Deed of Revocation of Trust

Deed of Revocation of Trust

THIS DEED OF REVOCATION OF TRUST is made this the ……… day of ………, BETWEEN AB of, etc., (hereinafter called the SETTLOR), of the one part and CD of etc., and EF of etc. (hereinafter called the TRUSTEES) of the other part.

WHEREAS by a deed of trust made the …… day of ……… I, the SETTLOR, transferred the properties described therein as also in the schedule hereto upon trust for the objects specified therein and WHEREAS XY a beneficiary under the said deed of trust having since died the said objects failed and whereas, I, the SETTLOR, having also reserved free power and authority to revoke the trust am desirous of creating a fresh trust after revoking the said trust now this deed of revocation of trust witnesses that in the exercise of the power of revocation expressly reserved in the said deed of trust and all other powers enabling me, I, the said AB hereby and hereunder revoke and determine the trust created by the aforesaid deed of trust to all intents and purposes as if the same was never created nor intended.


The Schedule above referred to

Signed, sealed and delivered                                                                                           AB