Defective Computer

Defective Computer

In the Bihar State Consumers Disputes Redressal Commission

12 North Srikrishnapuri, Patna, Bihar

Original Jurisdiction

Consumer Complaint No. ………… of 2000

In the Matter of:

A complaint under section 17 of the

Consumer Protection Act 1986 and

the Rules made thereunder


Mr. X residing at 2 North

Shrikrishnapuri, Patna, Bihar



Computer Limited a company registered under the Companies Act 1956 and carrying on business at 5 North Srikrishnapuri, Patna, Bihar



The Hon’ble President and his

Companion members of the State


The humble complaint of the complainant above-named most respectfully


1. The respondent is the manufacturer of and dealer in Computers both Hardwares and Softwares and is carrying on business, inter alia, at Patna and New Delhi.

2. The claim of the complainant is less than Rs. 20 lakhs but more than Rs. 5 lakhs.

3. The complainant’s cause of action for this complaint arose on and after 30th December 1998 within two years of the present application.

4. The complainant purchased a Computer from the respondent on 10th July 1998 at Rs. 6 lakhs on terms and conditions contained in the Guarantee Card given by the respondent.

5. Under the terms and conditions of the said sale of Computer by the respondent the respondent undertook to render free service for one year in relation to the said Computer.

6. Within six months of its installation at the office of complainant at 2 North Srikrishnpuri, Patna there was malfunctioning of the said Computer.

7. The complainant by a letter dated 15th December 1998 requested the respondent to replace the Computer as in spite of repairs by the respondent’s mechanic, the Computer was malfunctioning and was of no use to the complainant.

8. The respondent again sent its mechanic who attended the Computer but could not repair it or remove the defect and the machine continued to malfunction.

9. The complainant by its letter of 5th January 1999 made a detailed complaint to the respondent about the machine and requested respondent to replace the said Computer.

10. The respondent by its letter of 28th January 1999 denied any defect in the Computer or that it was malfunctioning.

11. The complainant contacted an expert Mr. Z from Patna who was the Principal of Patna Computer College and got the Computer examined by him and received a certificate/report of his examination of the Computer.

12. According to the expert opinion there was a manufacturing defect in the Computer and it could not be repaired by any mechanic and required substantial replacement of certain parts of the Computer and reassembly thereof. A copy of the expert’s report was sent to the respondent. In spite of this, the respondent did not take any effective steps. A copy of the expert’s report is annexed hereto marked ‘A’.

13. The complainant by a letter of 5th February 1999 requested the respondent to take back the Computer and refund the price paid therefor. A copy of the letter is annexed hereto marked ‘B’.

14. The respondent in reply stated that there was no defect in the Computer and that the complainant is not entitled to any refund of the price for the Computer. A copy of letter is annexed hereto marked ‘C’.

15. Copies of the receipt given by the respondent for purchase of the Computer and Guarantee Card are annexed hereto marked ‘D’ and ‘D-1’ respectively.

16. The complainant states that the contention of the respondent is untenable and unwarranted and in spite of several attempts the respondent has not been able to make the Computer function properly. The expert opinion is also to the effect that there was a manufacturing defect in the Computer.

17. In view of the aforesaid the respondent is bound to take back the Computer and refund the purchase price thereof and pay the costs and expenses incurred by the complainant in taking the expert opinion and incidentials thereto.

18. The respondent shall also pay the compensation due to the complainant for the harassment, troubles, loss of business, physical inconvenience and mental agony arising directly out of thebreach of warranty, breach of the agreement and breach of duty on the part of the respondent. The complainant assesses such loss and damages at Rs. 5 lakhs.

19. Without prejudice to the aforesaid the complainant states that an enquiry be made as to the loss and damages the complainant has suffered due to the defective and malfunctioning Computer sold and delivered by the respondent to the complainant and its inability to repair the same and depriving the complainant of any use of the Computer and putting the complainant to harassment and mental agony and loss of business.

In the facts and circumstances of the case the complainant prays for the following reliefs:

(a) Refund of Rs. 6 lakhs paid as consideration for the said Computer;

(b) Interest from the date of payment of the said consideration money till realisation at 18% per annum;

(c) Payment of Rs. 5 lakhs by the respondent to the complainant by way of compensation for the loss and damages caused to the complainant by the wrongful acts of the respondent;

(d) Alternatively an enquiry into the loss and damages suffered by the complainant due to wrongful acts of the respondent and malfunctioning of the Computer and payment by the respondent to the complainant the amount so found due on such enquiry;

(e) Costs of the present complaint and proceeding be paid by respondent to complainant;

(f) Further and other reliefs that the complainant is entitled to.

And the complainant as in duty bound shall ever pray.

Place: Patna

Date: 5th March 2000


I, Mr. X, son of ……………… residing at 2 North Srikrishnapuri, Patna, Bihar do hereby solemnly declare and state that the statements contained in the complaint above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief and that I have not suppressed any material fact.

Verified at Patna

this 6th day of February 2000


Identified by me Advocate


1.  Receipt

2.  Guarantee Card

3.  Expert Report

4.  Copies of correspondence