Law of Partnership and Insurance

Law of Partnership and Insurance

Law of Partnership:

Definition and Nature of Partnership, Formation of Partnership, Comparison between Partnership and Company, Types of Partners, Rights, Duties and Liabilities of Partners, Dissolution of Partnership Firm, Rights and Liabilities of Partners after Dissolution, Registration of Partnership Firm and Effects of Non registration, Reality of Partnership Business in Bangladesh and the Existing Partnership Act;

Law of Insurance:

Definition and Types of Insurance, Governance of Insurance Business, Definition and Nature of a Contract of Insurance, Fundamental Principles of Insurance Contracts, Reinsurance, Double Insurance, Government and Private Insurance Companies in Bangladesh;

Life Insurance:

Definition of Contract of Life Insurance, Difference between Life Insurance and Other Forms of Insurance, Insurable Interest, Effective a Life Insurance Policy, Procedure for Effecting Life insurance, Kinds of Life Insurance Policies, Surrender Value, Paid up Value, Loan Value, Assignment of Life Policies, Nomination by the Policy Holder, Distinction between Assignment and Nomination, Days of Grace, Revival of Discontinued or Lapsed Policies, Loss of Policy, Proof of Age, Effect of Suicide, Settlement of Claims;

Fire Insurance:

Definition of a Contract of Fire Insurance, Loss or Damage by Fire, Procedure for Effecting Fire Insurance, Types of Fire Policies, Assignment of Fire Insurance Policies, Fire Insurance Claim

Marine Insurance:

Definition of Contract of Marine Insurance, Subject of Marine Insurance, Maritime Perils, Marine Policy, Characteristics of Marine Insurance Contracts, Kinds of Marine Policies, Insurable Interest, Measure of Insurable Value, Warranties in a Contract of Marine Insurance, Assignment of Policy, Premium, Marine Losses?Total Loss, Partial Loss, Rights of Insurer on Payment;

Relevant Laws:

1. The Partnership Act, 1932

2. The Insurance Act, 1938

3. The Marine Insurance Act, 1906

Books Recommended:

1. The Partnership Act by DLR publication

2. The Principles of Mercantile Law by Avter Singh

3. Partnership Law by Dr. Michael Twomey

4. Practice Notes on Partnership Law by Russell Deards

5. Introduction to Law of Partnership by Avter Singh

6. A Manual of Mercantile Law by M.C. Kuchchal

7. Elements of Mercantile Law by N. D. Kapoor

8. Insurance, Principles and Practices by M. N. Mishra

9. The Principles of Mercantile Law by Avter Singh

10. Life and Health Insurance by Kenneth Black, Harold D., Jr. Skipper

11. Fundamentals of Risk and Insurance by Emmett J. Vaughan, Therese M. Vaughan

12. The Complete Book of Insurance: The Consumer’s Guide to Insuring Your Life, Health, Property and Income by Ben G. Baldwin

Leading cases:

1. Khan and another v Miah and others [2001] 1 All E.R. 282

2. Winsor v Shroeder (1979) 129 NLJ 1266

3. Cox v Coulson [1916] 2 KB 177

4. Rhodes v Moules [1895] 1 Ch 326

5. Paul vs. State of Virginia, 75 U.S. 168 (1868)

6. United States v. South-Eastern Underwriters Association,, 322 U.S. 533 (1944)

(Also Additional Books, Journal Articles, Contemporary cases, materials form Websites will be discussed by the Course Teacher Concerned)