Paragraph 59—

Section 3(2) of the Anti- Corruption Act, 1957 provides that subject to any order of the Government, officers of the Bureau of
Anti-Corruption shall have power to enquire or hold investigation throughout Bangladesh and shall have such powers which the police officers are empowered in connection with investigation and further the paragraph 59 of the Anti-Corruption Manual expresses that the investigation held by an Assistant 1nspetor was not without jurisdiction and as such the proceeding cannot be quashed.

Abu Sufian Mia vs State 4 BLC 193

Paragraph 59—

In view of the provisions of section 3 of the Anti-Corruption Act, 1947 and paragraph 59 of the Anti- Corruption Manual the
investigation held by an Assistant Inspector of the Bureau of Anti- Corruption was not illegal and without jurisdiction.

Abul Hossain (Md) vs State 4 BLC (AD) 122.