“Laws Inconsistent with the Fundamental Rights should be Void” Discuss.


Rights are usually taken granted by the people and fundamental rights are the essentials to protect the civilized society. Fundamental rights generally protect the fundamental interests of people. Such interests are constitutive of human well-being and regardless of the idea of a basic good life. Therefore, Fundamental interests are always necessary to human flourishing, and fundamental rights seek to promise their protection. For example, freedom of speech is claimed as a fundamental right which bearing the conception freely expressing opinions. The fundamental interest in freedom of speech leads to the protection of freedom of speech as a fundamental right.Though fundamental rights are uncontroversial but there is a misperception regarding the source. As a result, laws that are obligated to protect, defend, and not infringe upon the exercise of that right has to be consistent with the fundamental interests. Otherwise, the exercise of fundamental rights would be questionable from various aspects. The necessities of reliable laws are required to not only protect the