Land Reforms Ordinance, 1984


Land Reforms
Ordinance, 1984



proviso to section 6 of the Ordinance provides that this section shall not be a
bar against acquisition of a homestead under any law. A decree in a suit for
declaration of title and recovery of possession of homestead land passed by a
civil court cannot be rendered nugatory by application of section 6 of the

Md Abdus
Sobhan Sheikh Vs Md Jobed Ali Sheikh and others, 21 BLD(HCD)223



6 of the Ordinance bars legal process in respect of any land within rural area
which is being used as a homestead by its owner.

Abul Kashem
Gazi & ors. Vs Sheikh Nazrul Islam & ors, 21 BLD (HCD) 244.


Land Reforms Ordinance 1984

Land Reforms Ordinance 1984 (Ordinance No, X of 1984)


In the
instant case, the predecessor of the plaintiff-petitioners purchased the suit
property and constructed his house thereon but the prayer of pre-emption of the
defendant-opposite party in respect of the said land was allowed by the leaned
Munsif which was affirmed upto the Appellate Division. Consequently, the
petitioners lost their ownership of the suit land and are no longer ‘owners’ of
their homestead, as such, they do not come within the ambit of Section 6 of the

Abdul Hal & Ors
Vs. Chan Manu Bibi 12 BLT (HCD)208.