Read with Foreign Private Investment (Promotion andProtection) Act, 1980

Third Party right

While doing something Bangladesh should always be concerned about the adverse impact it might have no foreign investors in this country. But law has its own way and is inclined to speak in its own language. When money talks judiciary must not balk. Syndicated bridge financing for the Ekushey Television by some foreign and local banks and the investment by the U.S.A finance company is neither a contribution to philanthropy nor an effort to do something for the noble cause of free media. It is s simple-case of investment, and like every investment, the investment in El V has its own risk. The third part) rights exist and fall with the Ekushey Television, since their interests are merged with that of El V. The substantive legal principle in this regard is that every person is subject to the ordinary
law within the jurisdiction. Therefore, all persons within the jurisdiction of Bangladesh are within the jurisdiction of Bangladesh are within Bangladesh rule of law. The foreign investors in ETV are no exception to this principle.

ETV Ltd. & Anr. Vs. Govt. of Bangladesh Ors. 10 BLT (AD)-108.