Law of Criminal Procedure (General)

Law of Criminal Procedure (General)

Evolution and Development of the Code of Criminal Procedure in the Indian Sub Continent and in Bangladesh, Area or Scope, Objectives and Application of the Code, General Definitions, Constitution and Powers of Criminal Courts,  Aid and Information of Offence to Magistrates, Police and Persons Making Arrest, Arrest Generally and Arrest Without Warrant, Arrest, Escape and Retaking, Processes to Compel Appearance, Processes to Compel the Production of Documents and Other Movable Property, Maintenance of Public Order and Tranquility, Prevention of Offences, Preventive Action of Police, Information to Police and their Powers and Procedure of Investigation, Proclamation and Attachment, Search Warrant, Discovery of Persons Wrongfully Confined, Security for Keeping the Peace and for Good Behaviour, Unlawful Assemblies, Public Nuisances, Temporary orders in Urgent Cases of Nuisance or Apprehended Danger, Dispute as to Immovable Properties, Information, Investigation and Inquiry, Jurisdiction of Criminal Courts in Inquiries and Trials, Different Stages of Criminal litigations or Suits, Initiation of Proceedings, Public Prosecutor, Complaints to Magistrates, Commencement of Proceeding before the Magistrates, Framing of Charge, Trial of Cases by  Magistrates, Summery Trials, Trial before the Courts of Sessions, Mode of Taking and Recording Evidence, Judgment or Verdict, Appeal, Reference and Revision, Transfer of Criminal Cases;

Relevant Law:

1. The Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898

Books Recommended:

1. Code of Criminal Procedure, 1898 (Govt. Publication)

2. Criminal Procedure Code by N.D Basu

3. Criminal Procedure Code by B. B. Mitra

4. Criminal Procedure Code by Shawkat Mahmood

5. Law and Practice of Criminal Procedure by Zahirul Huq

6. Code of Criminal Procedure by Zahirul Islam

7. Code of Criminal Procedure by P.C. Sarkar

8. Criminal Procedure Code (Vols. I. II & III) by Shawkat Mahmood

9. Cr. P. C. Today by Muhammad Sohul Islam

10. The Code of Criminal Procedure with Criminal Rules and Orders by Abdul Matin

11. Ganguly’s Criminal Court Practice & Procedure by J. N. Mallik

12. Criminal Procedure Code by By Dr. Sarkar Ali Akkas

13. Criminal Procedure Code by Barrister Abdul Halim

14. The Code of Criminal Procedure by Ratanlal & Dhirajlal

15. The Code of Criminal Procedure by M. M. Hassan Nizami

16. Mahendra Singh Adil: A Guide to FIR

17.  Siddiqur Rahman Miah: Commentary on Criminal Rules and Orders

18.  Siddiqur Rahman Miah: FIR, Arrest, Search, Seizure, Recovery and Investigation

19. BLT’s Reference on Code of Criminal Procedure by Bangladesh Law Times (BLT)

20. Criminal Reference (2000-2005), 2006 by DLR Publication

Leading Cases:

1. Abul Kashem and others V. The State, 43 DLR 77 (AD)

2. Md. Shafique Miah V. The State, 19 BLD (AD) 284

3. Mehnaz Sakib V. Bangladesh, 52 DLR (HCD) 526

4. Abdur Rahman V. The State, 29 DLR 256 SC

5. Moqbul Hossain V. The State, 13 DLR 146

6. Siddiqullah V. The State, 22 DLR 491

7. Hafizur Rahman V. Abdul Kader Talukder, 8 DLR 298

8. Bashir Ali V. State, 45 DLR 63

9. Ataur Rahman V. State, 43 DLR 87

10. Abul Hossain V. State, 46 DLR 77

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)