We find an expert of a meeting of the-representatives from RAJUK and Air Force held on 23.05.1999. A 5-membcr committee was formed for identification of the buildings the height of which is greater than the fixed limit. It was also decided to cancel and/or reduce the height with information in the Air HQ and Civil Aviation Authority. If the owner does not stop construction, then legal steps would be taken. Both the decisions se general in nature and meant for the future. Nothing happened thereafter. There is nothing in respect of the building in question even in June. 1999, In such view of the matter, we do not see that rule 26 is any way attracted to the facts and in the circumstances of the case. Moreover, the Rules cannot override the mandatory provisions of the Act.

A. Rouf Chowdhury & Anr. Vs. Bangladesh & Ors. 8 BLT (HCD)-277.