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Question: In our country money is power. Those have enough money do not abide by law at all. But law should be equal for both rich and poor. Explain and illustrate.


Money is the reason man struggles. Absolute and the need for money is real. Through otherwise worthless pieces of paper we have become dominated by an abstract attested. Do not be fooled, money is not the paper it is printed on. Money is an idea, money is energy. That it is not important to them some people will claim, their money away I am sure they would be singing a different melodic line yet if you took.

The driving forces behind the actions of man are money, sex, and self-preservation in that order. For better or for worse, the modern world lives by the “Golden Rule”: Those with the gold make the rules. With money comes power, a country’s status is determined by its monetary value. The poor countries are controlled by the rich, and in return they receive security and protection. The root of every decision, every war, every dispute, and every noteworthy national action almost always boils down to an issue of money. This same idea holds true within the society of the individual countries.

It is commonly thought that money is the cause of corruption. Money, intrinsically, is the cause of nothing. Money alone is nothing. It is the individual that is the cause of corruption. The wealthy man that uses money as an alibi for his corruption is just as much at fault as the poor man who uses the thought of corruption as an alibi for his lack of money. We have only ourselves to fear, money is neither the driving force of good nor evil.

Money is the cause of imbalance. The uneven distribution of wealth greatly affects all of us. Whether it affects us positively or negatively cannot be said as it is not a question that can be answered with a definitive response. As always there is a good and bad side to the coin which makes it impossible to label it as one or the other.

Many people living in poverty feel that they were the subject of wrong doing, that they were not given a chance to achieve prosperity. Money is not discriminating; great wealth can be obtained by anyone regardless of social status. Do the poor strive for personal wealth? The overwhelming majority do not. Money is a thought, money is an idea, and money is energy. Thoughts, ideas, and energy are available to all of us. Do not subject yourself to a life of poverty by allowing your mind to believe that you were not meant for wealth. There is an abundance of wealth around us. If you believe you will be prosperous, prosperous you will be.[1]

Money is Power in Bangladesh:

This chance to share some of my thought in the context of the kind of alteration for Bangladesh that we often discourse on various Bangladeshi forums I am taking. Several prefatory notes, first. The idea is here as preliminary. Here may apply to many other countries what I have talk here, what I have discoursed here may apply to many other countries. Expressions not to affront the intelligence or cognition of our readers or I have defined certain words, clarified to myself but to have my thought.

My premises are as following. Bangladesh has no deficiency of talented people. True development of the country the people do desire to see. Bangladesh’s problems are solvable. Adequate solution and once we properly diagnose the problem; we can then seek appropriate right. At least in the last fifty eld, to let this country defeat its vicious cycle no genuine attempt has been made. It is rapidly growing and gave the population of the country is already big relative to its resources, But still significant development is possible, there is deficit of resources. Transformation is our political system and the real impediment to such development, progress. Institutions and which includes both political cultures.[2]

One basic fact of economic science that I have used here is that for true economic development, there has to be simultaneous growing in both demand and furnish. What merchandises are bought and what products are purchased.[3]

Money is power.” This statement is proclaimed again and again by business concerns, politicians, and marketers. That we give a certain amount of power to money most of us would have to acknowledge. Most of us would acknowledge that we find it nearly impossible to dangle money and power, and if we are honest.

In a primary school of an upozila in the North of the country Mamota (her real name) is an instructor.  A long distance to the school she has to commute. To another school in the same axial she desperately needs a transfer. To the district education business office she goes. Numerous pleadings, she was said the transfer was ‘doable ‘ and after several trips. To do something first she has. She sends her husband natural (also a teacher) with ten 1000 takes in his pocket, on her next day of appointment at the business office. Who incidentally is still called Baro Babu as in the British days, was out saying his Bohr prayers, the head clerk.

In his business office natural waits. Baro Babu, have owning a round cloth cap, walks in, takes off his cap, and wearing a round cloth cap, walks in, takes off his cap. To a low stool behind the clerk’s table Baro Babu points. The money on the stool as directed natural lays.

Her transfer in a few days Mamota acquires. She has just paid a bribe of ten 1000 her pay is around five 1000 takes.

Universities of today would be virtually unrecognizable in our days as educates and still on the matter of corruption in education, colleges. To ‘student’ groupings before admission was secured there were then no ‘fees’ to offer.[4] To be paid to one grouping of pupils there was no money or there was no money to be paid to one group of educates.

With the accession to the UN rule against corruption (UNCAC). To acquire international aid to recover the ill acquired gains of corruption concealed abroad Bangladesh will continue.

The recent discovery of over us 200 million stashed in Banks in different countries by former premier Khalid Zia’s younger son Arafat rah adult male kook functionaries said. [5]

Laws against money laundering Bangladesh should amend to plug the loopholes that allow international minutes in drug trade laundering. Panic finance and terror finance. Says a global project force.

Canada and in a draft report to the authorities, financial action project force (FAPF), the world’s lone anti money laundering organization, has observed that Bangladesh is a transshipment point for illegal drugs bonded for marketplaces in Europe, the USA.[6]

Ethical values, the entice of modern luxuries, condoning of corruption by the society, legal loopholes, poor and delayed enforcement of Laws, absence of constitutional authority like ombudsman, deficiency of strong political will, etc and the pervasive corruption in Bangladesh is generally attributed to poor scion economic conditions, degradation in moral.[7]

Political parties/politicians:

The ultimate objective of a political political party in a democratic system is to procure and the ultimate objective of a political party in a democratic system is to procure. Other benefits are given to the members and through such control, material.[8]
Muscle power and to win elections nowadays, one needs money.[9] To a transparency Bangladesh (TIB) survey, according About TK 3 million each on average in excess of the expenditure limit lay by electoral Laws the candidates who participated in the ninth parliamentary election spent. To the survey according, according to the survey. For election obviously do so with the hope of making good that loss those who spend that much money and those who spend that much money for election obviously do so with the hope of doing well that loss.

Three staircase up its position last twelvemonth,, Bangladesh this twelvemonth has been ranked 13th from the bottom 147th among 180 countries, the report says and last twelvemonth, Bangladesh was ranked 10th from the bottom. Among 180 countries in the corruption percepts index this twelvemonth it has been placed 139th. Bangladesh has does a significant progress in curb corruption raising its rack up to, according to the report. 2.4 compared to last year’s 2.1.[10] The best Bangladesh is one of the nine countries that performed.[11]

Public Service Effectiveness:

For bad performance is not far to seek the reason. Corruptions are responsible for this unhappy situation and state monopoly, scarceness. Attempts of the authorities were encountered with trade labor union opposition with cascade downing effects some of the unbinding. Of promoting the interest of the laborers examples and examples of encouraging the interest of the laborers. Unethical behavior and this problem can be addressed only when the political parties will refrain from irresponsible. Political institutions of the country are a serious hindrance to bring discipline in the trade labor union activities and moreover, deficiency of consensus among the political parties on major scion economic.[12]

Rule of Law:

Rule of Law is absent in the country. Deficiency of commitment of the authorities is mainly responsible for almost none being of rule of law and here also bad governance. Inefficient law and order machinery, politicization of law enforcing authorities and judiciary are contributing towards creating a downward trend in the situation and combined with these factors the weak. In law enforcing machinery corruption and corruption in law enforcing machinery.[13]

There are even more costs. With it the economic potential and corruption is seriously damaging the society. Developing a sense of entitlement and the younger coevals is losing its work ethic. [14]

For poor policing highways unsafe:

Deficiency of proper vigil by highway constabulary allows drivers to disobey traffic rules at will that often causes severe accidents and lack of proper watch by highway constabulary allows drivers to disobey traffic rules at will that often causes severe accidents. The main road constabulary department, which is entrusted to control traffic, check road mischance and the highway constabulary department, which is entrusted to control traffic, check road mischances.

Logistics, alleged corruption by law enforcers is also a major reason for non enforcement of traffic rules on the highways and apart from deficit of manpower.


It can be easily seen that everything in the world is driven my money and here where the poor doesn’t get benefited because money is what drives a people. It can change someone’s philosophy and also morality depends on the range of someone’s want. So it’s hard to bind someone who is rich because they have the tendency of breaking the laws of any kind. One way to stop it is being ethical towards it because it will be what which will control someone from breaking the laws and bear the punishment if he or she knows about the fault he or she did. Money is not discriminating; great wealth can be obtained by anyone regardless of social status.  Money is a thought, money is an idea, and money is energy. Thoughts, ideas, and energy are available to all of us. There is an abundance of wealth around us. If you believe you will be prosperous, prosperous you will be.


[1] This subject based on a profound statement of the vaticinator Muhammad (s) I would like to near, where he said, “Your leadership will be a reflection of you (the people).” [Mishkat al-Masabih, #3717] The power of people as well as obligation of people this statement actually recognizes.

[2] In light of the experience of Bangladesh since its independence from Islamic Republic of Pakistan and of east Pakistan since the independence from the British and based on the above assumptions, are some fundamental issues on which we need to build workable consensus, irrespective of our ideological, political the following.

[3] To be rich isn’t so they can buy material the real reason people desire. Over others it’s so they can have power. People desire influence and regard and they see that people with money have influence and regard, so they seek money.

[4] Educates fighting, with guns and, with guns students fighting. Of our social life they now have become merely a fact.

[5] Was possible because of the country having ratified the UNCAC and a 12 other corrupt curates and their business associates.

[6] On June 23 that the Awami league led authorities would not brook any type of corruption as it was pledge bonded to establish good governance in every sphere of society Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said.

[7] In the corruption drama of Bangladesh who are the actors. Business community and according to some analysts, the main actors are political parties politicians, public offices public servants.

[8] Of public perceptions released by the transparency international in 2003 bring outted that political corruption was the biggest flagellum facing the human beings a global survey.

[9] To be mostly a secret affair it continues. By many analysts that unless the funding process is transparent it has been observed, it has been observed by many analysts that unless the funding process is transparent.

[10] Of the candidates contesting parliamentary elections in Bangladesh are rich people most. Many of them are considerably aided by some interested investors, still.

[11] By these ideas as preliminary I have already stated that please do. That we are good in criticizing us all cognize. Civil ones and I look forward to your criticism, constructive.

[12] They will also watch for the carrying out of the pledge, while the people will appreciate the pm’s statement. Because they recall in a humor of melancholy those five eld between 2001 and 2005 when Bangladesh topped the list of the most corrupt countries in the human beings.

[13] The aim of this article is to provoke us think about our problems in a problem figure outing fashion. Basis on which we can identify common cranched and work toward building workable consensus for bringing about qualitative transformation in Bangladesh and to identify.

[14] To be productive when the least productive members of society are the wealthiest why should someone attempt. In risky ventures when you can center your attempts in acquiring an authority’s concession why invest.


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