Druto Bichar Tribunal Ain, 2002


Druto Bichar
Tribunal Ain [XXVIII of 2002]


is no bar to use the beneficial part in a statute, if any, in favour of the
accused in the matter of holding his trial.

Abdul Kader
Mirza and another vs Bangladesh and others 56 DLR 31.


Section 6–

stringent provision has been incorporated in the new law even regarding bail.
There is no reason how this reduction of the time limit will affect the
petitioners when the other conditions relating to trial remains the same.
Article 35 clearly provides that a person accused of a criminal offence shall
have the right to a speedy trial.

Rahman Manik anrl others vs Bangladesh and others 55 DLR 636.


10(4) –

provision has been made in the Ain to the effect that the case shall be
concluded at any cost within the specified time by giving go–bye to the
established principles of trial causing no prejudice to an accused.

Rahman Manik and others vs Bangladesh and others 55 DLR 636.