Regulation-12 (1)

Whether Promotion to Pay Group V from Group IV to he made on the basis of seniority and on the basis of combined Seniority List alone and that petitioners (in writ Petition) have vested right for promotion.

Regulation 12 (I) of the Regulations does in no way show that promotion of the personnel of the Corporation to the higher posts is a vested right. The respondent Nos. I and 2 in Appeal No. 25 of 2000 who are the personnel of Bench Fitting shop of GSE Department to no point of time earned any right of being promoted to Pay Group V on the basis of non-exist combined seniority list nor they had any vested right at any time before making of organization order 13 of 1995 and circulation of separate seniority list by the memo dated 30.12.1995 of being promoted to the post of Junior Officers Maintenance in pay Group V and as such they have not been deprived of any guaranteed of right or that discriminated.

Bangladesh Biman Corp. & Ors. Vs. Md. Tipu Sultan & Ors.11BLT (AD)-64.

Regulation 53(3)

Respondent was employee of the Biman in Pay Group 3 (ii) Respondent’s Case was that before acceptance and communication of the letter of resignation he having had fled letter seeking permission to withdraw his letter of resignation and that he having been allowed to sign attendance registrar, his resignation terminated and thereupon he was very much in the service and as such (he authority did acted illegally in accepting his letter of resignation which was in fact was not in existence.

Held: We are of the view that by filing a letter seeking permission to withdraw letter of resignation, the resignation with immediate effect does not become non-existent nor becomes ineffective. The matter of communication of the acceptance of resignation was a mere formality and routine work and as such the time that passed in between 29 August. 1998 and 6 September. 1998 did in no way kept in hibernation
Respondent’s which be himself intend to be an immediate one.

Bangladesh Biman Corporation & Ors. Vs. Md. Jusimuddin 11BLT (AD)-30.