Beauty of a person depends on various characteristics and not only to the physical appearance of a person

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“Beauty of a person depends on various characteristics and not only to the physical appearance of a person”


‘Beauty is skin deep’ means that although something may be beautiful on the outside, that doesn’t necessarily mean that, it is the same on the inside. The most beautiful person in the world may be brutal, heartless, bitter and evil under the substantial body. ‘Beauty is only skin deep’ is expressed in many ways by people. If someone is not beautiful outside in this world then for everybody else that someone means nothing. What is unseen under the skin that may be important than the outer beauty.

External charm is not related to decency or vital quality. ‘Beauty is skin deep’ this proverb was first stated by Sir Thomas Overbury in his poem “A Wife” (1613): “All the carnall beauty of my wife is but skin-deep.” Physical beauty is superficial and is not as important as a person’s intellectual, emotional, and divine qualities.

There are many opinions on the proverb “Beauty is only skin deep”.

Many disbeliever are opposed the view that “Beauty is only skin deep”. They believe that beauty is always important because whole human race love beauty. The phrase is generally used as a reminder that a person may look attractive, but one may not have attractive inner persona. It is also used to say that a person may not be the best to the eyes, but it may be very smart because of the person’s personality.

The true person is an essence, a soul. The body is only a medium for the soul to reside in for a time. A very elegant body may hide a very terrible person. Physical beauty fades with age, but an affectionate heart and generous nature lasts till existence. Everyone is different. Everybody has different perception regarding beauty. And most mystifying of all, everyone’s idea of beauty changes over time.

Various opinion:

Someone who says that “beauty is skin deep” possibly

– believes that a beautiful interior makes for a beautiful exterior

– feels that good skin is necessary for beauty

– believes beauty to be insignificant

– thinks true beauty lies within, outer beauty is merely shallow

– believes that physical beauty is not the measure of worth of a human being

– imagine someone is not beautiful and attractive but may have beautiful heart and spirit

– feels appearances are deceptive

Areas of Research

This research is on “Beauty is skin deep” and its ethical justification by applying different theories and real life examples. It will include the analysis of primary data. My focus group is the ordinary people of the society.

For this purpose the following questions were focused:

o How important is beauty?

o What is the definition of beauty?

o Does beauty is limited to the outer side or beyond that?

o Is it ethically right to justify a thing or a person on external basis?

o Do we all have an unnecessary mania with beauty?


I have located and studied my desired information from following sources:

Primary Sources

A. Questionnaire Method

I visited some people for my questionnaire survey. I circulated my questionnaires among females and males.

B. Indirect Interview

I asked normal questions to my friends, seniors, and survey respondents about their opinion on my topic and their point of view. This indirect interview helped me a lot to prepare my assignment.

Secondary Sources

A. Internet

I visited few websites and also some websites concerning Beauty is skin deep and ethical theories on Google and also got some important information from Bing, Yahoo engine etc.

B. Online journals

From online journal, I also collect some data about the topic and those information help me to prepare the assignment.

Data Presentation & Analysis

The questionnaire survey was conducted among 100 people: 50% male respondents and 50% were female respondents who were of different age range and all respondents were ordinary social beings. In the questionnaire survey, total 10 questions were being asked. The questions and their responses are illustrated below –

Beauty is important

In the first survey question the importance of beauty was asked. In response to this question, 90% people said yes beauty is important, 8% people said they were not sure, and merely 2% don’t think beauty is important. Through this answer it clearly shows that beauty is significant in this world. And beauty is the thing for which everybody craves.

Beauty is so important according to me. Mostly beauty is everywhere in this world. And it’s a part and parcel of life. Many people give so much importance to beauty and some don’t feel to give so much importance. But who don’t sure about the importance of beauty there might have a hidden importance of beauty. Actually no one in this world is apart from the beauty of everything. Through the result, beauty necessity in humans’ lives is visible.

Beautiful according to the respondents

In this question how beauty is defined according to the respondents were asked, and there were three options. The answers were as like I thought. About 75% of respondents said that physical and intellectual combination is beauty. Which reflects that people knows the importance of inner and outer beauty of something. 18% people define beauty physically. And 7% people think that intellectual beauty or inner beauty is the main beauty.

How can one say what beauty is? Beauty, on the outside, is different in every culture. Some may think whitish skin is beautiful, or in contrast, tanned skin. Why does beautiful have to mean skinny or tall? What good comes from being a size-zero? Some people only think that beauty is only intellectual which has no connection with physicality.

According to me beauty is both intellectual and physical. Beauty cannot be defined in one sector. Every thing has its own beauty which has a combination of the both qualities. Beauty can be defined through humans’ eyes. It is not easy to frame it.The respondents here prefer mostly both qualities which are necessary to consider something beautiful.

Everyone obsession for beauty

It was asked that do we all have an obsession for beauty. Majority responses they have an obsession for beauty. Like 80% respondents said yes and 20% believes that the people are not obsessed with beauty whether it’s inner or outer. It shows that the people of the society actually crave for beauty. Sometime people have and unethical craving for beauty which is unwanted. We rarely judge the core of something rather get carried away by attraction.

Proverb ‘beauty is skin deep’

Do the respondents were familiar with the proverb it was checked in this question. In the above question answer, 65% respondents were aware of the term beauty is skin deep, and 35% respondents were not familiar with the term. It seems that most were familiar with this proverb. And many were not. To analyze and justify this proverb it was important to ask that respondents do have any idea about it. I was not fully knowledge about this, while doing this assignment I got familiar with this term hugely.

Beautiful is the thing or person which grabs attention from exterior

Here, it was asked that thing or person grabs attention from exterior and there were three choices.60% replied they are not sure about this matter. 20% said they are agreeing in this matter and 20% said they don’t agree in this matter. It gives an opinion that people are confused about what to select and what not. Beauty definition is unclear here and few think that beauty is externally defined.I think beautiful outlook grabs attention of a person.But if the content of a beutiful thing is not good then that may become useless.

Beauty is limited to skin-deep (not deep) or it is much deeper

In response of this question 66% said that beauty is skin-deep. And 34% believes that it is much deeper. Here beauty is skin deep which has contradictory views .A good analogy would be: imagine buying an apple, the plumpest, shiniest, ripest looking one in the basket, then biting into it only to find it rotten and wormy. We all are thinking beauty in the same way. Many of thinking beauty is skin deep which turns out to be ugly sometime. And some thinks that outer beauty is nothing important only inner beauty is important.

Picking up the magazine if the cover doesn’t catch attention

It was asked that if a magazine cover is not good a respondent will buy that or not.Majority replies that they won’t pick up a magazine which cover is not catchy to the eyes, around 70% respondents will not pick up. And 30% respondents may pickup through checking it. This results here shows that beauty is skin-deep, most people will prefer a beautiful, attractive thing or person immediately, and less likely to attract by less beautiful things and persons. This directs people to false directions, which is not the right path to take any decision in life.

Ethical judgment by outlooks

Does it is ethical to judge a person or thing by its outlook?85% responses that judging a person with through the outlooks is not ethical. And merely 15% responses that it is ethical. Majority here admits that judging a person through his/her outlook is immoral. People should think over person’s quality and intelligence. This is also applicable for materials while making any judgment.

Groups deeply affected by images of “beauty” that the society has created

Which group is effected by the image of beauty by the society was asked in the survey.Majority of 89% respondents said that black and physically challenged people are deeply affected by the image that has created by the society. The image of the society is to outlook oriented, and if a person is handicapped or their skin color is black, they mostly face discrimination in society.

Incase of beauty it is different among different eyes. But in our society symmetrical faces and fair skin, tall and fit body structure is preferred. That brings unethical difference among the people who are lesser from the image of ‘beauty’ set by the society.

Physically attractiveness really as attractive on the inside as on the outside

It was asked that physically attractive people are really attractive inside,in response58% said yes to this question and 42% said no. This shows that for some people beauty is proved skin deep and for some people it is beyond that. Here, people have different views regarding true beauty.

According to the survey some think that beautiful people from outside are equally beautiful from inside.And somethink that it may not be correct always.True beauty cannot be judged interms of exterior looks.And no one can give the true definition of beauty where it lies on.

Summary of Findings Applying Examples and Theories

After analyzing the overall survey, I find mixed answers because many of the answers provide different opinions about this issue. Moreover, the respondents provided honest answers that beauty is sometime skin deep to some people and sometime it has deeper meaning. In the questionnaire, I find that few answers are contradictory; it is very hard to determine whether beauty actually open up in which way.

In the findings of the research here, Utilitarianism approach may come. This philosophy states that the morality of an action is best judged by the utility or usefulness of such an action. Here beauty is skin deep or more that defines through the results where some people judge beauty both externally and some judge beauty by both internal and external grounds.

First of all, that everyone accepts the standard definition of beauty, i.e., a person whose physical appearance would be appealing to a majority of people. That majority would first have to agree on a definition of beauty. It also reverses the concept that beauty comes from within. True beauty goes much deeper than skin. It’s difficult to interpret because different culture people think beauty differently. But, the essence is that, if one perceives that a person’s features are arranged in a way that is pleasing to the one, take it for what it is, a pleasant looking face.

I agree with those who advocate the proverb “Beauty is only skin deep”. In my opinion, the beauty that does not come with wisdom can easily become the vulnerable and they will be exploited in cruel intentions. Beauties thus easily go under into subordinate and damage their own future. For that reason, more and more people would like to affirm their value over both beauty and intelligence. A person can be beautiful inside and out. A personality can shine through and be just as beautiful as outside looks. It also means that inside of every beautiful person is something better that should be noticed more than their looks. Looks are good but personality is better.

There are people groups in our society who are mentioned minority groups because of their dark skin color or physical challenges. To tackle this we have more “things” to help them in the outlook beautification process—technologically advanced makeup, an abundance of expert advice about nutrition and exercise, and even drastic medical procedures such as elective cosmetic surgery. But still, many people in our society feel unattractive and unworthy. Which has to be noticed and beauty cannot be limited through the outer skin. It should shine though the goodness of the spirit intelligence and emotions of people. And benefit of any object should be taken through its usefulness and outcomes.


In conclusion, value of every human being will be confirmed over time. In this case, personality is the decisive factor and “beauty is only skin deep”. Beauty isn’t just about appearances. A good look always helps, of course, but it’s not the sole prerequisite to a successful and happy life. A person is beautiful when the combination of his/her personality, character, qualities and flaws blends into something interesting and appealing. Not necessarily to look at, but also to listen to.

Attractive people seem to be on average more confident, which is a key element to success. Beauty is often, and falsely, connected to quality. But real beauty doesn’t hide underneath some polished wood, or some shiny fruit. It’s in us, and it shines through our qualities and acceptance of not for being perfect.

True beauty lies on the persons mind.It cannot be judged interms of outlook or only intelligence.Beauty can be in any form .Sometimes it is skindeep and sometime it is beyond that.