR OFFICER – Grade – II (COMPUTER OPERATOR/TELEPHONE OPERATOR/I.T./P.A./P.S.) 2600-200X6=3800-EB-250X6=5300-EB-300X6=7100 140%
13 A. MALI/SWEEPER/CLEANER/TEA BOY/MESSENGER (H.O.) 1800-75X6=2250-EB-100X6=2850-EB-125X6=3600 140%


Sl. # Designation Pay-Scale Other Allow.


1 ASSISTANT GENERAL MANAGER (CONSULTANT) 11500-700X6=15700-EB-800X6=20500-EB-900X6=25900 125%
2 ASSISTANT MANAGER 5500-450X6=8200-EB-550X6=11500-EB-650X6=15400 130%
3 EXECUTIVE OFFICER 4500-400X6=6900-EB-450X6=9600-EB-550X6=12900 130%
4 JUNIOR OFFICER 3300-300X6=5100-EB-350X6=7200-EB-400X6=9600 140%
5 HEAD MECHANIC/LEAD MECHANIC 4200-350X6=6000-EB-400X6=8400-EB-450X6=11000 140%
6 MECHANIC G-I 3300-300X6=5100-EB-350X6=7200-EB-400X6=9600 140%
MECHANIC G-II 2800–250X6=4300–EB–300X6=6100–EB–350X6=8200 140%
7 ASSTT. MECHANIC/OFFICE ASSTT.(PEON) 1900-100X6=2500-EB-150×6=3400-EB-200X6=4600 140%
8 JUNIOR MECHANIC 1200-50X6=1500-EB-75X6=1950-EB-100X6=2550 140%
9 HELPER/APPRENTICE/TRAINEE Tk.1,000 (Consolidated)

03. Pay-Scale FOR DMCSML (Factory)



Designation Proposed Pay-Scale Other Allowances
1 DEPURTY GENERAL MANAGER 11000-700X6=15200-EB-800X6=20000 110%
2 ASSTT. GENERAL MANAGER 9600-600X6=13200-EB-700X6=17400 110%
3 SR. MANAGER 7900-500X6=10900-EB-600X6=14500 110%
4 MANAGER 6200-450X6=8900-EB-500X6=11900 110%


2300-150X6=3200-EB-200X6=4400 130%
11 SWEEPER / CLEANER / GARDENER 1500-100X6=2100-EB-150X6=3000 130%

04. Pay-Scale of Officers & Staff of KAY & QUE(FACTORY)



Designation Proposed Pay-Scale Other Allowances
1 DEPURTY GENERAL MANAGER 11000-700X6=15200-EB-800X6=20000 110%
2 ASSTT. GENERAL MANAGER 9600-600X6=13200-EB-700X6=17400 110%
3 SR. MANAGER 7900-500X6=10900-EB-600X6=14500 110%
4 MANAGER 6200-450X6=8900-EB-500X6=11900 110%


4500-400X6=6900-EB-450X6=9600 120%
7 JUNIOR OFFICER – (ASSTT. ENGINEER) 2700-250X6=4200-EB-300X6=6000 130%
9 SECURITY GUARD / PEON / MESSENGER 1550-125X6=2300-EB-150X6=3200 130%
10 CLEANER / GARDENER 1500-100X6=2100-EB-150X6=3000 130%

05. Fixation of Pay on Promotion/introduction of New Pay Scale

The following principle will be followed in case of Promotion or introduction of new Pay Scale in the Group:-

a) If the present pay is less than minimum of the relevant existing Scale or New Pay Scale the pay shall be fixed at the minimum of existing Scale/New Pay Scale.

b) If the present pay exceeds the maximum of the relevant existing Scale of pay his/her pay shall be fixed at the maximum of the existing Scale of Pay. The excess amount between present pay and the maximum of the existing Scale of Pay shall be allowed to him/her as personal allowance.

c) Where the amount arrived at is equal to or more than the minimum of the existing Scale of Pay his/her pay shall be fixed at the next higher stage in the existing Scale of Pay.


Policy on retirement, Re-Employment & Retirement Benefit

A) Introduction

Irrespective of skill and experience an officer acquire during the working life there a time comes when ability to perform reduce quite substantially. Also as the elder officers retire new officers shall replace them and shall work with more vigor and extra enthusiasm to improve the quality of management of the company.

B) Rules & Regulations of the Retirement

1) The rules may be called the “Multimode Group” (Employees) retirement and Retirement benefit Rules, 2011.

2) It shall come into force at once and shall be deemed to have taken effect from the date of inception of the Group.

C) Kinds of Retirement

1) The Retirement may be categorized in the following ways :

(a) Voluntary Retirement

(b) Normal Retirement

(c) Forced Retirement

(d) Early Retirement

D) Age for Retirement

1) Voluntary Retirement : Any employee of the Group may opt to retire from the service of the Group at any time after he/she has completed minimum 10 (ten) years of service in Group giving notice in writing to the General Manager, HRD at least 60 (sixty) days prior to the date of his/her intended retirement. Provided that such option once exercised shall be final and shall not be permitted to be modified or withdrawn by him/her. Provided further that the Management shall have the discretionary power to accept or reject prayer for such optional retirement. In case of its rejection the concerned employee shall be informed of the rejection before expiry of the notice for Voluntary Retirement.

2) Normal Retirement: An employee of the Group shall retire on attainment of the age of 59 (fifty nine) years.

3) Forced Retirement: Forced Retirement is not a matter of Age. An employee may be dismissed from the service of the Group for his/her committing any misconduct after conforming to rules and procedures provided in law. But as a measure of lesser punishment in that case, the Management may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, put such an employee to Forced Retirement.

4) Early Retirement : An employee of the Group may opt for early retirement in writing to the General Manager, HRD with or without showing any ground thereof at any time during his/her service in the Group. There is no bar of prior notice or length of service for it. However, option for early retirement, once exercised shall be final and irrevocable.

The Management of the Group shall have always the discretionary power to accept or reject any prayer for early retirement without assigning any reasons whatsoever. However, while examining any prayer of an employee for his/her early retirement, if the competent authority is satisfied that the concerned employee has lost his/her effectiveness, efficiency and utility in the Group commensurate with his/her rank and position, it may accept his/her prayer.

No employee who has retired from service shall be re-employed in the regular service of the Group in any capacity. However, he/she may be re-employed on contract basis as per

E) Retirement Benefits:

Voluntary Retirement

1) An employee whose voluntary retirement has been accepted by the Group shall be entitled to the following retirement benefits:

(a) Encashment of unavailed Earned leave payable to the official

(b) Gratuity as per Gratuity Rules shall be paid calculated at 1 (one) month’s basic pay (immediate last month’s basic pay) for each completed year.

(c) Provident Fund both own and Company’s contribution payable as per Provident Fund Rules of the Group.

Normal Retirement

1) An employee who has retired at the age of 59 (fifty nine) years in usual course shall be entitled to the following retirement benefits:

(a) Encashment of unavailed Earned leave payable to the official

(b) Gratuity as per Gratuity Rules shall be paid calculated at 1 (one) month’s basic pay (immediate last month’s basic pay) for each completed year.

(c) Provident Fund both own and Company’s contribution payable as per Provident Fund Rules of the Group.

Forced Retirement

1) An employee who has been put to forced retirement as a measure of lesser punishment for committing any misconduct shall be entitled to the following benefits :

(a) Company’s and own contribution to the Provident Fund if he/she is otherwise entitled to them as per existing Provident Fund Rules.

(b) Pay in lieu of unavailed earned leave available to his/her credit at the time of his/her forced retirement to be calculated on the basic pay drawn by him/her for the immediate last month before his/her retirement.

(c) Gratuity benefit if admissible as per existing Employees Gratuity Rules of the Group.

Early Retirement

1) An employee of the Group who applied for Early Retirement and accepted by the Management shall be entitled to the following retirement benefits :-

(a) Encashment of unavailed Earned Leave shall be allowed to the official to be calculated on the basic pay drawn for the immediate last month before his/her retirement.

(b) Company’s and own contribution to the Provident Fund if he/she is otherwise entitled to them as per existing Provident Fund Rules.

(c) Gratuity benefit if admissible as per existing Employees Gratuity Rules of the Group.



An employee displaying negligence or indolence in the discharge of his duties will be subject to disciplinary action. Any one doing anything detrimental to the interest of Group will be penalized. This should be the case if instructions issued in connection with Official work are disobeyed. Disciplinary action will be taken also if any one commits breach of discipline of if found guilty of misconduct or insubordination. An employee of Group whether executive, officer or staff is subject to disciplinary action if there is sufficient evidence that he/she has outlived his/her utility to Group by reason of inefficiency, mental inability, physical infirmity or any other reason like conviction by a Court. Corruption like fraud, forgery, commercial bribery etc. and misuse of official power will