Constitution of Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association


of Bangladesh Supreme Court Bar Association

Article 3 –

purpose and object of the Bar Association are for giving facilities to its
members for conducting the profession. It is a welfare association. It cannot
interfere with the private conduct of a member.

post of Minister or Vice President held by the petitioner had nothing to do
with his profession as a member of the Bar Association. The Association cannot
impose any restriction towards holding of such post. The Bar Council did not at
all consider that the resolution directing the petitioner to tender resignation
from a post which has no connection with the profession was not binding on the
petitioner and for non–compliance with the same his membership cannot be

Moudud Ahmed
vs Bangladesh Bar Council 46 DLR 71.


Article 4(5)

The provision in this Article is voluntary.
Any member may take advantage of this Article. Nowhere it is mentioned that
unless a member applies for associate membership, after he had taken up
temporarily another employment, Per Md. Abdur Rashid J (agreeing): Jurisdic­tion
–This Division may suo moto or on the information received takes cognizance of
an offence of contempt. The jurisdiction is sui generis and consists of a
special set of principles as stated in AIR 1954 (SC) 186 and PLD 1972 (SC) 39.

Hosein & others vs Sheikh Hasina Wazed 53 DLR 138.