Raiyats holding at fixed rates

Incidents of holdings at fixed rates.— (1) A raiyat holding at a rent, or rate of rent, fixed in perpetuity—

(a) shall be subject to the same provisions with respect to the transfer of, and succession to, his holding as the holder of a permanent tenure;

(b) shall not be ejected by his landlord except on the ground that he has broken a condition consistent with the provisions of this Act, and on breach of which he is, under the terms of a contract between himself and his landlord, liable to be ejected;

(c) shall be deemed to be a settled raiyat of the village if he complies with the conditions set forth in section 20; and

(d) shall be entitled—

(i) to plant,

(ii) to enjoy the flowers, fruits and other products of,

(iii) to fell, and

(iv) to utilise or dispose of the timber of, any tree on the land comprised in his holding.

(2) The provisions of sections 23A to 38 (both inclusive) shall not apply to raiyats holding at fixed rates, even though such raiyats have a right of occupancy in the lands of their holdings.