Deed of Trust (for Public and Charitable Purposes) where Authors appoint themselves as Trustees by Shiva.

Deed of Trust (for Public and Charitable Purposes) where
Authors appoint themselves as Trustees


(i)   A.B., aged . . . . . . .years.

(ii)   B.C., aged, . . . . . . .years, and

(iii)   C.D., aged . . . . . . .years, sons of the late Shri . . . . . . , residents of . . . . . . ., in the city of . . . . . . ., this the . . . . . day of . . . . . . .in the year, 20 . . . . . . .

WHEREAS we are in possession and ownership of the properties listed and detailed in the Schedule attached and made part of this deed and that the said properties are free of all encumbrances, charges and liens, whatsoever;

AND WHEREAS we have no child or children, nor any wife or wives living and have enough income independent of the said properties; AND WHEREAS it is our desire to declare the said properties listed and detailed in the Schedule as trust properties for the properties essentially public and charitable.

NOW, THEREFORE, THIS DEED WITNESSES that we, the said A.B., B. C. and C.D., do hereby declare that the properties mentioned and detailed in the Schedule hereto are trust properties, whereof the first trustees are the executants, the said A.B., B.C. and C.D., who as trustees have been put in possession of the said properties and shall as such trustees own, possess and manage the same and carry out the purposes of the trust within the ambit and power or authority vested by virtue of these presents.

The trust herein declared shall be for public and charitable purposes and shall, inter alia, carry out the undernoted objects, viz., . . . . . . . (here give the detail of objects and purposes of the trust).

In order to enable the trustees to satisfactorily carry out the trust hereinbefore declared, we authorise and empower the trustees to do all acts, deeds and things reasonable and proper for the realisation, maintenance, protection and benefits of the trust. Should, however, it be necessary for the trustees to sell any trust property, such discretion shall be exercised with the greatest of reluctance and caution and only if it is absolutely for the benefit of the Trust and on a resolution being passed unanimously by all the then trustees. All trust monies whether realised as income or as capital on sale of any trust property shall be reinvested only in government securities or . . . . . . .

We hereby authorise the said trustees, the survivor or survivors of them and other trustee or trustees for the time being appointed under these presents to exercise the power and duties herein conferred or imposed and further direct that whenever a vacancy happens in the body of trustees (which shall always be maintained at three) by any reason whatsoever, a new trustee shall be appointed in his place by the survivor or survivors and every such appointment shall be made in writing by the trustee or trustees then so acting at a meeting called for the purpose.

AS WITNESS our hands, we the said A.B., B.C. and C.D. have executed this deed on the day and the year first abovewritten in the presence of the witnesses, whom we now call upon to sign as witnesses.

Witnesses:                                                                    Sd. A.B.

1.                                                                               Sd. B.C.

2.                                                                               Sd. C.D.

Executants and First Trustees.

SCHEDULE OF PROPERTY (with valuation)