Statute – 45(4)

Employee concerned”—Statute 45(4) of the first Statute is not applicable to the plaintiff-respondent who was a Lower Division Assistant of the University.

Dhaka University & Anr. Vs. Syed Md. lsmail 4 BLT (AD)-249.

Dhaka University Employees (Efficiency and Discipline) Statutes

Misconduct”—the plaintiff-respondent on 5-5-76 forcibly occupied university staff quarter No. 40/C without any authority — The learned Judge of the High Court Division failed to notice that the respondent was removed from service for Misconduct
because he Misconducted himself by violating the service discipline in refusing to vacate staff quarter No. 40/C — dismissing the suit is restored.

Dhaka University & Anr. Vs. Syed Md. Ismail 4 BLT (AD)-249.