Citizenship Act, 1951


Act, 1951


does not evaporate with the passing of time but it clings to a person wherever
he may roam. It cannot be taken away from a citizen unless he voluntarily
renounces it or loses it in due course of law. The onus of proving that the
citizen has lost his citizenship is on the Government who seeks to deprive him
of his right as a citizen.

Narayan Roy Vs. Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, 14 BLD (HCD) 215.


Citizenship Act, 1951

Act, 1951 (Act 11 of 1951), Section-4 read with

Citizenship (Temporary Provisions) Order, 1972 (P.O. No. 149 of 1972) Article-2

Rolls Ordinance, 1982, Section-7

No. 1 and 2 were born in Dhaka and at Mymensingh in the year 1969 and 1967
respectively and all the other 8 Petitioners were horn in Dhaka in 1977 and in
different years thereafter – Held: the Petitioners are citizens of Bangladesh
and their residence in the Geneva Camp. Mohammadpur is not a bar to he enrolled
as voters and therefore they are entitled to be enrolled in (he electoral roll
and registered as voters if they are not otherwise disqualified to be included
as such under section 7 of the Electoral Rolls Ordinance, 1982.

Abid Khan & Ors.
Vs. Govt. of Bangladesh 12 BLT (HCD)-50.