Section 3—

The contention that the provision of section 3 of the Ordinance overrides other laws so that a person cannot get any relief as provided in any other law if he can get such relief in the Family Courts Ordinance cannot be accepted as a relief provided in an Act cannot be taken away by providing similar relief in a subsequent Act, instead of repealing that provision in the previous Act.

Rezaul Karim vs Rashida Begum and another 1 BLC 198.

Section 5—

Provisions of the Ordinance have empowered the Court to entertain, try and dispose of any suit relating to five matters including maintenance but such power is not given to a Magistrate under section 488, CrPC but power of Magistrate has not been curtailed consequent to the establishment of the Family Court.

Rezaul Karirn vs Rashida Be gum and another 1 BLC 198.