Customer satisfaction Analysis on the basis of Distribution channel of Grameen Distribution Ltd

Overview of Grameen Distribution Ltd

Grameen Telecom (GTC) is one of the respected and reputed business houses in Bangladesh. It was established in 1995.

Grameen Distribution Ltd Established in 2009 as a Sister concern of Grameen Telecom. Grameen Distribution was successfully set up the strategies to accelerate the Nokia handsets business across the country. Grameen Distribution is a profitable company set up at the initiative of Grameen Telecom. Grameen Telecom hold 95% share and Grameen Kalyan holds the rest 5% of Grameen Distribution Ltd. GDL is entrusted with the Service of Distributing telecommunication accessories.  Grameen distribution has a purpose, to contribute the economic development of Bangladesh where telecommunications can play a critical role. This is why Grameen Distribution is aiming to distribute quality product related Information and Communication technology (ICT).

2.1 Company Vision and Mission

Vision: Vision represents a challenging portrait of what the organization and its member can be- a possible, desirable and future. Grameen Distribution ltd. corporate vision is to provide telecommunication services to the rural inhabitants in the 68,000 villages in Bangladesh.

Mission: An organization also typically creates a mission statement, which identifies the business it is in, the market niches it tries to serve, the types of customers it is likely to have and the reasons for its existence.

2.2 Company Product:

The product of Grameen distribution is Nokia handset. This business gets from its ancestor company Grameen telecom.

Grameen Distribution Ltd. is a major distributor of Nokia handsets in Bangladesh. GDL import the handsets on the basis of market demand with having 30-days buffer stock for uninterrupted distribution through dealers. Now Grameen Distribution Ltd. operates a very good network to maintain NOKIA distribution.

2.3 The Board of Directors:


Board of Directors of GTC consists of ten members, with Professor Muhammad Yunus as its Chairman. The Board during 2009 consisted of the following:

Distributes products in different place across the country. The firm has divided their marketing area in four zones, like-Khulna, Jessore, Faridpur and Barisal. Each zone of the firm has Area Sales Manager (ASM) and Territory Sales Officer (TSO) who are doing their job very well. In addition, there is a proper communication channel of every zone with the head office (Grameen Distribution Ltd).

2.16 Distribution Process:

To streamline the distribution process, Grameen Distribution has recruited 4 (Four) Area Sale Managers (ASM) & 9 (Fourteen) Territory Sales Officers (TSO) for closely monitoring the retails sales and distribution in different place across the country. ASM are responsible to deal with dealers and TSO is responsible to deal with retailers. Both are also responsible to report CMO regularly to update the sales trend and competitor activities in respective territory and taking corrective action accordingly.  Also set up 37(thirty seven) sales representative and 18(eighteen) MIS teams for reporting & keeping track of sales growth.

Grameen Distribution Ltd. has some major distribution channels-

Grameen Distribution ltd main objective is regarding distribution “Supply Right

Products in Right place at Right time”. They are completely captured this districts of Bangladesh.

2.17 Selling Process:

Grameen Distribution Ltd. is an importer and distributor of famous multinational company product, and they are distributor of Nokia handsets. Selling process of this trading business is in the systematic way.

At first, the firm takes the steps of stocking products. Then the firm is taking orders from retailers through their sales personal appointed by Grameen Distribution Ltd. Finally, the distributors are arranging for supply the products to the outlets. In this way, Grameen Distribution Ltd. is doing its selling process.

2.18 Sales Negotiation Process:

Grameen Distribution Ltd. provides a systematic and understanding of the negotiation process with the retailers, customers and every member who are working to this company. Here each of the sales officers and employees are given proper briefing about negotiation. That is how to negotiate effectively and in such a meaningful way so that both of entities come up with their demands. Sales negotiation process is the basic elements of trading business. In this regard a comprehensive training session is being arranged to develop ‘know how’ method as well as successfully close the sales call.

2.19 Process Involves:

Planning and Preparation

Opening the call

Product Audit and Merchandising


Objection Handling

Closing the Call


Figure 4

Here it is tried to find out the reason for purchasing handset.

Figure – 4: Competitive price, 64% client prefer Good quality and performance. Rest for Good after sales service

.5.5 Overall satisfaction for Distribution channel of GDL (For RDS)

Customer preference on Handset before purchasing:

In this graph, it is found, the factors which influence customers before purchasing a Handset.

Effectiveness of advertisement on sales:

Figure 21: out of 18 respondents 83.33% are think that the advertisement of Nokia can increase their yearly sales ratio and rest of them think its cant take any effect on sales. 

Here it is tried to identify the satisfaction level reelected to promotion.

Figure 22: According to the graph, respondents are not agreed or not disagree with this statement on the promotion of Nokia handset.  So it can be said that the overall promotional policy of Matador is not satisfactory to the retailer.

Satisfaction towards current handsets price:


Figure 23: Most of the RDS thinks price of handset is normal and their ratio is 66.66%; other thinks that this higher then quality.

From the above statement, it can be said that distribution of Nokia handset is quite satisfactory from the perspective of retailers.

Figure 25: Nokia maintain their quality in their handset and RDS agree with this.

Figure 26: Their opinion toward the price of Nokia handsets are in satisfactory position.

Overall retailer satisfaction on GDL