Article 52
Facts arising subsequently

1. The banking financial institutions should notify the National Bank of Angola, as soon as they are in possession of any facts as referred to in number 3 of article 26 of this law, which arise subsequently to the registration of the designation and which are related to any of the persons referred to in number 1 of the same article.

2. Supervening facts are those, which arise either after registration or before registration if they only become known after the registration is completed.

3. The obligation stipulated in number 1 of this article will be considered fulfilled if the persons concerned with the information enter into communication personally.

4. If the National Bank of Angola concludes that the suitability requirements for the type of responsibility have not been met, it shall cancel the relevant registration and communicate its decision to the persons in question and to the banking financial institution, which should take the necessary measures to ensure that the persons in question immediately give up their duties and new replacements are immediately nominated.

5. The registration will always be cancelled if it is ascertained that it was obtained by false declarations or other illegal means, regardless of other legal penalties which may be applicable.

6. The provisions of this article shall be applicable, duly adapted, to the managers of branches and representative offices as referred to in article 37 of this law.

Article 53
Deadlines, complementary information and certification

1. The deadline for requesting any registration is thirty days from the date on which the facts to register occurred or the National Bank of Angola has knowledge of them, as stipulated in number 2 of the previous article.

2. The registration of banking financial institutions should be requested within the same deadlines, counting from the date of final commercial registration or, in the case of foreign-based entities established in Angola, of their eligibility to become established in Angola.

3. When the request or documentation presented is incomplete or contains irregularities, which may be corrected by interested parties, the latter shall be notified to make the necessary corrections in a reasonable deadline, under the penalty of refusal of registration.

4. If the National Bank of Angola does not express any objections, within 30 days counting from the date of receipt of the request correctly presented or from the receipt of additional information if requested, the registration is considered as made.

5. Certificates of registration will be presented to parties showing a legitimate interest.