Article 43
Allocated capital

The operations to be carried out by the branch office should be allocated sufficient capital to guarantee such operations, and not less than the minimum stipulated by the Angolan law for banking financial institutions of the same type that have registered office in Angola.

Article 44

1. The banking financial institution in question is responsible for the actions of its branch in Angola.

2. The equity of branch offices is autonomous and the assets can only be liable for obligations assumed abroad by the banking institution, after all obligations assumed in Angola have been satisfied.

3. Any decision taken by a foreign authority to declare bankruptcy or liquidation of the banking financial institution shall only be applicable to branch offices established in Angola, even if reviewed by Angolan courts, after compliance with the provisions of the previous number.

Article 45
Accounting and bookkeeping

1. The banking financial institution shall maintain in its branch office in the country all specific accounting for operations carried out in Angola; the Portuguese language must be used in all bookkeeping operations.

2. The accounting and IT systems of branch offices of foreign banking financial institutions in Angola must be autonomous from the parent company systems.