Section IV
Competition and advertising

Article 68
Defense of competition

1. Finance institutions and their branch offices may not:

a) sign contracts or agreements or adopt any kind of joint policy with the objective of achieving a dominant position in monetary, finance or exchange markets or bring about any change in their normal functioning;
b) individually adopt any of the practices referred to in the preceding paragraphs, or systematically apply discriminatory conditions in comparable operations;
c) financial institutions, under supervision of the National Bank of Angola, shall not impose to their clients, as a condition to benefit from the services, the acquisition of goods and products or the hiring of services, 
either provided by the institution, an affiliate company or any other company where it owns a qualified shareholding.

2. Agreements, contracts or practices with the following objectives are considered exemptions to the provision of line a) above:

a) Firm uptake of shares or debentures of any companies or public debt bonds, with the object of placing them through public subscription;
b) Granting credit of considerable sums to a certain company or group of companies in the same sector of economic activity, specifically credit related to contracts for viability or financial correction or development.

Article 69

The National Bank of Angola may order the immediate suspension of, or determine theadequate modifications or rectifications to, any advertisement of financial institutions with registered office in the country, when considered in violation of the law or
misleading to the public.