Industrial Relations Ordinance, 1969
[XXIII of 1969]
Section 3—
The corporation has a right to frame its own Rules concerning the condition of employment of workers as provided under the proviso to section 3 of the Act—Rules not found invalid—Labour Court travelled beyond the pleading of the party.
Brigadier Choudhury Khalequzzaman Vs. Sk. Shahabuddier 42 DLR 293.

Section 26—
The Labour Court has no jurisdiction to deteramine the quauteem under section 26—Labour Court can not punish an alleged offender to failure to comply with an indefinate order.
Brigadier Choudhury Khalequzzaman Vs. Sk. Shahabuddin 42 DLR 293.

Section 34—
The complainant workmen may have the quantum of termination benefit fixed or determined by the process of law may be by filing an application under section 34 of the Industrial Relations Ordinance—Labour Court is not to decide the said quantum under section 26 of the Standing Orders Act.
Brigadier Choudhury Khalequzzaman Vs. Sk. Shahabuddin 42 DLR 293.

Sections 36(3) & 64—
Labour Court and a Magistrate, 1st Class, having jurisdiction in the relevant matter shall have concurrent jurisdiction to try an offence punishable under the Industrial Relations Ordinance. Under section 64 of the Ordinance a Magistrate 1st Class, has also been invested with power to try any offence under this Ordinance. The decision reported in 1985 BLD (AD) 278 is not applicable in the facts of the present case.
Kamaluddin Chowdhury Vs. Mashiudowllah 43 DLR 137.