Article 84
External Auditors

1. The activities of financial institutions and their annual accounts shall be subject to annual external auditing, by an auditing company legalized and established in Angola, in accordance with the stipulated in Law 3/01, dated March 23.

2. The external auditors shall report to the responsible Supervisory Entity, as it may be required, the work done and the results obtained, and communicate at any time the infractions to the rules and standards detected, and facts that may affect the continuity of the institution’s activity or that may be a cause for the issue of reserves or limitations in the audit report.

3. The responsible Supervisory Entity may, exceptionally, and justifiably, define deadlines smaller than the ones stipulated in number 1 of this article.

4. For the purpose of number 1 of this article, the financial institution must communicate to the responsible Supervisory Entity, the identification of the chartered accountant or auditing firm, proposed or chosen, in the terms of the said number.

5. The financial institutions external auditors may not perform their duties for more than four years in a row, after that period they must wait identical period before becoming available for selection.

Article 85
Entities not entitled

1. When there are grounds to suspect that a non-entitled entity is carrying out or carried out activity reserved to financial institutions, the responsible Supervisory Entity may require that it submit the material necessary for clarifying the situation, and may also carry out inspections at the site where such activity is being or has been carried out, or where it is suspected that
relevant material may be found which refers to such activity.

2. Without prejudice to the legitimacy conferred by the law on other persons, the responsible Supervisory Entity may require the dissolution and liquidation of the company or other institution that, without entitlement, carries out operations reserved for financial institutions.

Article 86
Seizure of documents and valuables

1. During the inspections referred to in number 1 of article 85 of this law, the responsible Supervisory Entity may seize any documents and valuables which are the object, instrument or product of an infraction or that may be deemed necessary for preparing any related legal proceedings.

2. Number 1 of article 136 of this law is applicable to the valuables seized.

Article 87
Co-operation with other authorities

Police authorities shall provide the responsible Supervisory Entity with the co-operation requested in relation with its supervisory duties.

Article 88
Prerogatives of Supervision Entities’ staff

1. For an effective performance of their duties, the supervisory staff, with proper credentials, has an administrative guarantee, and may not be prosecuted judicially, for legitimate acts practiced in the course of legal and regular performance of
their duties.

2. For the purpose of the provisions of the previous number, the responsible Supervisory Entity must take all appropriate measures to defend supervision personnel, including the payment of attorneys’ fees and legal costs.