Service sectors alone comprises of more than 50% of GDP of Bangladesh.  Over the past decade the service sectors have been growing over 6% per annum. The presence of employment service rules in Bangladesh, specially in the service sector attracts significant employment as more than 35% of the employment of Bangladesh is from service sector.

In the past, there was no formal legislation on service rules but after the gazette on Labour Rules 2015, there is now a concrete legal guideline to govern the service conditions of the employee recruited by the employer. These service rules also comprise of the followings:

1. Standards on employment of workers.

2. Relations between workers and employers.

3. Determination of minimum rates of wages.

4. Payment of wages.

5. Compensation for injuries to workers during working hours.

6. Formation of trade unions

7. Raising and settlement of industrial disputes.

8. Health.

9. Safety.

10. Welfare working conditions and environment of workers; and

11. Apprenticeship and matters adjuvant thereto.