Author(s) names: Shah I Mobin Jinnah
Organization name: Community Development Association (CDA)

January 2013

The Issues of Movements and which are for Reconstruction in Bangladesh:

  • Release access land according to ceiling allocation.
  • Reconstruction of Land Management.
  • Initiate to distribute Khas land among the landless and information dissemination.
  • Administrative reform and distribute among women.
  • Present power structure should be reformed
  • Awareness among the women to establish individual land right and initiate to develop independent human being.
  • Land movement could be accelerated against communist rules.
  • Women Land Rights means free from control of men and establish rule of law.
  • Politicians should be sensitized with the issue of women land rights.

Land Rights of Women is not only legal entity: It is also,

  • Social
  • Administrative
  • Doctrine

Movement, reconstruction, policy orientation, development of laws should be considered in light of above context.


  1. Reformation of inheritance law (Ensure equality and balance among men and women)
  2. Priority should be given upon the distribution of Khas land and on raised up Khas land where women should be more emphasised.
  3. Provide legal base to the Ethnic minorities/Adibasis community and eliminates the historical rightlessness of women.
  4. Women land rights is recognized in Ethnic society. State should preserve political and cultural rights of this community.
  5. Implement the declaration of CEDAW & Beijing conference plan for action.
  6. Detail survey on situation of land ownership.
  7. Information dissemination on related land laws/acts
  8. Develop different political organization including mobilization, organization and cooperative.
  9. Reformation of land administration, generalization of land law and computerization.
  10. Development of land related international laws.

If the state really wants to empower women, it is very important to provide them the rights to control over their property, respect their decision to family, society and on the state.


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