Law of Crimes-(II)


Law of Crimes-(II)

  1. Criminal Intimidation, Threat, Insult and Annoyance;
  2. Offences affecting the Human body?Offences affecting Life (Murder Culpable   Homicide), Hurt, Criminal Forces and Assault, Kidnapping, Abduction, Slavery and Forced Labuor, Rape, Unnatural Offences;
  3. Property Offenses, Criminal DamageTheft, Robbery, Dacoity, and Fraud;
  4. Offence relating to Documents, Trade, and Property Marks, Currency Notes and Bank Notes, Weight and Measures;
  5. Offences relating to Religion;
  6. Offences relating to Marriage;

7. Offences Relating to Public Health and Safety, Convenience, Decency and


8. Defamation-Slander and Libel;

9. Contemporary Laws related to Different Crimes: Nari O Shisu Nirjaton Domon

Ain, Acid Oporad domon Ain , Druto Bichar tribunal Ain, etc.

10. Failure of the Law of Crimes in Bangladesh and Its Causes with


11. Anti-trafficking Legal Framework in Bangladesh, Trans national or Trans boundary Crime, a Comparative Analysis;

12. Terrorism in the world and Anti-terrorism Laws with Special Reference to South

Asian Nations; Role of UN in Combating Terrorism;

14. Corruption in Bangladesh, Recent and Ongoing Anti Corruption Drive in the

Light of Anti Corruption Laws of Bangladesh;

Relevant Laws:

  1. Bangladesh Penal Code, 1860
  2. The Special Powers Act, 1974
  3. The Arms Act, 1878
  4. The Explosives Act, 1884
  5. The Explosive Substances Act, 1908
  6. Nari-O-Shisu Nirjatan Daman Ain, 2000
  7. The Dowry Prohibition Act, 1980
  8. Acid Oporadh Daman Ain, 2002
  9. The Prevention of Corruption Act, 1947

10.      The Criminal Law Amendment Act, 1958

11.      The Anti Corruption Act, 1957

12.      The Anti Corruption Commission Act, 2004

13.      The Narcotics Act, 1990

14. Santrashmulak Aparadh Daman Ordinance, 1992

15. The Cruelty to Women (Deterrent Punishment) Ordinance, 1983

Books Recommended:

1. Penal Code, 1860, by Government Publication

2. Penal Code (1st Edition), 2003 by DLR Publication

3.   Penal Code by Zahurul Huq

4. Lectures on Penal Code by L Kabir

  1. Penal Code by Zahirul Islam

6. General Principles of Criminal Law by Hall, Jerome (1960)

7. Criminal Law Smith and Hogan

8. A Selection Of Leading Cases In The Criminal Law by S. Shirley Walter S.


9. The Indian Penal Code by Ratan Lal and Dhiraj Lal.

10. Penal Code by S. Mahmood

11. Indian Penal Code by Tandon

12. Law of Crimes by Ratanlal

13. Penal Code by Jhabvala

14. Textbook on Criminal Law (2005) by Michael. Allen

15. DLR’s 40 Year of Criminal Digest (Part I & II) by DLR Publication

Leading cases:

1. R v Jackelson 1920 AD 486


3. COKER V. GEORGIA (1977)

4. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan Vs. The State [(9 DLR) (SC) 259]

5. Fatah Khan Vs. The State [15 DLR (SC) 51]

6. Krishna Chandra Paul Vs. Khayer Sarder [20 DLR) (Dac) 746]

7. Hazer Ali Mondal and Others V. State 37 DLR (1985) AD 87 (Section 302)

8. Abdul Kuddus V. State 35 DRL (1983) HCD 373 (Section 376)

9. Adris Ali V. State 17 DRL 387 9Section 379)

10. Md. Hamiduzzaman and Others V. State 7 BCR (1987) AD 7 (Section 420)

11. Sigma Huda V. Isfaque Samad and Others 45 DLR (1993) HCD 129 (Section 499

& 500)

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)