International Migration and Refugee Law

International Migration and Refugee Law

Refugee Law

Notion of ‘Refugee’, The History of International Refugee Law, Objectives and Importance of International Refugee Law, The Relationship between Humanitarian Law, Refugee Law, Human Rights Law and Public International Law, Determination of Refugee Status under the UNHCR, Conventions and Protocol, Refugee Protection under International Law, Right to Asylum, Asylum Seekers and Refugee, Economic Migrant and Refugee, Internally Displaced People, Principle of Non-refoulment, The UNHCR and its Role for the Protection International Refugee Rights and Reality, International Community and Protection of Global Refugee, Problem of Chakma, Rohingya and Bihari Pakistani in Bangladesh and their Protection, Bangladesh a critique of UNHCR and Convention, Gender, Sexuality and Refugee Status: Comparative Case-studies, Refugee Problems or Refugee Politics;

Law on Migration

Migration: Definition, Origin, History, Development, Present Global Trend, Causes and Consequences, Different Types of Migration: Internal and International Migration, Voluntary and Forced Migration, Permanent and Temporary Migration, Documented and Undocumented Migration. Causes and Consequences of Forced Migration, National and Transactional Issues in Migration, Immigration and Emigration Law, National Legal Instruments relating to Imigration and Citizenship in Bangladesh,      International Initiatives regarding Migration: UN Policy, EU Legal Framework, GATT (WTO) Provisions; International Organization for Migration (IOM)- Mandate, Role and Activities, International/Regional Instruments and the Protection of the Rights of all Migrant Workers and Members of their Families;

Relevant Laws:

Book Recommended:

1. The Refugee in International Law (3rd Edition) by Guy Goodwin Gill and Jane


2. The Rights of Refugee under International Law by James C. Hathaway

3. Refugee Law and Policy: A Comparative and International Approach (3rd Edition) by Karen Musalo, Jennifer Moore, Richard A. Boswell

4.  On the Margin: Refugees, Migrants and Minorities by Chowdhury R. Abrar

5. The UNHCR and World Politics (OUP) 2001 by Loescher

6. Foreign Migrants: An International Legal Regime for Undocumented Migrant Workers by Syed Refaat  Ahmed

7. The Ethics and Politics of Asylum; Leberal Democracy and the Response to Refugees           by Matthew J. Gibney

8. Problems of Protection: The UNHCR, Refugee and Human Rights by N. Steiner

9. UNHCR: The Politics and Practice of Refugee Protection into the 21st

Century by Gil Loescher

10. International Refugee Law by Barrister Harun Or Rashid

10. International Refugee Law: A Lexicon of Principles and Issues by Tuhin Malik

11. Overview of International Migration by International Organization for Migration (IOM)

12. States, Citizens and Outsiders: The Uprooted Peoples in South Asia by Tapan K.

Bose and Rita Manchanda

13. The Right to Leave and Return in International Law and Practice by Hurst Hannum

14. The Age of Migration: International, Population Movements in Modern World by

Stephen Castles and Mark J. Miller

15. Transcending Boundaries: Labour Migration of Women from Bangladesh by Tasneem


16. The Law of Citizenship and Passport of Bangladesh by I. M. M. Mohsin

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)