Chapter VI
Rules of conduct

Section I
General Duties

Article 55
Technical competence

The banking financial institutions shall guarantee to the clients high levels of technical competence in all the activities that they perform, ensuring that the organization has all the technical and material means necessary to deliver services performed in appropriate conditions, of quality and efficiency.

Article 56
Relation with clients

In the relations with clients, the managers and employees of banking financial institutions shall use diligence, loyalty, discretion and respect, always being conscious of the interests that have been entrusted to them.

Article 57
Duty of information

1. The banking financial institutions shall inform clients, in a clear and straightforward manner, the remuneration offered for funds received, the interest rates and conditions to access credit, as well as the cost of services and others that shall be supported by the client.

2. The National Bank of Angola shall define the minimum requirements that banking financial institutions must comply with in publicizing the conditions of the services provided.

Article 58
Code of conduct

1. The National Bank of Angola may define rules of conduct considered necessary to complement and develop the ones established in this law.

2. The code of conduct prepared by the Association representing the banking  financial institutions shall be sent to the National Bank of Angola for acknowledgement.