Best International Law Chamber in Bangladesh

Best International Law Chamber in Bangladesh

International law is the term commonly used for referring to laws that govern the conduct of independent nations in their relationships with one another. It differs from other legal systems in that it primarily concerns provinces rather than private citizens. In other words it is that body of law which is composed for its greater part of the principles and rules of conduct which States feel themselves bound to observe, and therefore, do commonly observe in their relations with each other and which includes also: (a) The rules of law relating to the function of international institutions or organizations, their relations with each other and their relations with States and individuals; and (b) Certain rules of law relating to individuals and non-state entities so far as the rights and duties of such individuals and non-state entities are the concern of the international community.

There are many International law Chambers in Bangladesh established for the purpose of solving international disputes by applying international law. The Lawyers & Jurists is the best International Law Chamber in Bangladesh.

The Lawyers & Jurists, located in capital of Bangladesh in Dhaka, lead by the Head of Chamber Barrister Mr. A.M. Masum and the founding associates, a law-firm aiming to work on International Law, with a number of Barristers and Advocates of superb academic track-record. The associates of the firm have also eminence of rendering services to various International organizations in legal matters with their entire satisfaction let alone they are being blessed by a number of leading and senior lawyers of the country. The services of ‘ The Lawyers & Jurists’ are the offspring of the sincere, well-thought-out and meticulous teamwork of its associates, who have embarked on the mission to serve the clients with great zeal and vigor and race-track of their professional services from eighties. The Lawyers & Jurists emphatically committed to the absolute and complete discharge of our professional, ethical and aggressive legal representation in and out of the courtroom with worth and excellence and thereby spur on the growth of relationship with our clients.


Barrister A. M. Masum

The Lawyers & Jurists

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Bijoynagar, Dhaka

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