Article 17
Form of request

1. The banking financial institutions authorization request will be processed and delivered to the National Bank of Angola including the following elements:

a) project of statutes, clearly referring the types of operations they intend to perform, as stipulated in article 4 of this law;
b) proof of economic and financial capacity of founding shareholders;
c) economic and financial accounts forecasts for each of the first three years of activity, including a program of activities, geographical locations, organizational structure and human and technical resources to be used;
d) Identity of founding shareholders, specifying the capital that each of them will pay up;
e) rationale of the adequacy of the shareholding structure;
f) proof of a bank deposit or bank guarantee accepted by the National Bank of Angola, corresponding to five percent of the minimum capital stock;

g) document stating the appropriateness of founding shareholders, relating to issues, that are capable of, directly or indirectly, influence significantly the activity of the institution.

2. The following information concerning the founding shareholders who are institutions or companies, with qualified holdings in the institution to set up, should also be provided:

a) statutes and relations of management board members;
b) balance sheet and accounts for the last three years;
c) list of partners who own qualified shareholdings in the participating institution or company;
d) list of companies in which the participating institution or company holds qualified shareholdings, and a description of the structure of the group to which they belong.

3. The presentation of the elements referred to in the previous number may be excused when the National Bank of Angola expresses that it already has knowledge of the said elements.

4. The National Bank of Angola may request further information from the petitioners and investigate as much as it deems necessary.