Labour and Industrial Law

Labour and Industrial Law

Introduction to Labour Laws:

Evolution of Labour Laws in the World, Development of Labour laws in India during British, Formation of Labour Policies and Laws in Pakistan Periods, Labour Laws and Practices in Bangladesh before Labour Code, 2006, Codification of Labour Laws in Bangladesh, Importance and Basic Principles of Labour and Industrial Laws,

Factory and Employment of Workers:

Definition of Worker, Classification of Workers, Formation of the Contract for Service, Conditions of Employment, Appointment Letter and Identity Card, Service Record, Register of Workers and Its Contents, Issues of Health and Hygiene, Safety and Welfare, Working Hours, Overtime, Leave and Holidays, Wages and Its Payment, Wage Board, Procedures for Changes in Condition of Service by way of Stoppage of Work, Closure, Strike, Lock-out, Lay-off, Retrenchment, etc. Conclusion of Service by the Employer through Discharge, Dismissal, Termination, Procedures for Defending Workers Rights against Illegal Dismissal, Termination etc, Penalties for Offences, Employment of Young Workers: Prohibition of Employment of Children and Adolescents, Fitness Certificate, Medical Examination, Employment of Adolescents in Hazardous Tasks, Working-hours of Adolescents, Exemptions,  Maternity Benefits: Prohibition of Employment of Women Workers in certain Cases due to Maternity, Right to receive Maternity Benefits and Liability to pay, Amount of such Benefits, Amount of Benefits in case of Death of Women Worker;

Law of Trade Unions:

Trade Unions of Employers and Workers, Registration of Trade Unions, Certificate of Registration, Cancellation of Registration, Incorporation of Registered Trade Unions, Rights and Privileges of Registered Trade Unions, Unfair Labour Practices on the part of the Employers and Workers, Indemnity from certain Legal Proceedings, Registration of Trade Union Federations, Trade Union Movement in the Indian Sub continent, Problems of Trade Union Movement in Bangladesh;

Collective Bargaining Agent:

Concept, Process, Scope, Pre-requisites and Operation in Bangladesh;

Settlement of Dispute:

Settlement of Dispute through Negotiation, Mediation/ Conciliation and Arbitration, Dispute Resolution by Labour Courts and Tribunals, Constitution, Jurisdictions, Functions and Powers of Labour Courts and Labour Appellate Tribunal, Offences, Penalties and Procedure: Penalties and procedures in case of Breach of Different Provisions of the Act;


Wage Board: Establishment of Minimum Wage Board, Recommendation of Minimum Wages for Certain Categories of Workers, Special Provisions for Newspaper Workers, Compensation for Accidental Injuries, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Pension, Compliance section of a Factory, Labour Policy of Bangladesh Government: Some Issues;

Relevant Laws:

1. Bangladesh Labour Code, 2006

2. Bangladesh Shromik Kallan Foundation Act, 2006

Books Recommended:

22.  P. L. Malik’s Handbook of Labour and Industrial Law

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)