Bangladesh Krishi Bank Order, 1973

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Order, 1973

[P.O. No.XX VII of 1973]

— 9 read with Bangladesh Krishi Bank Rules, 1983 Rule – 4

Managing Director was the competent authority
for passing the order of compulsory retirement of the Deputy General Manager.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Vs. A.F.M. Farid Uddin & Ors 14 BLT (AD)226

Read with Public Demand Recovery Act, 1913 [III of 1913] Section-4

In the present case, the requisition was
signed by the Bank Manager showing that the amount was due and recoverable
under the law on the basis of the requisition, the certificate officer issued
the certificate— Held : Issuance of certificate under Section 4 of the Act
itself shall be conclusive proof that the amount specified therein is due to
the Bank and further determination is excluded under law.

Bangladesh Krishi Bank Vs. Meghna Enterprises & Another 7BLT