Bangladesh Environment Conservation Act, 1995


Environment Conservation Act, 1995



action challenged cannot be considered as unlawful because there was no notice
to individual manufacturers. The Director General of the Environment
Directorate has been given power to take immediate action when there is danger
of causing damage to public life. As the manufacturers did not take any steps
during the last one decade, the situation aggravated and pollution reached its
peak. Concern should be more for the betterment of the whole nation than the
financial loss which may be sustained by an individual or individuals.

K M Asadul
Ban v. Bangladesh and others, 22 BLD (HCD) 129.


preventive measures is overdue to halt sagging environmental pollution and
degradation of Dhaka city, one of the worst in the world, due to audible
vehicular sounds and emission of hazardous black smoke from faulty and arrogant
motor vehicles. Accordingly directions were given to enforce restrictions and
implement decisions of the respondents, and phase out 2 stroke 3 wheelers.

Mohiuddin Farooque, being dead, his substitute, Mrs Syeda Rezwana Hasan v.
Government of Bangladesh, represented by the Ministry of Communications and
others, 22 BLD(HCD) 345.


Government And Local Authority Land And Buildings (Recovery Of Possession) Act,



authorities the Government to recover possession of any Government land or
building under illegal occupation of any person after issuing a notice upon the
occupier of such property directing him to surrender possession thereof within
the specified period. Since in the instant case the plaintiff petitioner has
been summarily evicted from the suit property without issuing any notice upon
him asking him to surrender possession thereof to the appropriate authority,
the principle of natural justice has been violated and the suit deserves to be

Rafiqul Alam
vs. Secretary, Ministry of Works, Government of the People’s Republic of
Bangladesh., 1 7BLD (HCD) 517.