Group Project Related Management Information System

Group Project Related Management Information System

General Guideline:

For the group project and group assignment the mode of submission is through CD. For the report, you have to submit a report in hardcopy format.  The last date of submission is April 8, 2010. All the group members’ names, IDs and the respective sections should be mentioned.

Project Guideline:

The Group project should describe any business through an access database. The Access Database will have some tables, forms, switchboard forms, macros, reports and queries.  Think of  a  book publishing Company. One of the tables of that database (Book Publishing House) may include all the necessary information about the publisher itself. For example, some of the field names of that table may be books that have been published by them, their price, ISBN #, year of publication etc. Now after completing tables you can make some queries on that table which need to be saved under the query object. Then you can go for creating form, report and macro. You should also make a switchboard form which will interact with different objects (Table, form, report etc.) of the database. Briefly, you have to apply your creativity and learned concepts in this group project. Don’t forget to give an aesthetic touch to give a professional touch to your final work.

This is, however,  a suggested guideline. Feel free to design your own.

Don’t copy, don’t cheat. Plagiarism will automatically result a Failing grade for all the groups involved.

Besides, as a group you have to submit two assignments which are included in the group assignment folder.

Group Report

Select an e-commerce company. Visit its Web site and describe its business model based on the information you find there. Identify its customer value proposition, its revenue model, the market-space it operates in, who its main competitors are, any comparative advantages you believe the company possesses and what its market strategy appears to be. Also try to locate information about the company’s management team and organizational structure. (Check for a page labeled “the Company,” “About Us,” or something similar).

The submission dateline will not be extended, in any means. Dire consequences are waiting for those who fail to submit on time.