Anti-Terrorism Act
[XLIV of 1992]
Section 4—When the offence alleged was not complete but only an attempt was made, charge as framed under the Anti-Terrorism Act is not tenable. Shadesh Chandra Saha vs State 48 DLR 206.

Section 4—The provision of this section is attracted only when attempt is successful and complete. An attempt to realise money in the form of donation or otherwise has not been made punishable offence under this Special Law. Sayed vs State 48 DLR 489.

Section 11—When the Tribunal Judge ordered publication of notification in the daily newspapers as prescribed in the Act it indicated that the Judge was mentally satisfied that the accused persons had become absconders. The word satisfaction need not be written before passing the order. Soton @ Arf Hossain vs State 50 DLR 593.

Section 15—Submission of charge-sheet beyond the specified time of 30 days under the Anti-Terrorism Act is illegal and, as such, the proceedings cannot proceed in the Anti-Terrorism Tribunal. Shahidullah Kazi, Amjad Hossain vs State Abdul Kasem 48 DLR 178.