Copyright in Bangladesh


Copyright means the exclusive right to do or authorize others to do certain acts in relation to (i) literary, dramatic, musical and artistic works, (ii) cinematography film and (iii) sound recordings. The importance of which has increased enormously in recent times due to the rapid technological development in the field of printing, music, communication, entertainment and computer industries. The objective of copyright law is to encourage authors, composers, artists and designers to create original works by rewarding them with the exclusive right for a limited period to exploit the work for monetary gain.

Copyright Lawyers at “The lawyers & Jurists” represents individuals and companies that create, own, and manage social networks, interactive and online content, computer programs, music, films, and architectural works among many others.

They are experts in copyright analysis and registration, and one thing that makes their group distinct is that they work with copyrights in action – in other words, they know how real-world transactions work. They counsel their clients in a wide range of matters, including copyright registration and enforcement, and copyright licenses and agreements.

“The Layers & Jurists” counsels multinational corporations, institutions, small businesses, and individuals alike, devising strategies to protect and maximize the value of their copyrighted works via registration practices and policies, acquisitions, sales, and licenses.

They are equipped to advise, negotiate, and draft all types of copyright licenses and agreements.

To maintain a competitive advantage, companies and organizations need clear guidance and creative solutions to protect their copyrighted works. Companies that rely on third-party content need guidance regarding their responsibilities to copyright owners. “The Lawyers & Jurists” has been a leader in copyright protection and counseling.

“The Lawyers & Jurists” counsels associations, publishers, multibillion dollar entertainment companies, manufacturers, nonprofit organizations, standard-setting entities, major retailers, and other business entities on protecting their copyrights and fair use of third-party copyrighted works. They register copyrights, expedite applications, record documents, and perform title searches. They render opinions on copyrightability, fair use, infringement, ownership and title, notice, security interests, and foreign protection. They also draft and negotiate agreements involving copyrighted works, including joint-development agreements, licenses, assignments, rights clearance, and distribution agreements. They also know social media and guide their clients through constantly-changing best practices.

Depending on your business, a copyright audit may reveal opportunities for registration, enforcement, and licensing that can generate revenue streams and open new markets. These contracts may be simple licenses or complex strategic alliances. “The Lawyers & Jurists” is a pioneer in licensing and in the development of IP transactions.

Copyright litigation can be highly complex, and when there is no other means of settling a dispute, “The Lawyers & Jurists” provides a formidable force. Whether the issue is enforcing your copyrights or protecting you from infringement claims, their team draws on decades of litigation experience in courts throughout the country.

Our copyright practice covers the spectrum

  • Logos and product packaging
  • Software and databases
  • Audio recordings and music
  • Film, video productions, and motion pictures
  • Technical and architectural designs
  • Books, magazines, and other publications
  • Sculptures
  • Fabric designs
  • Examinations and tests
  • Mask works (semiconductor chips)