Guarantee for Payment of Price of Goods by Shiva.

Guarantee for Payment of Price of Goods


Messrs C.D. & Co.

Dear Sir,

In consideration of your supplying goods or otherwise giving credit to E.F. etc. I hereby guarantee the payment of all sums of moneys that may be due to you on that account on demand with interest at . . . . . . . . . per cent per annum till payment but my liability shall not at any time exceed the sum of Rs . . . . . . . with interest at the aforesaid rate.

I also agree that this guarantee, which is to be considered as a continuing guarantee not determinable on any payment or payments, shall continue in force in spite of any change in the constitution of your firm and in spite of your granting to E.F. etc. time or any other such indulgence, and shall not determine even by my death but shall continue in force until one calendar month’s notice to determine it shall be given to you by me or by my representative.

Dated . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .                           ??Yours faithfully