Section 7 of the Act conceives that a vendor who is a cultivator can get benefits of it only when the sales are on account of natural calamities or helplessness on account of inability to maintain livelihood.

Subodh Chandra Saha Vs. Komol Krishna Saha &Ors 7BLT (AD)-379


Rin Shalishi Boards including that for Bauphal P.S. were constituted by a Gazette Notification dated 27 May, 1989—the appellant defendant filed his application before the Board on 18.5.90—the High Court Division upheld the findings of the courts below that the application under section 7 of the Act was barred by time— Held : An application cannot be presented to the Board unless the sitting of the Board, actually takes place after the collector concerned notifies about the place, date, and time of the sitting of the Board—on 4.1 .90 from which date the Board started functioning—the application of the defendant under Section 7 of the Act was not time barred.

Alhaj Ali Sardar Vs. Mohammad ismail Howladar & Ors. 6BLT (AD)-120

Section- 19

The cases of the respondent No.2 were dismissed by the Rin Shalishi Board, the competent authority to decide the alleged
grievance and then he went to the appellate authority. Additional District Magistrate under section 19 of the Ain (Act), and he being the final authority also dismissed the appeals. Respondent No. 2 cannot move again a fresh for the same relief to the alternative forum since his grievances have already been decided finally by the appel1ite authority.

Md. Shamsul Alam Vs Upazila Magistrate & Ors. 6BLT (HCD)-214