HRM Practices and Employee Satisfaction in Real Estate Business: A study on Lotus Design &amp: Development Ltd

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“HRM Practices and Employee Satisfaction in Real Estate Business: A study on Lotus Design & Development Ltd.”


Introductory Part

1.0 Introduction:

In today’s world, business houses create a tremendous and continuous positive contribution on national and international economy. It is multipurpose server by huge production, distribution, export and import. Business houses are developing and modifying day to day towards a successful and performance oriented organizations. These organizations are now a days finding out their key factors for both the existence and success in today is corporate and fast paced business environment. It is for not only the business organizations, all service producers, educational institutions, non-government organizations even government organizations are concern today for providing better and competitive service. Some modern organizations put their steps in the field of corporate social responsibility. These include national, international or multinational companies. Even today, we see several financial institutions, banks, mobile phone companies are working for the greater welfare of the ordinary people. This is now happening in our country. This is a positive change of the attitude of the management of the companies. Managements have started to care about their soul-forces, which are their human resources. We have to look before some couple of decades ago when employees were treated as like as machine. Days started to be changed by some noble pioneers who taught to treat employees as human resources not as people at work. With the passage of time, organizations become employee-friendly. This is not happened universally, all over the world but generally, even in our country. With the change of thinking of managements, employee attitude also reached on a platform where employees want to provide better service. In this context, this is an attempt to reach a conclusion that what employees do and realize their duties, responsibilities, work environment with their pay-package. A firm has been selected as subject where the entire job is done. This work will reveal employee satisfaction level in context with their salary, duties and work environment and ultimately employee attitude towards their management. Multifoods options have been justified to enrich the work. Employees with higher salary and better environment, higher salary with typical environment, ordinary package and better environment or even ordinary package with typical work environment etc. employee duties, responsibilities have also considered with these functions as catalyst. This work will also disclose the best policy of the management that it supposed to perform for the best of all the stakeholders of the organizations.

1.1 Background of the Study:

It is a great opportunity to learn about the corporate culture during the internship and as an executive of Lotus Design & Development Ltd. I got a chance to prepare my internship report about Lotus Design & Development Ltd. Of the topic HRM Practices and Employee Satisfaction of real estate, firm Lotus Design & Development Ltd. This opportunity helps HR Directorate and me to learn about the administrative. Lotus Design & Development Ltd. is a real estate company and the member of REHAB. During the job, I got enough knowledge about the functions of various departments and the functions of admin and HR. It is impossible to highlights all the activities of Lotus Design & Development Ltd. In this report but I try to summarize and gives enough data related to my internship topic. I think this report able to give enough idea about the mentioned topic.

1.2 Importance of the Study:

As it is said earlier, organization is now-a-days performance based and employee oriented. This work will clearly expose the final statement regarding a better condition of the organizations where employees are treated as human resources and employees are also enjoy a really soothing work environment with satisfactory pay-package with future safety and security with some other beneficiary activities of the organization.

There is a high degree importance of the subject. Research says all the organization, which are treated, as successful business houses are more concentrated on the well management of its stakeholders. All the most high-ranking organizations of the world have come to the zenith due to this reason. Machine without man is nothing even liability, management is failed when it has dissatisfied employees and even management sometimes cannot find out how much it could achieve more if it has a group of satisfied employees. Satisfaction is not only related with the salary even not only with the employee’s duties and responsibilities, it is highly and remarkably related with the work environment and the treatment of the management extended towards its employees.

Management can achieve its goal by utilizing all resources including human resources with dissatisfied groups of employees. This is theoretically and practically possible. However, the thing is that, management cannot realize or even think that what degree success or progress they fail to achieve due to having dissatisfied employees. A satisfied employee is the real key force of the organization. In Japanese management, employees feel dissatisfaction due to own realization that they might do more for the company, still though they are efficient enough. Management is also highly satisfied on them. This is an unusual picture. However, for development and progress of the organization and betterment of the employees this is very much essential.

Human being is virtually created as honest. Earthly environment, its affects, competitive advantage & disadvantage sometimes make human being impatient. Human being as employees is not exceptional from this reality. Salary, inter-person relation, promotion, motivation, bossing, entire work environment affect on employees. Sometimes this is positive and of course sometimes negative. Positive affect brings satisfaction and devotion to work while negative affect brings dissatisfaction on the work. This work will help managements to take decision about management of human resources and ultimate progress of the organization with the devoted and really deserving employees.

1.3 Real Estate Phenomena in Bangladesh:

Dhaka city, born during the Moghul Empire and grown with the British rule, is expanding rapidly. From the beginning of the 20th Century its growth and latter development is marked with sheer lack of proper and far-reaching planning. The impact is now being felt at the end of the century. Dhaka City is undergoing terrific growth phase throughout the last two decades. While there are so many real estate developers in the market, there are also very few of them who have maintained the quality, safety and customer preference. It is customary in the country that the first day quality and impression is lost after a while when people start getting a bit of familiarity. This happens due mainly to lack of professionalism. Sometimes the consumers here are in a fix to choose a particular brand out of many.

A good number of real estate companies are working under one umbrella association named ‘Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh’ (REHAB). Almost 120 Companies are at present affiliated with this association, while more than 380 companies are working independently. Lotus Design & Development Ltd. took a leading role in the formation of the industry association and is one of the members of the REHAB.

1.4 Objectives of the Real Estate Business in Bangladesh:

The main objectives of the Real Estate Business in Bangladesh are given as follows-

  • To offer finest apartments in excellent locations to the clients;
  • To provide sound construction with aesthetic design to the clients;
  • To install best possible fittings and fixtures;
  • To satisfy clients by expert-oriented service;
  • To help solving the residential problem of Dhaka city;
  • To perform social responsibility for a happy future.

1.5 Market of the Real Estate Business:

Real estate business especially apartment projects has started in late 1970s in Dhaka City. But from early ’80s the business started to grow and flourish. At present, more than 250 companies are active in business but 95% business is still dominated by of top 10 Companies. Present market is growing at the rate 15%.

1.6 Reasons for the Development of Real Estate Industry:

The main reasons why real estate business developed in Dhaka city are as follows:

  • Scarcity of open space in the important areas of the city
  • Hazards of purchasing land and construction of building
  • Rapid increase in population of Dhaka
  • Decrease in the rate of bank interest
  • Price of land and apartments is increasing day by day
  • Rent of the apartments is comparatively higher than the rent of
  • privately constructed flats
  • Open Market Economy. Remittance of foreign currency is very easy
  • Security, service facilities such as garbage disposal, central satellite TV connection, apartment’s services saves time, roof top facilities, lift and so on.

1.7 Research Problems:

The main focus of this report is to analyze the HR practices in the Lotus Design & Development Ltd. and determine the employee satisfaction level of the organization. It also helps to bring the idea of the overall functions and situation of the real estate organization. Real Estate sectors now a first growing sector and for the economic development and improvement of the country it needs to emphasis the overall condition. Human Resources and their thinking are the main equipment for the development of this sector.

1.8 Scope of the Study:

This particular study will approach only the employees of Lotus Design & Development Ltd. conducted for fulfillment of Bachelor of Business Administration degree.

At the outset, the paper discusses various condition or state of employees with the work environment and management. Then the paper studies and tries to find out the reason and factors for those various conditions. Finally, the paper suggest with few policy recommendation for effective and better work environment for the employees.

1.9 Objective of the Study:

1.9.1 Broader Objective:

This dissertation paper is undertaken as an assignment for fulfillment of the requirement for completion of the BBA in Finance. This paper aims to find out the actual work environment where employees feel the organization of their own. They feel home in work place and they feel work as worship.

1.9.2 Specific Objectives:

To analyze and evaluate HR practices in Lotus Design & Development Ltd. some objectives are identified and these may include:

  • How employees treat their pay package
  • How employees treat their management
  • What employees think about switch over
  • How employees treat their work environment
  • How employees work with high dissatisfaction
  • How employees consider their organization as own
  • How employees feel their future with the organization
  • How employees think of development of their organization
  • How employees treat every minor details of the organization
  • How employees receive sudden change of their management
  • How employees put emphasis on their condition of uncertainty
  • What happens when employees do their job with ultimate satisfaction
  • What expectation employees do from the management as ordinary employees
  • Which condition do the employees prefer – salary based or supportive management
  • Actually which work-environment is the most wanted and accepted by the employees
  • What happens when employees feel like the fish out of water
  • Result of combination of employee-performance and management support


Methodology of the Study

2.0 Methodology of the Study:

In order to conduct this small-scale evaluative study the following methodological rigor will be adopted.

2.1 Sampling:

Stratified sampling technique is analyzed for selecting the sample of the population. Out of 150 employees 66% (99 employees) of the Lotus Design & Development Ltd. was and sometimes chronologically selected for interview.

A schematic presentation of the sample design

Figure: 2.1 A schematic presentation of the sample design

Since this is a small-scale study-work for identify the employee satisfaction level and I try to find out the HRM practices based on both primary and secondary data. Participants who are regular in work and at least three years passed with the organization will be approached for collecting data.

2.2 Types and Sources of Information:

Both primary and secondary source were used to collect information for this action research and report. Following information/ variables were considered to conduct a study that is illustrated below:

2.3 Following Key Variables were selected for This Study:

Characteristics of each individual employee; weakness of employee to organization; vindictiveness of employee to organization; obstacles of employee to disclose proper information; fulfillments of expectation of some employees; feelings of some deprived employees; employee’s knowledge; educational back ground; activities; thoughts; feeling and behavior; human resources development; office automation; central decision making; improvement of overall performance; Employee’s career development thoughts; decision making ability; ability to instant trouble shooting and handling; developing administrative capacity; motivated employees; employee’s working experiences; training background and nature of organization will also be taken as one of key variables.

2.4 Sources of Primary Data:

Primary sources of information include data collection from the study locale with the help of questionnaire, observation methods with the respondents. However, it is mainly interview based

2.5 Secondary Sources of Data:

For the purpose of reports and statistical inferences, some vital statistics of such type of previous base line survey report of such kind (if any) records of the previous study, reports prepared by various similar natures of organizations

2.6 Limitations of the Study:

There are certainly some limitations of study. There is only one subject field was selected for the entire works. The subject matter was a real estate firm, which is not enough. Number of interviewee was also limited with the company. There was a high probability that the employees would be tuned with the management. Different types of employees were over there as interviewees. There was a probability that different educational and family backgrounds might affect the study. There was a limitation of period. Top management was not included in the study. There was a great probability how the truth became known. The main limitation of the study was the question of proper mental and physical condition of the interviewees.

In spite of above-mentioned limitation, there are some strong considerations for the work or study. In Bangladesh, all the real estate companies are more or less same in nature and procedures. It may be mirror image to take several subjects, which is huge time consuming. For this reason a well reputed, established and client supported company namely, Lotus Design & Development Ltd. was selected for the study. It is quite old as said earlier but it has already passed twenty-five years of successful operation in different parts of the mega city Dhaka. The number of interviewees was 99. In addition, this number of interviewees is considered more than enough for this type of study. As there was an excellent combination of different employees, it might expect that the outcome of the study is true and genuine. All the interviewees were tuned to be honest and frankly to the interviewer. Moreover, it was done in different alternative ways for genuinely.


About Lotus Design & Development Ltd.

3.0 Lotus Design & Development Ltd.:

Success lies in the ability to adapt with changing times. That is something that Lotus Design & Development Ltd. has learnt since 2008. Understanding the changing nature of the real estate sector Lotus Design & Development Ltd. proceeds to build homes, introducing daring and innovative living concepts.

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. believes that architecture can captivate the essence of time. Lotus Design & Development Ltd. Monuments capture accordingly a particular period and yet continue to be appreciated eternally. To each development, Lotus Design & Development Ltd. adds that extra touch of magic, which makes it a home.

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. is one of the pioneer real estate companies of the country involved in the sector since 208. Apart from being the member of the Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB), Lotus Design & Development Ltd. was the renewal construction company.

The experience of more than three years in the real estate business has spurred completion and successful hand over of more than 80 projects to satisfied owners of Dhaka and Cox’sBazar.

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. Not only believe in quality as a mere vision statement but also implement it in every aspect of our operations and the way Lotus Design & Development Ltd. of doing business. To bolster Lotus Design & Development Ltd.’ is core values of quality and excellence, we have taken on board a team of dedicated and skilled professionals consisting of architects, engineers, designers, planners etc.

At the heart of our operations – the key word is “Integrity”. In addition, this integrity has ensured our growth even in the face of stiff competition and volatile business environment year after year.

3.1 Overview of Lotus Design & Development:

Incorporated in 2008

Pioneer in the real estate sector

REHAB Membership No. 675

Handed over more than 800 flats

3.2 Features of Lotus Design & Development:

RAJUK approved projects

Dispute free lands

High quality construction

Modern Functional Design

In time handover

After Sales Service

3.3 Vision of Lotus Design & Development:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. shall endeavor to excel in every aspect of their operation and thereby provide quality products and services to their customers. The organization will have a challenging and satisfying working environment so that the talents and potential of their human resource is given the full opportunity to blossom & grow. Lotus Design & Development Ltd. shall maintain a high degree of integrity in their business conduct and this characteristic will prevail in their dealings with their customers, their suppliers, their contractors, their financiers, their employees & indeed their entire society.

3.4 Mission of Lotus Design & Development:

  • Customer Policy: To always, focus on the customer; because the customer’s satisfaction is their inspiration.
  • Business Policy: To conduct the business with high integrity.
  • Employee Policy: To nurture the best human resource through training & motivation.
  • Quality Policy: To consistently developed high quality real estate to keep their standard above others.
  • Environment Policy: To address environmental issues aptly & carry on their activities in line.
  • Future Policy: To endeavor innovation to excel in every aspect of their operation.

3.5 Targets:

The targets of Lotus Design & Development are to enhance our property development line and continue to use it as a platform on which constantly extends its broad spectrum of activities both in Bangladesh and abroad and is able to compete and survive in any operating environment. The management’s philosophy focuses on the following goals:

  • To cater the boom in Real Estate Development in Bangladesh.
  • Our mission is to provide fit, safe and affordable housing for low and moderate-income people.
  • With the focus on matching the right people to the right property.
  • Have come together with a range of skills and backgrounds with the common commitment to deliver new levels of service and honesty.
  • Strengthen our profile as a company of high quality and reliability in all areas.
  • Increase our productivity and serve better our clients through continuous improvement and development of our staff.
  • Constantly re-assess the market to eliminate risks and exploit opportunities, passing on the benefits to our clients and shareholders.

3.6 Future Plan of Lotus Design & Development:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. is committed to expand and diversify in the years to come. It has taken on board a number of projects, which will have a definite impact on the socio-economic fabric of the country and play a dynamic role in the overall economic development of Bangladesh.

3.7 Quality Policy of Lotus Design & Development:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. will provide leadership in quality in the Real Estate Development sector.

They will provide quality in their construction work, their management systems, and their customer services so that they can fulfill or exceed their customer’s expectation.

Their human resource will always be their greatest asset and they will provide regular training and opportunity to our people so that the quality of their work is constantly improved.

3.8 Quality of Lotus Design & Development:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the field of Real Estate Development in Bangladesh. Lotus Design & Development Ltd. is the renewal Real Estate Developer in Bangladesh to be given this prestigious, internationally recognized accreditation. They believe that it is their organizational strength that has enabled them to achieve market leadership.

3.9 Business Development:

Teamed up with a band of highly motivated professionals, the business development division explores new business opportunities and comes up with the best options to meet the growing demands in the marketplace. The Business development department is responsible for locating the most valuable land in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Cox’sBazar and negotiates with landowners to ensure a win-win joint venture or to outright purchase the land.

3.10 Design & Development:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. has been known for its spectacular and innovative living concepts and daring architectural designs. This has been possible by the dedicated full time professional architects and designers who constantly delve into the realms of innovation and uniqueness.

3.11 Engineering & Construction:

Well experienced engineers with both local and international exposure are responsible for management of this department. The teams of highly qualified civil engineers carry out direct supervision to ensure the highest quality of workmanship. Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are in place for Quality Control (QC) of concrete and other completed work samples at every stage of the construction process.

3.12 Marketing & Brand Management:

A truly professional Marketing & Brand Management Team is in place at Lotus Design & Development Ltd. to nurture and communicate numerous product offerings to its customers. The tools and techniques applied by the Marketing Department complements the efforts of the Sales Department and help to put Lotus Design & Development Ltd. image and products in their right perspective.

3.13 Sales:

A pro-active sales team is always in touch with Lotus Design & Development Ltd. valued customers to update them on the latest product offerings. Every member of the Sales Team is given extensive on-site training so that the person is totally familiar with construction procedures and acquires full product knowledge.

3.14 Customer Service:

A full fledged Customer Service team remains constantly in touch with customers for any modification or optional works desired by the customer during construction of projects. Customer Service Department aims to provide full satisfaction to the customers by always being on hand to satisfy any query they may have about their cherished home.

3.15 Maintenance:

A dedicated maintenance team is fully active to maintain the relationship with Lotus Design & Development Ltd. Customers’ Headed by a Sr. Maintenance Engineer, the department starts working just after the project handover. All the customers’ complaints are addressed as Lotus Design & Development Ltd. team looks after all civil, electrical, and sanitary and plumbing works. In addition, this service is given free of cost for two years if within the purview.

3.16 Finance & Accounts:

Finance & Accounts personnel are responsible for putting in place appropriate financial control methods, cash flow management and maintenance of proper accounting principles.

3.17 Human Resource & Training:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. recognizes that their people are their greatest asset. Thus, development, professional evaluation and motivation of Lotus Design & Development Ltd. human resource are a very important goal and objective of the company. The human resource department is staffed with a competent team of HR professional who ensure the above goal.

3.18 Administration:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. admin department ensures safety, security and maintenance of our sites, our corporate building and all our movable and immovable assets. A dedicated team is totally focused to protect the interests of the company.

3.19 Corporate Affairs:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. Corporate affairs department maintains liaison with all external agencies such as, PWD, CDA, City Corporation etc. As a responsible corporate citizen, Lotus Design & Development Ltd. ensures integrity and professionalism in its dealings with all external agencies.

HRM Practices on Lotus Design & Development Ltd.

HRM Practices in Lotus Design & Development Ltd.:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. knows that their people are their greatest asset. Thus, development, professional evaluation and motivation of Lotus Design & Development Ltd. human resource are a very important goal and objective of the company. The human resource department is staffed with a competent team of HR professional who ensure the above goal. Some of the HR practices of the building technology and ideas ltd are given below:

4.0 Human Resource Development

To get the maximum outcome from the human resources it is obviously necessary to implement and invent new way to complete the work activities and systems. HRD is related to upgrade the working system. It depends on some relevant information. It helps to improve the skills, requirement, control measures and training needs. Lotus Property

Management Limited has been always conscious to improve the HR processes and working environment day by day.

The HR Department deals with five core areas of operations. It includes planning for organizations; jobs and people; acquiring human resources; building individual and organizational performance (training and development); rewarding employees; maintaining human resources.


4.1 Human Resource Planning and Information System:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. plans the human resources and information system. It is a process of deciding in advance, what is to be done regarding human resource acquisition to its proper utilization. It is obvious that without proper planning human resource activities cannot be implemented as per desire or the management. It deals to identify the current work force position and desire work force position. It helps to forecast the future skills and assess HR requirements, determine training levels and arrange management development program and future accommodation. One sample framework of HR planning is given below:


Human Resources are also depending on the information system. In Lotus Design & Development Ltd. management Information System, (MIS) gives a great contribution for the flow of the information system and management of the information system. The components and process by which HRIS and Management information system done the duties are given below:


4.2 Recruitment and Selection:

An organization’s success depends on its human resources. No matter how much an organization invests in other assets if it is human, resource does not have the competence then the organization will be unsuccessful. Even when deciding which fixed assets to invest the organizations go through many hurdles, so when it comes to human resource they have to be even more careful.

First, an organization conducts human resource planning to identify their personnel needs. Once these needs are established a job analysis is conducted, which clarifies the job being done and the individual qualities necessary to do these jobs successfully. Then based on this information a pool of qualified applicants is recruited. The next step calls for selecting the most suitable person for the job, which is the major objective of selection process.

To outline the standards those are expected of new recruits to the Bank, and the processes that will be followed during recruitment and selection. The foundation for this policy is that recruitment should only occur when there is a specific business need to be met i.e. vacant post and that the selection of the appropriate candidate will be on the basis of qualification, performance, potential and aptitude.

4.3 Recruitment Decision:

The decision as to who should be recruited is taken by the General Manager of Human Resources and Departmental head and other Executives relevant to the position to be filled.

4.4 The Selection Criteria:

Candidates are selected after full consideration of the following factors:

4.4.1 Need:

There must be a legitimate need to increase the company’s hand count. In all cases the Department Manager who considers that they have a legitimate need to increase their hand count, either because an existing employee has resigned or because the expansion has been agreed as a part of the Area Operating Plan, must submit a request to HR Officer for consideration within existing manning levels and current business priorities for approval by HR Panel. If the request is in line with the Area Operating Plan and current business priorities HR Officer will begin the recruitment process.

4.4.2 Advertising:

It is the company’s policy to advertise its vacancies to potential candidates both externally and internally. To meet the occasional need to recruit specialist-experienced employees, advertisements will be placed in professional journals and newspapers both within Bangladesh and overseas as necessary or give advertisement in the reputed job site.

4.4.3 Qualification:

Job specifications and job vacancy advertisements will indicate the experience that is required for each job.

4.4.4 Aptitude:

Candidates for all vacancies will be asked to undertake a range of ability tests prior to their recruitment. The company uses standard, professionally developed tests that are considered relevant to the positions of respective posts. Candidates who successfully pass the ability test will be invited to attend interviews with members of the Human Resources Panel and other Executives deemed appropriate in light of the particular vacancy to be filled.

4.5 The Process of Recruiting and Selecting of Lotus Design & Development Ltd.:

Need identified in accordance with Area operating plan
External Vacancy advertisement placed (if necessary)
Candidates short-listed according to job Criteria match
Candidates undertake ability tests
Candidate undertake customer service questionnaire
Candidates are interviewed by Human Resource Panel
Candidates are offered a position dependent on satisfactory
References and medical examination
Candidate is appointed to probationary staff
Candidate is appraised ruing the probationary period
Candidate is appointed to the permanent staff



4.6 Sample of Request for Recruitment:


Lotus Design & Development Ltd. Recruitment and Selection process follows a standard pattern. It begins with advertising and concludes with the final employment decision.

4.7 Steps of Recruitment and Selection Process:

4.7.1 Advertising:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. advertises in the national newspapers and professional journals and to reputed job site.

The advertisement includes mainly two things:

  • Job Description
  • Job Specification

4.7.2 Initial Screening:

  • This screening consists of a two-step procedure:
  • The screening of inquiries (Short-listing).

The provision of screening interviews (Preliminary Interview)

Some of the respondents are eliminated based on job description and job specification. Factors that lead to a negative decision at this point include-

  • Inadequate or inappropriate experience
  • Inadequate or inappropriate education

4.7.3 Ability Tests:

The Ability Tests are concentrated to judge the candidates:

  • Oral communication & written communication skill.
  • Sales ability.
  • Analysis and judgment
  • Creativity Initiative
  • Patience
  • Conflict management skills
  • Organizational sensitivity and
  • Tolerance for stress

4.7.4 Interview by Human Resource Panel:

The candidates who have so far survived after all the tests at this step will face the Human resource Panel and will have to give a comprehensive interview. The interview panel may consist of:

  • The personnel department interviewers,
  • Executives within the organization,
  • A potential supervisor, potential colleagues or
  • Some combination of these may interview the applicant.

The candidates are most likely to face questions concerning:

  • Their last job experience,
  • Their career goals,
  • About their particular field of work,
  • Favorite courses at university or college,
  • What they expect from the organization, their reasons for choosing this organization, etc.

This interview is designed to probe into areas that cannot be addressed by the application form or tests. These areas usually consist of assessing one’s motivation, ability to work under pressure, and ability to ‘fit-in’ within the organization.

4.7.5 Appointment as Probationary Staff:

At Lotus Design & Development Ltd., the new employees are initially employed under probation. The employee will be given a certain time to prove his or her ability in those preferred area. The period is called probation period. If the employee is succeeds to show his or her ability and worth in the job field, only then the job will become permanent for the new comer.

This is done to judge whether the employee is able to fulfill his or her job requirements, whether that person could cope with the organization’s environment etc.

4.8 Training and Development:

Training is a learning process whereby people skills, concepts, attitudes and knowledge to aid in the achievement of goals. There are many objectives works behind the training and development. In Lotus Design & Development Ltd., there is a huge opportunity to get the training and nice accommodation is established for the training process. The schedule of training and performance is excellent. General Manager, Human Resources look after the whole process where the training and development needed. Some of the objectives for conducting training and development are given below:

  • Instruction of new employees.
  • Knowledge on new method.
  • Knowledge on company policy.
  • Knowledge on company customer relation.
  • Change of attitude.
  • Personal growth.
  • Ensuring loyalty.
  • Reduction of labor turnover.
  • To increase productivity.
  • To improve quality.
  • To help the company to fulfill its future growth.
  • To improve organizational climate.
  • To improve health and care.
  • Obsolescence prevention.
  • Behavior change.

4.8.1 Methods of Training and Development:

Some of the training methods are normally follow in Lotus Design & Development Ltd. The immediate supervisor mainly responsible for giving the instructions and training to the subordinates. Some of the ways of training method like power point presentation, meeting, discussions etc. The specific topic is mention for the training like time management, computer maintenance etc.

4.9 Performance Appraisal:

The employees should be evaluated on a number of specific dimensions of job performance. Each of the specific dimensions of job performance used to evaluate an individual’s performance should be developed so that it is not deficient, contaminated, distorted, or irrelevant.

The responsible person for conduct performance appraisal system that is in Lotus Design & Development Ltd. is given below:

  • Supervisor
  • Weighted checklist

For appraisal of the employee, the following process is follow:


4.9.1 Methods Using for Appraisal:

Lotus Design & Development Ltd. uses specific ways in which HRM can actually establish performance standards, devise instruments to measure, and appraise an employee’s performance. Three approaches exist for doing appraisal: employees can be appraised against

1. Absolute standards

2. Relative standards

4.10 Dimensions of HR Practices in Lotus Design & Development Ltd.:

In Lotus Design & Development Ltd., the HR and TRG Department follow all the dimensions and requirements for the HR processes. The development of the HR processes are strongly observed and improved. On the other hand all the day-to-day activities are continuing. It is necessary for the improvement of the organization. HRM practices are strongly related to the development of the organization so it needs to give emphasis on this area.

Part – V

Activities of the impact study of the Employee Satisfaction Level of Lotus Design & Development Ltd.

5.0 Activities of this Impact Study:

Activities of the proposed study can be organized under three phases, such as

Phase I : Inception Phase

Phase II : Survey/ Data Collection Phase

Phase III : Reporting Phase

A table given below will clearly explain the above-mentioned three phases of activities of the proposed study.

Phases Activities
Phase – I

Inception Phase

Collection and review of relevant documents, Development of Data Collection Instruments (DCIs) and techniques, Developing Guidelines for Focus Group Discussion (FGD), Preparation for Field Investigation, Pretest of DCIs, FGD guidelines in consultation with the Lotus Design & Development Ltd. authority.
Phase – II


Collection Phase/

Field Work

Development of Data gathers, monitoring and supervision of the work of field data collection, Development of Tabulation and Data Analysis, Plan and techniques, Field Data Collection.
Phase – III

Reporting Phase

Collection of field in DCIs, coding and code verification, Editing Data, Data Computation, Analysis of Data and Preparation of Tables and prepare graphical presentation, submission of tables and reports to proper authority


5.1 Data Collection Instruments:

In conducting this study-work, interviewing method will be used for data collection, while a checklist would enable to record direct observation. A combination of structured and unstructured interview schedules would help generate information for this study. Along with interviewing techniques, Focus Group Discussion technique will also be used to approach the various issues to assess and to generalize information within a very short period.

The following Table gives a preliminary description of type of data needed, sources of data and instruments to be used for collecting data


of Data

Sources Data Collection Techniques Data Collection Tools

Of Knowledge



Interviewing, Administering

Written Questionnaire, Focus Group Discussion



Guideline for FGD


Related to

Application of




Focus Group Discussion Guideline for FGD


5.2 Work Plan:

The proposed work plan is presented in next table. The plan shows detail tasks, their inter-relationship and time requirement to complete the task.



Activities Training Weeks
In days
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 Mobilization of study team 2
2 Determination of data requirements and data specification 5
3 Determination of sources primary and secondary data 2
4 Design & preparation of questionnaire/ schedule for data collection, guideline for FGD 3
5 Pre-testing of data collection instrument 2
6 Finalizing of questionnaire, checklist, guide for data collection 2
7 Reproduction of questionnaire & tools 2
8 Collection of primary data interviewing & FGD 14
9 Editing, completion & analysis of collected information 9
10 Preparation of the draft of he final report 12
11 Submission of the draft report 1
12 Incorporation of contents, suggestion and preparation and printing of the final report 9
13 Submission of the final report


5.3 Data Collection and Analysis:

In the light of variables, data collection tools and techniques discussed above, a general format will be prepared for gathering data related to effectiveness of the study work, a special format will be devised for assessment of all required information.


Major Analysis of the Problems

6.0 Major Analysis of the Problem:

From the analysis of the observation, face-to-face interview and answering of questionnaire some factors are found of the HR practices and employee satisfaction. Mainly the outcomes of the analysis are mention in the report. 99 employees of Lotus Design & Development Ltd. were selected for this study work. Among them all were be observed minutely at their work in different times in different condition and situation. All of them were interviewed in course of time with individual and common questionnaire. Written answer sheet was also collected from the interviewees under multiple-choice system. The three instruments of data collection in this regard were:

  • Observation
  • Face to face Interview
  • Answering of questionnaire

6.1 Observations:

  • .
  • I have observed the employees during entering office, at individual work, at group work, at meeting, at lunch, at tea break, at departure from office. Several and most of the conditions I have noticed and observed deeply and minutely. This observation continued through out the tenure. All the participants were informed properly about the study work. So that I might have the actual result and picture of expression. The main observations are as follows:
  • Out of total 150 employees, 65 persons work at head/ corporate office. Rest 85 employees are in project area in the different parts of the metropolis.
  • At head/corporate office more than 95% employees enter in due time.
  • More than 97% employees take tea and read newspaper before starting daily activities.
  • Computer is used by almost 80% employees at head/corporate office.
  • A strong Chain of Command was found.
  • Decisions are mostly centralized.
  • There are nine different departments with individual activities.
  • A strong and prominent networking was found.
  • Employees seemed to be sincere at work.
  • Only head of departments are entitled for transportation.
  • Salaries are found regular.
  • Employees are strongly discouraged to take loan from office.
  • Management appreciates employee’s participation of different extra training & courses.
  • Management wishes birthday and participate in marriage ceremony of the employees.
  • Senior colleagues are found average helpful.
  • Head of departments are found extra attentive & caring to the top management.
  • Top management is rigid for the junior employees.
  • There is prominent sub-culture is found under formal office culture.
  • Interaction among employees is found intimate, informal, and friendly.
  • Grouping in junior employees are found.
  • For some marketing and project development, dept. incentive is paid on performance.
  • Employees seem to be easy and homely at office.
  • Employees wear regular and formal dresses.
  • Meetings are found not so participative.
  • Dept. heads are found as typical manager.
  • Employees work here keeping in mind that it is a private company.
  • Employees are found at work even after regular office time.
  • Besides clients, a good number of people visit this office for different purposes.
  • Dept. heads are entitled to go abroad once in year at office expenses.
  • Heads organize dept. wise regular dinner party for colleagues.
  • Management organize grand yearly get together
  • Management organizes a ceremony for each handover program of each project.
  • Office pays a subsidy at the everyday lunch for the employees.
  • More than 50% employees have passed 3 years in this company of 3and ½ years.
  • More than 75% employees have passed 2 years.
  • More than 90% employees have passed 1 and ½ years.
  • Regular promotion, yearly increment and bonus are paid on rules.
  • Employees get other helps and supports from the company.
  • Most of the employees feel this is their own.
  • Employees are found very much respectful to seniors and top management.
  • All stakeholders are found more or less happy with the company.
  • Employees are found as flexible, sincere and punctual.
  • Management is found rigid in much advertisement and propaganda.
  • Top management shares ideas twice a month with all employees by turn
  • Most of the employees are found below 32 years of age.
  • More than 70% employees are within 28 years of age.
  • Employees are recruited through competitive examination followed by viva voce.
  • No nepotism and no favor for selecting any employee.
  • Employees are seemed to be confident about the company.
  • Employees enjoy Friday as holiday.
  • Employees are entitled to have about 30 days leave in a year.
  • Site or project work schedule is quite different from head office.
  • Every site has a particular working schedule.
  • In every site, there are Site-Engr., Asst. Engr., and Project Accountant & Site Asst.
  • Site deals with the workers, contractors and head office.
  • Site has a close relation with marketing, purchase and engineering dept.
  • Site Engr. Works as the site in charge.
  • Site employees are dependent on head office.
  • There is a scope for site employees to be promoted.
  • Site is inspected by head office regularly.
  • Site employees are comparatively seemed to be happier than head office employee is.
  • Every site is being managed tactfully and with consent of head office.
  • Site employees are used to hard working, they are convinced and manageable.
  • Site employees enjoy holiday by turn once in week.
  • Every sites work as big store of finishing materials.
  • Site Engr. reports to Manager-Engineering.
  • Newspaper and tea is provided in each site.
  • Every site has an entertainment budget.