Section – 153

The general guidance of the Government as envisaged under Section 153(d) is restricted to in making of the rules and to provide for carrying out the purposes of the Ordinance. Under the provisions of the Ordinance, it is the Corporation, composed of its elected Mayor and Commissioners, would perform the functions of the Corporation in its overall interest and not the Government in the garb of providing ‘general guidance’ and is neither entitled to interfere in the day to day administration or various other functions of the Corporation nor in the functions of its Commissioners. The functions of the Government in this regard is restricted to overseer and see that the Corporation functions within the ambit of the Ordinance and not beyond it. It should, rather, be on guard not to over-step its jurisdictional limits and invade into the functions of the Corporation.

Shamima Sultana & Ors. Vs Bangladesh & Ors. 14 BLT (HCD) 33.