Law of Civil Procedure (Special)

Law of Civil Procedure (Special)

Institution of Civil Suits and Different Stages of a Civil Suit, Suits in Particular Cases: Suits by and against Government or Public Officers, Suits involving Substantial Question as to the Interpretation of Constitutional Law, Suits by and against Aliens and Foreign Rulers, Suits by or against Corporations, Suits by or against Trustees, Executors and Administrators, Suits by or against Minors and Lunatics, Suits relating to Public Nuisance, Suits relating to Public Charities,

Various kinds of Suits: Representative Suit, Inter-pleader Suit, Pauper Suit, Money Suit, Title Suit etc.

Withdrawal and Compromise of Suits, Death Marriage and Insolvency/Bankruptcy of Parties, Suits involving Interpretation of the Constitution

Special Civil Procedure:  Procedure of Special Courts: Family Court, Artha Rin Adalat, Bankruptcy Court, Administrative Tribunal, Labour Court, Land Survey Tribunal,

Appeal, Reference, Review, Revision;

Execution of Decrees and Orders, General Principles of Execution, Modes of Execution, Stay of Execution, Arrest and Detention, Attachment of Property, Sale and Delivery of Property, Distribution of Assets, Limitation Period for Execution

Miscellaneous: Transfer of Cases, Restitution, Caveat, Inherent Powers of Civil Courts, Delay in Civil Litigation, Mediation and Arbitration in Civil Suits;

Laws of court-fee:

Nature and Purposes of the Law, Fees Payable in Courts and in Public Offices, Computation of Fees, Probates, Letters of Administration and Certificate of Administration, Process Fee, C.R & O. Provisions on Process Feee, Reduction and Remission of Courts Fees, Miscellaneous Costs and Charges, Mode of Levying Fees, Miscellaneous, Schedule: Advalorem Fees, Fixed Fees;

Laws of suit valuation:

Rules determining the Value of Land, Valuation of Relief in certain Suits relating to Lands, Court Fee Value and Jurisdiction Value to the Same in Certain Suits, Determination of Value of Certain Suits by Supreme Court, Supplemental Provision;

Relevant Laws:

1. The Code of Civil Procedure, 1908

2. The Civil Courts Act, 1887

3. The Civil Rules and Order,

4. The Suits Valuation Act, 1887

5. The Court Fees Act, 1870

Book recommended:

1. Code of Civil Procedure, 1908 by Govt. Publication

2. Code of Civil Procedure by D.F. Mullah

3. Civil Procedure Code by Shawkat Mahmood

4. Code of Civil Procedure by Sarker

5. Code of Civil Procedure by C.K. Takwani

6. Civil Procedure by Mahmudur Rahman

7. Code of Civil Procedure (Ist Edition) 2008 by DLR Publication

8. Court Fees Act, and Suit Valuation Act (4th Edition) 2007 by DLR Publication

9. Civil Reference (1995-1998) by DLR Publication

10. Res-judicata by DLR Publication

11. Ex parte Proceedings (1st Edition) by DLR Publication

12. DLR’s 36 Years Civil Digest (Part II & III) by DLR Publication

13. Law on Injunction by DLR Publication

14. Code of Civil Procedure by Mahmudul Islam

15. Guide to Civil Court Practice (3 Vols.) by M. K. Rakshit

16. Manual of Practical Instructions for the Conduct of Civil Suit by Siddiqur Rahman

17. Stay Order & Temporary Injunction by Awasthi

18. Civil Litigation in Bangladesh by Dr. Rafiqul Islam Mehedi

19. Civil Rules and Orders by The Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

20. Commentary on Civil Rules and Orders by Siddiqur Rahman Miah

21. CPC in Practice by Lokman Hossain

22. Civil Suits Instructions by The Government of Bangladesh

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)