Co–operative Societies Rules, 1987


Societies Rules, 1987

Rule 37–

Committee of the Co­operative is the appointing authority of its employees.

vs Md Alauddin 38 DLR (AD) 81.



arbitrator appointed under the provision of the Co–operative Societies
Ordinance, and Rules has no express power to grant any order of stay or
injunction. Such arbitrator has no inherent, implied, incidental or
consequential power to pass order of stay during pendency of an arbitration
case before him.

(Md) vs Secretary–in–charge, Eastern Co–operative Jute Society Limited and
others 50 DLR 15.


Rules 133,
134 & 135–

dispute touching the business or affairs of a co–operative society is to be
resolved in a manner as laid down in the provisions of the Ordinance and the
Rules. In the absence of any application by any party to the arbitration for
the dispute being withdrawn, the withdrawal of the dispute on the direction
from the concerned ministry is illegal.

Abdul Malek
vs District Co–operative Officer, Cox’s Bazar and others 50 DLR 426.