Industrial Report

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By means of practical knowledge it’s not possible to apply the theoretical knowledge in the practical field. For any technical education, practical experience is almost equaled important in association with the theoretical knowledge.

The industrial attachment is the process, which builds understanding, skills and attitude of the performer, which improves his knowledge in boosting productivity and services. University education provides us vast theoretical knowledge as well as more practical attachment, in despite of all these industrial attachment helps us to be familiar with technical support of modern machinery, skillness about various processing stages.

It also provides us sufficient practical knowledge about production management, work study, efficiency, industrial management, purchasing, utility and maintenance of machinery and their operation techniques etc. the above mentioned cannot be achieved successfully by means of theoretical knowledge only. This is why it should be accomplished with practical knowledge in which it is based on. Industrial attachment makes us reliable to be accustomed with the industrial atmosphere and improve courage and inspiration to take self responsibility.

Textile education can’t be completed without industrial training. Because this industrial training minimizes the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge and make us accustomed to industrial environment. I got an opportunity to complete two-months long industrial training at Padma Poly cotton knit fabrics Ltd, which is a 100% export-oriented composite Knit Dyeing Industry. It has well planned & equipped fabric dyeing-finishing and garments units in addition to facilitate knitting and knitwear manufacturing.

Project Description

Padma Poly Cotton Knit Fabrics Ltd. is a state of art composite textile industry specializing in knitting, dyeing, finishing and garments manufacturing. It has been set up at 131 Tejgaon Industrial Area.This is a sizeable industry constructed on 4 acres of land with all modern facilities, equipment having its own power-generating unit. It is in full commercial production from January 1995.

Padma PolyCotton Knit Fabrics Ltd. is a 100% export oriented composite plant for knit fabrics and garments. Padma PolyCotton Knit Fabrics Ltd. is well equipped with most modern & sophisticated European state of the art textile finishing equipment & Japanese made sewing machineries operated by highly skilled 4,500 technicians & managed by a vastly experienced management. PolyCotton’s committed to render best services on timely shipment of garments to the valued customers all over the world.

Padma Poly Cotton Knit Fabrics Ltd. exports different garments like T-shirt, Polo shirt, Trouser, Jacket, Ladies wears, Children wears, Fashion dress etc. to the famous buyers like Tom Tailor, De facto, OBS, IC Company and so on.

Through active management of garments production, merchandising and marketing activities a lot of foreign currency is earned and it is increasing rapidly day after day. It has also managed employment of a lot of peoples.

Padma PolyCotton Knit Fabrics Limited

Ø Year of establishment:Established in the year 1995.

Ø Nature of business:100% Export-oriented composite knit Dyeing factory.

Ø Nature of company:Private Limited Company

Ø Total employees:4500 persons

Ø Turnover :US$ 30 million/year (2007)

Ø Factory and building:300,000 square feet

Ø Building:8 storied dye house and finishing area

Ø Factory location:Padma PolyCotton Knit Fabrics Limited

131 Tejgaon, Industrial Area, Dhaka.

Tel: 88 02 9123928-30, Fax: 88 02 9885389



Ø Name of the contact persons :Khan Mohammad Ameer

(Chief Executive Officer)

Khalid Hossain Khan

(Director Production)

Product mix:

Knit fabric:

Single Jersey, Heavy Jersey, Pique, Lacoste, Interlock, Rib, Dropneedle, Herringbone, Popcorn, Waffle, Jacquard, Terry, 2/3threadfleece (Brushed/ Unbrushed), Loop Knit Collar & Cuff, Striper Peach and Emarizing Etc with Open Width and Tubular Finish. 100% cotton, 15% viscose + 85% cotton, 10% viscose + 90%cotton, 30% viscose + 70% cotton.


T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Sweat-Shirt, Golf Shirt, Cardigan, Jogging Suit, Short/Trouser, Legging Tank Tops, Children Wear, Jogging Suits, Fashion Dress and Children Wear Etc.


BGMEA Gold Medal-2007(For Outstanding performance on corporate with social Responsibility & knit export)

Bangladesh Business Person-2007,Organized by DHL & The Daily Star.

PVH Gold Medal – 2007 ,For in time shipmen of qualify goods.

CSR Award – 2008 ,By Standard Chartered bank & Financial Express & so many from nation & international bodies.

Annual Production Capacity:

Serial. No. Name of Unit Production per Hour Production per day Production per month Production per year
1 Knitting 500 kg 8-10 tons 300 tons 3600 tons
2 Dyeing 300 kg 6-8 tons 280 tons 3360 tons
3 Finishing 625 kg 10-15 tons 300 tons 3600 tons
4 Cutting 140pcs 3200pcs 96000pcs 11.5 lack
5 Printing 300pcs 6000pcs 80000pcs 9.6 lack
6 Embroidery 70pcs 1680pcs 50,400pcs 6.04 lack
7 Sewing 150-200pcs 3600pcs 100000pcs 12 lack
8 Garments washing 10pcs 240pcs 7200pcs 86000pcs

Main buyers:

Name Country Name Country
S. Oliver Germany New look UK
Tom tailor Germany C&A Germany
IC company Netherland LIDL Germany
Umbro France Zagora Germany
Espirit Germany Grey Stone Germany
Erima Germany Landroof Denmark

Factory Location:

Different section of Padma poly cotton knit fabrics Ltd.