Rule —19(Gha)

Whether Rule 19(Gha) Prohibits enlargement on bail

Writ petitioners have been charged under offences including that of Emergency Powers Rules, 2007 and Rule l9(Gha) prohibits enlargement or bail —The grounds upon which the bail was granted do not inspire our confidence in view of the above provision of section 19(Gha) of the Emergency Power Rules, 2007. Accordingly we are not inc. to emerge the accused to enlarge the accused on bail.

Anti Corruption Commission Vs. Syed Tanveer Ahmed & Anr 16 BLT (AD)220

Rule 19 ঞ

The allegation that the Rules are beyond the authority of the EPO has no substance and approval with retrospective effect is permitted to be given in respect of cases initiated between 12.01.2007 to 23.03.2007 the instant case was filed on 13.06.2007 and in respect of offences mentioned in Rules 14 and 15, the Rule 19 ঞ of the EPR provided as regard the cases which are of public importance and since the present case was lodged on 13.06.2007 it can be tried under EPR.

Govt. of Bangladesh & Anr Vs. Sheikh Hasina & Anr. 16 BLT (AD)233.