Law of Evidence

Law of Evidence

Nature and Scope, Interpretation Clause, Presumption of Facts, Relevancy of Facts, Facts in Issue, Relevant Facts, Admission, Confession, Statement by Persons who can not be called for as Witness- Dying Declaration, Statement made under Special Circumstances, Opinions of Third Persons when Relevant,  Character of the Persons Who are Connected with the Fact to be Proved, Privileged Communication, Accomplice, Judicial Notice, Facts Admitted, Oral Evidence, Documentary Evidence, Circumstantial Evidence, Proof of Documents, Judgement of Courts of Justice when Relevant, Relevancy of Previous Judgement in Barring a Second Suit or Trial, Public Document, Private Document, Presumption as to Documents, Of the Exclusion of Oral by Documentary Evidence, Opinion as to Usages, Opinion on Relationship, Facts which need not to be Proved, Production and Effect of Evidence, Burden of Proof, On Whom the Burden Lies, Burden of Proof on Particular Facts, Estoppels, Competence of a Witnesses, number of Witness, Examination of Witnesses, Leading Questions, Hostile Witness, Refreshing Memory, Power of the Courts to Put Questions or Order of Production of any Documents or Thing, Impeachment or Confirmation of the Credit of a Witness, Of Improper Admission and Rejection of Evidence, Role of Judges compared in Adversarial System and Inquisitorial System, Application of Medical Jurisprudence as evidence in Criminal Cases;

Relevant Laws:

1. The Evidence Act, 1872

Books Recommended:

1. The Evidence Act, 1872: DLR Publication, 3rd Edition, 1999

2. Principles and Digest of the Law of Evidence (Vol. I & II) M. Munir

3.  Principles and Practices of the Law of Evidence by Powell

4. Introduction to the Law of Evidence by Stephen

5. Introduction to Evidence by G.D. Noades

6. Evidence (In India Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burma, Ceylon, Malaysia and Singapore (Vol. I & II) by Sarkar and P. Manohar

7. Law of Evidence (Student Edition), 24th Edition by Ratanlal and Dhirajlal

8. Principles of the Law of Evidence by Best

9. Evidence, Cases and Materials by Heydon

10. Cares on Evidence by Cockel

11. The Modern Law of Evidence by Adrian Keane

12. Blackstone’s Statutes on Evidence by Phil Huxley

13. Law of Evidence by Zahirul Haq

14. Principles of the Law of Evidence by Avtar Singh

15. Reflections on the Law of Evidence by Md. Nazrul Islam

16. Law of Evidence (Vol. I & II) by Ezaj Sarkar

17. Law of Evidence and Discussion (Bangla) by Dr. Md. Nurul Haque

18. Law of Evidence by Abdul Karim

19. Law of Evidence by Rafiqur Rahman

20. Law of Evidence (Bangla) by Basudev Ganguly

21. Evidence Act. (Bangla) by Gazi Shamsur Rahman

22. The law of Evidence (Bangla) by Siddiqur Rahman Miah

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)