Conveyance of Land Accidentally omitted in Sale Deed

Conveyance of Land Accidentally omitted in Sale Deed

This deed of Declaration and confirmation made this …..……….. day of ………….. 1999 between AB son of etc., hereinafter referred to as the vendor which expression shall …….. of the one part and CD son of etc., hereinafter referred as to the purchaser which expression shall where ……….. of the other part.

Whereas by an Indenture of conveyance dated …………. made between the parties hereto and registered in Book I, Vol. ………… page ………. to……… being No. …….. in the office ………… the vendor did for the consideration mentioned therein though intended for and did in fact and truth and substance grant, convey, sell, transfer and assign the entirety of the said property as described in the correct and complete Schedule B hereto unto and to the use of the purchaser and delivered possession thereof but nevertheless the undermentioned portion as described in the Schedule A hereto was inadvertently and accidentally left out in the schedule thereto although the price thereof has been already paid being included in the consideration for the said conveyance and further the vendor has delivered possession also of the same to the purchaser as hereinbefore stated.

And whereas it is now necessary and expedient to rectify the said error or omission to remove all doubts and to avoid all disputes and differences about the meaning and construction of the said conveyance regarding the title, ownership and possession of the purchaser as regards the same which he has had already acquired under and by virtue of hereinbefore recited conveyance and whereas in the circumstances aforesaid the vendor has agreed to reassure the purchaser and to execute this deed of confirmation as supplementary to and in rectification of the said conveyance. Now this indenture witnesses that in pursuance of the said agreement and in consideration of the original price of the property paid by the purchaser to the vendor which includes the price of the portion accidentally and inadvertently left out in the Schedule to the said conveyance, the said AB as a beneficial owner doth hereby agree, declare, confirm and make known that he has had granted, conveyed, sold and transferred the undernoted property also unto and to the use of the purchaser, his heirs, representatives and assigns to have and to hold the same absolutely and forever and that the portion accidentally and inadvertently left out in the schedule of the said conveyance shall be treated as incorporated therein and the correct and complete schedule as amended and rectified shall be as under Schedule B hereto.


Schedule of Property accidentally and inadvertently omitted in the said conveyance


Correct and complete description of the Schedule of the property as sold

In witness whereof the parties hereunto execute these presents on the day, month and the year first above-mentioned.

Signed, sealed and delivered by

AB  in  the  presence  of:                                                                        AB

Signed, sealed and delivered by

CD  in  the  presence  of:                                                                        CD